How To Choose A Base For Your Outdoor Hot Tub

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  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: November 28, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

Are you a hot tub fanatic who’s finally decided to add an outdoor hot tub to your home? As a spa facility, are you contemplating adding outdoor hot tubs to cater to the growing number of hot tub users? If yes, it’s quite commendable. When making this investment, you want it to serve you for many years.

In most cases, the longevity of your hot tub depends on its installation. Poor installation will lead to inefficiencies with your tub – a scenario you’d want to avoid. One of the aspects to consider during installation is the hot tub’s base. It’s the surface your tub will settle on.

There are many options for a hot tub base. How will you know the best one for your outdoor hot tub?

Here’s how to know:

Understand The Types Of Base

Knowing and understanding each type is the best way to know an ideal choice from a variety. Therefore, start by learning the types of hot tub bases.

The main differentiating factor of the various bases is the material. Some common materials are concrete, deck, gravel, brick, natural stone, and pads. Each of these has various properties that make them ideal for given circumstances.

Be sure to find out each option’s advantages, disadvantages, and installation techniques.

Your choice of hot tub base type should depend on the scope of work involved and material availability. Suppose you have a short timeframe to install your hot tub. A concrete base isn’t ideal, considering you must wait for it to cure for close to three weeks before placing your hot tub.

Consider The Weight Of The Hot Tub

An ideal hot tub base should hold the weight of your tub like a Stoked stainless plunge pool. This weight is inclusive of the tub’s dead weight and its weight when filled with water and occupied by people.

Here, you want to look at the size of the hot tub. It goes without saying that a large-sized hot tub is quite heavy and requires a strong base. The reverse goes for a small-sized hot tub. Consider a concrete base for a large tub and a deck base for a small tub.

The hot tub’s material also determines the base you need since some materials are heavier than others. A stainless-steel hot tub is heavier than a wooden one. Therefore, the heavier your tub’s material, the stronger the base you require. You might also need to increase the thickness of the base for more strength.

Factor In The Type Of Soil

Your Stoked Stainless hot tub and other brands will sit on the base, which sits on the ground. As a result, you should consider the type of soil in your region.

Soils tend to differ in terms of stability and compactness. You want your base to be stable as it holds the weight of your hot tub. It should so, whether wet or dry.

Large hot tub embedded in the backyard terrace. A sunny summer's

Large hot tub embedded in the backyard terrace. A sunny summer’s day in the shelter of a green garden. Everyday luxury and relaxation in your own backyard. Spa complex, vacation and traveling concept.

Suppose the soil in your region is clay or silt. There’s a possibility of shifting, where the base moves around depending on the soil’s condition. Your installed tub or base might sink into the ground over time. This is what you want to avoid. With clay or silt soil, consider using a concrete base. The concrete will bond properly with the soil, ensuring stability.

Look At The Cost

Cost is a crucial factor to consider when investing. In this case, you’re investing in a hot tub. The aim is to spend a reasonable amount of money. You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars unnecessarily.

Here, there are various costs to consider, which are related to your hot tub base. One is the cost of acquiring your chosen hot tub base.

For some, you’ll buy them ready-made, like prefabricated bases, and for some, you have to make them from scratch. For those you have to make from scratch, like poured concrete, you need to consider the cost of the materials used to arrive at the final product.

Besides acquiring, you should consider the installation costs. Some bases will require you to dig up the ground and level the base, adding to the scope of work.

These might also require permits, for which you must pay. In most cases, the more work to be done, the higher the costs. As you look at the installation, it’s important to consider that different providers will install the bases at different bases.

Lastly, you ought to consider the maintenance needs of your hot tub base. Some require more maintenance than others, like wooden bases. With these, you must stain, treat, and seal them regularly to prevent warping and rotting.

The overall short- and long-term costs of your chosen outdoor hot tub base should fall within your budget.


A hot tub base is one of the important components of your hot tub. Therefore, you should be keen as you select your ideal one. The discussion above has given pointers to the selection process. It’s best that you incorporate these pointers in your decision-making. You’re less likely to make the wrong decision; you’ll be well-informed.

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