How To Clean Outside Windows Without Removing Screens

How To Clean Windows Without Removing Screens

As a homeowner, you may not think that dirty window screens are the most serious issue you might face. They may, however, detract from the aesthetic of your home and may cause allergic reactions in some people. You may clean your window screens without removing them.

Some screens are either impossible to remove or difficult to remove, making cleaning and maintenance difficult. Thankfully, cleaning them is still doable. If you want to enjoy a beautiful summer breeze by opening your windows, you’ll need to understand how to clean your window screens properly and how often to clean them.

Ways To Clean Windows Without Removing Screens

Cleaning your window screens regularly is a smart habit to develop if you want to keep your indoor air quality high. More particles may come into your home than fresh air when you open your windows for the first time in the year.

Moisture and germs collect on your window screens throughout winter, resulting in hazardous particles and even mold. Black mold will grow if window sills and screens aren’t cleaned regularly.

Collect Your Cleaning Supplies

  • vacuum cleaner
  • broom
  • a wet cloth
  • sponge
  • liquid dishwasher
  • white vinegar
  • Ladder
  • lint remover
  • gloves

Vacuum Clean The Windows

Vacuum Clean The Windows

Pull your vacuum out of the closet and start vacuuming your windows if you want to clean them quickly without removing them. The vacuum’s suction power can be very useful in removing dirt, grime, and other debris from window screens.

You can also easily clean the window’s corners by choosing different hose attachments. This way, you can eliminate all the dust and debris from your windows without removing the screen.

Use Lint Roller For A Light Layer Of Dust

 Use Lint Roller

Indoor windows don’t have too much dust and dirt. That’s why you can clean indoor windows easily, even without removing screens, using a lint roller. You can also use a lint roller with a light layer of dust for outdoor windows.

Even for super-dusty windows, a lint roller is an ideal consideration. Use a large lint roller to cover all areas and corners of the windows. For corners and wide areas, go for a small lint roller. You can buy a lint roller with multiple attachments to clean your windows without difficulty.

A Lint roller can also clean window screens indoors and outdoors. All you need to do is roll the roller over windows or screens for appropriate cleaning. It would be great to have multiple refills for a lint roller, especially if you are dealing with a highly dust-prone area.

Use White Vinegar For Stubborn Stains

Use White Vinegar

Saturate completely with vinegar and water and leave it to rest for a few minutes before drying for tough dirt and stains, including bird droppings. Additionally, try wiping with a soft sponge. Avoid using steel wool or abrasive cleaning materials, as these will scratch the window.

Window screens should be noticed. Spray a vinegar and water solution over the surface, rinse with plain water, and repeat. Before replacing the window screens, give everything ample time to dry.

Pressure Cleaning

You may clean your window screens with a pressure washer or a water hose, whichever you have. The simplest approach is to use a water hose, especially if you have a spray nozzle. If you don’t have access to a hose, ensure your pressure washer is set to a low enough pressure to avoid damaging the screen.

 Pressure Cleaning

You can also lessen the water pressure by standing farther away from the window. Five to seven feet should be enough depending on the brand and model. Use a mild washing spray while pressure cleaning your windows. Consider using a window screen on a window, such as a window on the side.

How To Wash Windows Without Removing Screens?

If there is a lot of dust and dirt on your windows, you have to wash them off instead of removing dust with a vacuum and lint roller. Follow the following steps to wash windows appropriately:

Use A Mild Dishwash Soap

Fill your spray bottle halfway with water from the faucet, then add a moderate amount of liquid dishwashing soap to the bottle. Mix the solution appropriately by shaking the spray bottle before spraying it on the windows.

Rinse Off The Windows With Simple Water

Spray the water hose through the screen of your external windows to clean them. Most loose materials, such as leaves and bugs, will be removed this way.

Spray Solution On The Windows

Spray the manufactured combination on each window until the entire outside surface of the glass is covered. Dishwashing liquid dissolves dirt and grease, making it ideal for soaking window exteriors.

Water Clean The Windows

After spraying, let the solution sit on the windows for at least 20 minutes. So, the solution can dissolve all dust and debris completely. Later, use clean water to rinse off all dust and dirt from the windows.

Alternative Ways To Clean Outside Windows Without Removing Screens

Use A Magnetic Cleaner


Choose a magnetic cleaner to safely clean windows from inside your house if they are challenging to reach with a ladder. With this device, you can simultaneously clean a window’s inside and outside using a powerful magnet. Utilizing microfiber cleaning cloths and tools like magnetic cleaners, you may simultaneously clean both sides of a window.

Owners of these cleaners claim that getting the tool to slide smoothly requires some practice. Moving it too quickly could cause the magnets to get disconnected when cleaning.

Use A U-Shaped Telescopic Mop

Telescopic window cleaner

Consider utilizing a U-shaped telescopic pole if a mop’s reach is insufficient. You can stand inside and wash the windows while doing so. Most cleaning pole sets come with a squeegee, a round sponge, and two cleaning cloths. To prevent the tool from falling if the magnet becomes separated, if your tool has a safety string, fasten it to a secure spot inside.

To make the magnet stay in position, open the window, set one tool half on the outside, and align it with the other half from the inside. Utilizing the tool’s squeegee end, repeat the process over the area reversely.
A microfiber towel might be included with some versions to cover the attachments and remove any extra water.

Use A Commercial Window Cleaning Kit Rather Than A DIY Kit

Commercial Window Cleaning

Invest in a window-cleaning kit from your neighborhood home improvement store rather than employing DIY products or equipment. Most kits include an extension pole-attachable squeegee and a brush for cleaning surfaces. Some may include extra attachments and a long pole to enable you to customize the project.

The scrubber should be used to apply your preferred cleaning solution, and the squeegee attachment should be used to dry the surface for a brilliant shine.

Clean The Window Screen With A DIY Cleaner

Due to their exposure to rain, dirt, and other environmental factors, exterior windows frequently become dirtier than the interior panes. Start by thoroughly cleaning the window with your hose to remove water spots and other stains. Using a sponge mop or microfiber towel, wipe the glass down with the vinegar or soap solution you’ve combined in a bucket.

 Clean The Window Screen With A DIY Cleaner
After the second round of hose cleaning, dry the window with a squeegee. Beginning with the squeegee blade inclined toward the bottom, working your way up the window is preferable. The best way to keep your windows’ exterior clean is to include window washing in your normal home care schedule simply.

To maintain your windows functional, tidy, and bright, you should schedule routine window and screen cleaning.


Several methods exist to clean indoor and outdoor windows, even without removing screens. We have discussed some productive methods to clean your windows without removing screens.

You can choose one according to your cleaning needs and requirements. Hiring a professional to deal with all cleaning issues would be best if windows are at a high point.

You can also clean highly pointed windows using a ladder and considering all safety requirements.

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