How To Clean A Metal Roof?

How To Clean A Metal Roof?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: September 22, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Many homeowners who want to add longevity and attractiveness to their homes choose metal as their roofing material. Compared to asphalt, metal is significantly more resistant to harsh weather such as sun, rain, and snow and lasts far longer.

So, when it comes to regular care, knowing how to clean a metal roof goes a long way toward ensuring that your roof looks great all year. It might be challenging to know where to start when it comes to your roof. A metal roof can be cleaned using a variety of products and cleaners and a variety of methods.

The simplest way to get started is to gather the basic cleaning supplies you already have on hand and work from there. Additional metal roof cleaning supplies and processes may be required if other issues, such as mold or mildew concerns. Fortunately, we are here to offer various cleaning methods and DIY cleaning recipes for the metal roof.

Determine The Roof Pitch

The pitch of your roof describes how steep it is. A steep roof is dangerous since it increases the risk of someone losing their balance and falling, especially when it’s wet from cleaning.

It is not safe to walk on a roof with a high pitch and steep slope. A roof with a pitch more significant than usual is regarded as too dangerous to go on without the required safety equipment. It is safer to spray the roof from a ladder rather than from the ground.

It’s better to engage a professional who has been trained to walk on a sloped roof of any pitch. If you insist on washing the roof yourself, make sure you do so securely.

Remove All The Debris

The initial step in the procedure is to remove as much ample material as possible manually. While airborne dirt, pollen, and other microscopic particles are more likely to surface on your rooftop.

You may also come across broken twigs and branches, particularly if you have towering trees hanging overhead. The next step is to double-check that you have all of the necessary tools and supplies on hand.

While a power washer can remove most filth from roofs, some elbow grease may be required. Having various scrubbing alternatives to help remove stuck-on particles and difficult-to-remove grime saves you time and effort.

During the power washing of metal roof, wearing protective clothes prevents flying particles from injuring you or going into your eyes. Moreover, a protection kit will help to save you from slipping off the ladder while cleaning.

Use Mild Soap With Water

The main reason for considering the mild soap is that it doesn’t expose the roof surface to harsh chemicals for an extended period; this recipe is suitable for a necessary roof cleaning.

When it comes to cleaning your roof, any detergent will do, including mild laundry detergents, car wash cleaning solutions, and so on.

You can clean your roof using laundry detergent in a few different ways. The first method is to pour it into the pressure washer tank and let it soak for a few minutes before rinsing.

The second option is to use a sponge or cloth to apply the detergent solution by hand, then leave it for a few minutes. After that, rinse with clean water from a hose to remove the soap. This material combination also makes great copper cleaning products for routine usage.

Power Washing Or Cleaning

The most frequent approach for cleaning undesired debris from the roof is to use a pressure washer. In other circumstances, a gentle rinse will suffice to remove the crud and debris accumulated on the surface. Clear the roof with a short spray of plain water before applying a little detergent or bleach.

Set the pressure washer at a low setting to begin.

Spray each metal shingle from top to bottom, allowing the dirt to fall off the side of the house as it slides down. If you don’t have access to a power washer, an ordinary garden hose can suffice, though you’ll have to scrape more difficult sections by hand.

Use Bleach To Treat Moss And Mildew

Bleach is a simple solution for moss, mildew, and mold. An expert in roof cleaning services may be required if there is a substantial amount of mold. In general, any mold infestation that is smaller than 10 square feet is manageable on your own.

Begin by thoroughly mixing the bleach and water for your DIY roof moss killer. Spray the cleaner over the metal surface, starting with the darkest portions of the roof, after wetting it down with clean water. Maintain a downward rather than upward flow of water on the roof.

Allow 15 minutes for it to seep into the metal before rinsing with hot water.

Why Do You Need To Clean The Metal Roof?

Like any other household or outdoor object, cleaning the roof regularly will help it last longer. Periodic cleaning of a metal roof helps maintain the panels’ integrity by removing any particles on the surface that could harm the paint system or even the underlying.

Chemicals found in particular atmospheres, such as acid rain and pollution particles, can cause a metal roofing paint system to degrade prematurely. Inspecting if the paint on your roof is chalking is one of the simplest ways to identify if it is deteriorating. Chalking is a yellowish residue that can appear overtime on a painted or coated metal surface.

The resin in the paint system begins to break down and degrade as a panel is exposed to sunlight and UV radiation. When the resin begins to break down and exposes to sunlight, oxygen, and contaminants, it loses its adherence to the surface, and the degraded particles turn white.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining the cleanliness of your metal roof will help it last longer and look better. It may appear simple, but there are specific steps to follow to perform it correctly. We understand that keeping your metal roof clean is a chore, but it will not only make it appear better but will also help it live longer.

Consider it part of the routine maintenance that helps you get the most out of your investment by extending the life of your roof.

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