How To Fill Gap Between Fence Post And House?

How To Fill Gap Between Fence Post And House?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: January 10, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Even though it’s not a good idea, you may need to occasionally put a gate on a single fence post adjacent to the house. It would help if you took extra precautions to secure the lone fence post.

Due to this, it will be able to maintain its strength in the long run. One option is to screw a bolt through the post and into the house for added stability. You won’t want to look at a gleaming bolt every time you pass through your gate, so here’s how to make it look nice.

To keep pests out and your property secure, you must close the gap in your fence. Installing a tiny garden or a cement terrace are two options for closing the gap in your fence.

Fence gaps are significant ones that arise when a fence does not touch the ground fully and can occur for various causes. Most of the time, it’s simply a case of not putting in the effort to connect the ground and the fence.

Ways To Fill Gap Between Fence Post And House

Add A Patio Platform


Some gaps between fence posts and the house can be painful, especially if you have a digging dog.

The landscapers in most areas decided to make a significant change to prevent animals from digging any further: they built a patio platform to cover the gap. It’s harder than ever for a dog to dig beneath the fence now that the platform is in place.

Most of the other walls’ edges were also raised, making it easier than ever to conceal anything. It works because dogs can’t dig around a platform as readily as they can a fence, and it also allows apartment occupants to enjoy a more civilized version of nature.

Install The Metal Bars

 Install The Metal Bars.

If your main concern about your fence is the possibility of an escaping pet, you’re not alone. The majority of dog owners are apprehensive about leaving their pets alone.

The truth is that they have every reason to be concerned. A dedicated dog can dig a large hole beneath a fence and escape in a short amount of time. If your dog won’t quit digging, this is doubly true.

This is a problem that is sometimes better addressed through non-aesthetic means. The homeowner was able to obtain a dog fence guard in this circumstance. The metal bars may be pushed into the ground for a long time.

Cover The Minor Gaps With Bricks


It’s worth mentioning that if you want to cover up a little gap in your fence, you don’t need to go all out with the decorations. Simple repairs, such as filling your fence with bricks, work well for small holes. That is what we find here: the brick of choice is a modest and unremarkable option.

This aesthetic can be achieved in various ways, including various installation techniques. One of the more dependable methods is to dig a trench, fill it with bricks, and glue them together with mortar. With that in mind, practically any brick style will provide the fence with a much-needed splash of color.

Add Gravel Along The Gaps

 Add Gravel Along The Gaps.

Fence gaps appear to increase or grow deeper over time. This is true even if you only put private shrubs to compensate for the drop in your soil. Look no further than your local gravel supplier for a seriously easy approach to help fill in the dips and ditches. In a pinch, gravel may be used as a great fence filler.

Install The Wooden Panels

 Install The Wooden Panels

Some call the fence a “rot board” since it is often coated to repel water and mold. Whatever you call it, installing one can help keep your fence from rotting and improve the aesthetic of your gap. This is why they are so popular among homeowners of all types. They’re simply helpful.

No doubt, this method of filling gaps only works for surface-level or very small gaps. It also works well for gaps in concrete or other solid surfaces. A kickboard is usually not the best answer if you have a greater gap.

Use Decorative Lattice


If you have a patio, chances are you’ve utilized lattices to keep raccoons out of the area beneath your porch. You don’t have to keep lattice barriers on your patio if you don’t want to. They’re a tried-and-true method of keeping pests out of certain areas while preventing people from spotting dirt dips.

In this situation, you’ll see more of the yard inside your area. Nonetheless, it’s a terrific way to tie a space together, add variety to your fencing, and hide the unsightly gap at your fence’s bottom. This can be accomplished in numerous ways.

This alternative, which entailed having the bottom half of the fence done in a lattice look, is the one we’re most interested in.

Install Windmills

 Install Windmills

A fence line can benefit from the whimsical and charming addition of windmills. Depending on the design, you might be able to find one bigger than the opening in the fence or mount one on a stand to do the job. Just make sure to position it away from the fence so that when the wind blows, the windmill wheel won’t collide with the fence and potentially cause damage to both the windmill and the fence.

Install A Gate

 Install A Gate

A small gate can be put in place to close the fence gap. A small gate made of wood is possible. Alternatively, you may pay someone else to handle it. Create door hinges with lumber and other materials. This will prevent the door from moving and make it harder for dogs to open. This way of covering a fence gap is quite cheap.

A lock that can only be opened inside can be added for optimum security. The only one who can decide when it should be unlocked and locked is you. Additionally, if you install this, your fence will look better, and if it’s a tiny door just for dogs, it will be more entertaining.

Post Anchoring Is The Best Gap Filling Option For The Fence

Post Anchoring Is The Best Gap Filling Option For The Fence

Often, a post that won’t stay in place causes or exacerbates fence gaps. This occurs when the wood warps with time, causing it to touch the ground improperly. The most common solution is to find a technique to secure the post before it becomes a problem.

We created a stone-filled boxed anchor, although a concrete version is possible. A larger fence will be anchored in place by this post. Connecting the wooden fence post to this anchored barrier is much easier than before because there are so many wooden components.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the reasons for gaps between fence boards?

To allow for extension, most fences can be constructed with gaps. Fences initially erected with no gaps frequently develop over time owing to earth moving or the wood contracting due to weather. Although gaps are typically present, privacy fences shouldn’t have them.

What are the best materials for filling gaps between fence boards?

You can line your fence with vinyl or chicken wire if it has a horizontal fence or gap that has to be closed. Various materials can be stapled on the underside of fencing with wide gaps. Adding mesh or lattice works effectively for fences initially built to mark territory.

If privacy is not an issue, the materials will keep pests and animals out without compromising the fence’s aesthetic appeal or intended function.

Final Words

Above all, several gap-filling methods save the fence posts and your area. But you have to choose one according to your needs and specifications. If you have pets, lattice installation, wall construction and bricking up are the best considerations. Hopefully, this article will help you fix the gap between the fence post and the house efficiently.

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