How To Decide Who Gets The Master Bedroom

How To Decide Who Gets The Master Bedroom
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: January 12, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Since living costs have grown significantly, having a roommate has become rather usual. But seriously, how do you make a quick and fair decision about who gets the bigger room? When you move in with a roommate, you’ll discover a wonderful thing called compromise.

You can come to a decision this way if each of you considers the amount or size of furnishings the other has. Alternatively, if the rent includes a parking space or garage, the individual who rents the smaller room may use the parking space or garage.

Another factor to consider is each roommate’s financial position. Why not save the money if you might pay less each month for a smaller room? If you pursue this route, agree on a reasonable sum.

There are many factors to consider when deciding who gets the larger room, but it all boils down to a mutually acceptable compromise. To minimize future roommate issues, it’s a good idea to have this sorted up right away.

Room Switching Is The Great Idea

You can switch rooms every six months if neither of you wants to pay more rent and you agree to split the rent evenly. Yes, it will be inconvenient, but you will both have the opportunity to use the main bedroom.

If space and finances aren’t an issue for either of you, try drawing straws and assigning the smaller room to the person who draws the short straw. Alternatively, you may toss a coin. Alternatively, you might play rock, paper, scissors. Isn’t it completely unbiased and balanced?

Give The Master Bathroom To The Small-Sized Room’s Mate

Then there’s the matter of the restroom. Is there a master bath in your two-bedroom apartment? Now you have to think about who gets the smaller room and who will share the main bathroom with any visitors who come over. Will you use the shared bath as well, or will you always use your master bathroom?

Whoever occupies the smaller room will have access to the main bathroom, which means more money will be allocated for consumables such as toilet paper.

Enhance The Cost For The Master Bedroom

This is arguably the simplest and most tedious method for determining reasonable pricing for a larger room. Calculate the monthly price per square foot for the property, measure each room, and split the rent proportionately.

Because everyone is supposed to pay the same amount for equal use, common spaces can be left out of the equation. The larger room is given to the roommate who is willing to pay the extra fee. If you have more than one willing roommate, you can use one of the methods listed below to determine who gets the room.

The Lottery Method

The objective option is the best if everyone wants the master bedroom. Make a lottery with a friend who does not live with you. Put the numbers in a hat or a bowl for each room. They should then put down your and your roommates’ names. These should be placed in a separate bowl.

Finally, ask your acquaintance to choose a name and a phone number. Who gets which room is indicated by the pairs? Before you go ahead with this strategy, make sure that all of your roommates are on board. The decision must be accepted as final by all of you.

Blind And Open Bidding

The bidding strategy involves all flatmates secretly bidding on the largest room. The highest bidder is the winner.

The best way to win in this situation is to apply the approach above to compute the fair cost of the room and use that figure as your starting point. Don’t go overboard and risk losing your money, but don’t expect to win with a lowball offer either.

Open bidding is more enjoyable than blind bidding, especially if you have a friend who can act as a neutral auctioneer.

You can begin bidding with an even division of the weekly rent and work your way until you find a winner. You can add to the mystery by pretending to be a proxy for an unknown billionaire bidder and spending the entire auction with your phone to your ear.

Assign The Parking To The Person Who Gets The Small Room

The roommate who gets the best room agrees to forsake other creature comforts or take on additional tasks in the flat as part of an amenities trade-off. For example, if the apartment only has one parking place, it may be assigned to the person who receives the smaller room.

Alternatively, the roommate may share utilities, internet, and cable with the larger room. This typically leads to an open bidding situation; only you’re bidding on luxuries and utilities rather than money.

Win A Physical Challenge To Get The Master Bedroom

The guy who wins a series of physical tasks is given the room in this approach. You have complete control over the physical challenges. You may engage in arm wrestling, a game of Twister, or a foot race with your flatmates.

For the less athletically inclined, this category might be interpreted to include victory in video games or tabletop board games. Allow each competing roommate to choose one challenge to make things fairer. If a tiebreaker is required, the game will require a unanimous vote.


Pick a contest and let the games begin if you need to divide the rooms into a new location. But, whatever contest you enter, don’t go as a full fighter with a roommate fight club. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll break a provision of your leasing agreement, and it’ll leave mental wounds as well as physical scars.

Certainly, discussed creative and fun-loving methods will surely help you assign the master bedroom to the right person. No doubt, after every six months, room switching is the best way to save all your mates from any rivalry. Now, the choice is yours!

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