How To Connect Phone To Led Light Strips

How To Connect Phone To Led Light Strips
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 8, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The electric light has undergone incredible innovations since it was first displayed and, after its invention, substantially improved. The addition of LED lights is a great modification in electricity.

Additionally, you can now link LED lights to your phone to configure it from anywhere with our simple tutorial, eliminating the need to turn a switch or plug to operate it.

Many smart LED lights are available on the market now, but the overall process is similar. Select the appropriate lighting technology, download a suitable app on your phone, connect to Bluetooth, and start managing your LED lights immediately.

Things To Consider Before Connecting LED Light Strips To Phone

Although controlling your LED lights via the phone couldn’t be simpler, the steps that come before can be confusing. It pays to do some research before investing in your LED system because there are so many options for LED, not only lights but also related apps and setup processes.

That’s why you have to consider a few things or points to buy LED light strips and connect them to your phone;

Choose Right LED Light Strips

You may purchase phone-controlled LED lights in numerous locations, including major internet merchants. Just be sure of what you want before making a purchase. There are various facets of LED lights to take into account. Given that LED light bulbs and LED strip lights can be controlled via a phone, which would you prefer?

LEDs also produce energy that can be measured. However, incandescent light bulbs are measured in lumens rather than in the normal watts of conventional light bulbs. However, you may contrast LED brightness to watts to obtain a feel of its intensity.

Know About Upfront Cost

LED lighting was far more expensive than incandescent lighting when it became commercially accessible. Although LEDs are still more expensive than other lighting options, this has substantially changed.

Despite the price increase, you receive a lot. An LED consumes more energy while emitting a significant amount of light for a slight premium. As a result, over time, you manage to reduce your electric bill.

You’ll save money by not changing LEDs as frequently as incandescent bulbs because they last much longer. Naturally, a phone won’t let you operate incandescent lighting.

Choose the Right Connecting And Controlling Platform For LED Lights

You’ll need to decide which platform you prefer and establish your spending limit because there are several ways to manage your LEDs from your phone or table. You have options because smart lights are still available in a wide variety.

Since lighting up window frames is currently very popular, many people are drawn to all-in-one strip LED light packages. A WiFi-connected or mobile app can also be used to control individual LED lights or groups of lights comparable in size to incandescent.

LED Lights Are Not Suitable For All Fixtures

Knowing the proper locations to put LED lights in your home can help you get the most life out of them.

An LED bulb won’t function effectively in an enclosed fixture housing. It will overheat because it operates cooler and dissipates heat from its base into the air. The lifespan of LED bulbs will be significantly shortened by overheating in a closed fixture.

Schedule Lights With Apps

You likely adjust your thermostat when you vacation or spend a significant portion of the day away from home. Many people use an app for this reason, either to create daily heating and cooling schedules or to entirely turn off their HVAC system.

The same method is available with LED light apps, which make it simple to configure different timings and schedules for a lighting strip or lights in different rooms. This can lower your electric bill and guard against house invasions.

Many people utilize timers for LED strips or bulbs at different times throughout the night to give the impression that you are home even if you are out all night or go for a longer time.

Steps To Connect LED Light Strips To Phone

Once you’ve chosen the ideal LED lighting arrangement for your residence, using your smartphone to get started is simple. Your options for linking them to your phone will depend on your favorite light platform.

You may plan individual lights or groups of lights to turn on and off at specific times using the apps available on some platforms. Various voice assistants may also be compatible with your smart LED lights.

Check how your smart bulbs can be used. Some LED lights include WiFi right inside of them. They can thus instantly connect to your router. A reliable internet connection is all you require. Additionally, Bluetooth technology may be used to link additional lights to your phone.

You’ll probably need a hub for Bluetooth-enabled LED lights to be controlled. You are prepared to operate your LED lights from your phone.

All you need is an app compatible with your LED product of choice or one that can generally be used to operate smart devices. You’ll either be using a single-tasking app designed for one device or a multitasking app that manages several smart devices in your home at once.

Bottom Line

You’re lucky if you want to insert LED strips precisely where you want them, such as along the baseboard of a hallway or a kitchen cabinet. Many items allow you to cut them to fit; check for available cut lines marked on a strip.

It is not a good idea to cut into your new strips if they don’t have them. Utilizing the free download software that many LED lighting products have is easier to link LED strip lights with phones. A dedicated app can be more useful for you if you have several smart devices in your house or wish to associate them with a specific color.

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