How To Find Source Of Water Leak In Basement

How To Find Source Of Water Leak In Basement
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 1, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Finding the water source entering your basement can be difficult unless rain is pouring into an open window. Your foundation’s structural problems or leaky pipes could cause moisture intrusion. More visible leaks can be located in a few different methods.

Most households will occasionally deal with the issue of a leaky basement. To maintain a healthy home, you must take care of your basement, yet we sometimes overlook that sad part of the house. The most frequent causes of basement water leaks are listed here to make it easier for you to locate and fix any leaks that could cause damage.

Causes Of Water Leak In The Basement

The health of you and your family depends on your ability to see the indications of water damage and figure out what is causing them. If basement issues are not addressed, they may worsen and necessitate expensive repairs. High humidity encourages the growth of mold and mildew, which can trigger allergic reactions in you and your family.

Leaking Drainage

Drain leaks are frequently concealed from view, making them challenging to locate. Because it is hidden behind a wall or below the floor, a leaking shower drain, for example, may go unnoticed for a long time.

Sink drains are simpler to discover, but they can also go unnoticed for some time if they are not checked frequently or if water is not noticed accumulating near the sink.

Unattended water leaks can harm walls, floors, and other things if they are not fixed. If you see any symptoms of water damage in an upper-level bathroom’s ceiling beneath the shower, you should immediately investigate.

A sink leak should be easy to locate on your own, but a shower drain leak may require the services of a plumber to diagnose and cure.

Downspouts Around The Foundation

Heavy rain can be fatal if a home hasn’t been waterproofed adequately. Older houses are more likely to experience issues from rainwater collecting close to the foundations, but even brand-new homes are susceptible to flooding if there isn’t adequate drainage that moves the water away from the building.

The area around your home should be sloped to assist direct water away from the foundation. Gutter cleaning should also be done periodically, and downspouts should be placed far enough from the house to drain water away.

Excessive Rainwater

A home’s walls may become wet from leaks in the attic or crawlspace brought on by excessive rain or snow on the roof. If the water is not found in time, it may result in dangerous electrical wiring damage, mold, or mildew.

Have a qualified roofing contractor perform a complete inspection every two to three years. Every year, perform a quick DIY inspection to look for any indications of loose or missing shingles, damaged gutters, or roof debris.

Periodically ascend into your attic to check for any stains or evidence of water leaks. Your roof should have a fully dry interior.

Cracks In The Basement Walls

Look around for cracks or peeling paint if you finished painting the basement. This suggests that moisture has penetrated the walls. Check the basement walls for cracks, whether they are finished or not. The depth and subtlety of these fissures can range from modest to broad. You might be surprised to learn how deep any crack can run.

Cracks reveal saturated soil beneath and around the foundation. The dirt and water are pushed up against the concrete by this saturation, and the pressure can result in cracks in the basement walls. With larger fractures, water can seep in more easily, and the walls’ structural integrity may be compromised.

Absence Of Sump Pump

A sump pump is yet another vital piece of gear that should be installed in your basement. It will handle the collection and drainage of groundwater beneath your home, which is important because if the earth absorbs too much water and builds up or expands, it may force its way into your floor and walls.

If the sump pump is not properly maintained and cleaned regularly, it may not be able to redirect water away and will probably leak into your basement. Purchase a quality sump pump and maintain it year-round by cleaning it as directed by the manufacturer.

Old Or Leaking Appliances

It’s common knowledge that dishwashers and washing machines can spring leaks that can go undetected for extended periods. Water leaks underneath the appliance or spills around the appliance are to blame for this.

These appliances can move around when in use, so it’s important to check them frequently to ensure there aren’t any leaks at the base or near the back where the water hoses are attached. If you notice leakage, turn off the water and inspect the hoses for holes or cracks.

It is preferable to get in touch with an appliance repair professional to fix or replace the appliance if the leak is coming from the appliance itself.


Since basements are the lowest point in your home, they are extremely susceptible to water problems. Therefore, how quickly problems are identified will greatly influence the approach that needs to be taken to fix problems.

Most likely, you will have to pay for those things as well. Do it yourself and spend some time inspecting your basement to prevent larger issues in the future. The basement’s integrity is vital to the value of your home. The best action is to have a trustworthy basement repair company inspect the findings and make any necessary repairs.

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