How To Get Furniture Through RV Door?

How To Get Furniture Through RV Door?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 19, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The idea of living in an RV is gaining popularity. This is critical information for anyone who has recently purchased or rented an RV and wishes to move their belongings inside.

However, it all depends on the sort of RV you own and how much mobility you require when moving furniture. Fortunately, there are a few options for getting bulky furniture through the door.

One of the first reasons people choose RV camping over traditional tent camping is the RV furniture. Though furniture makes for a more delightful and comfortable experience, getting it through the RV entrance can be a challenge in and of itself.

Many RV owners confront this issue. It is feasible to get furniture through RV doorways, even though it can be difficult.

Safety Is The First Consideration

The finest piece of advice is to avoid overcrowding your RV. It will be easier if you do as little as possible. You should also avoid putting an excessive amount of weight on any single piece of furniture. It’s critical to ensure that your furniture isn’t scratched or harmed in any way, regardless of the choice you choose.

Cover the bottom of your hand truck, dolly, and pieces of furniture such as a sofa or couch with a cloth before rolling them over the ground to achieve this. This will catch any rocks or other sharp things, ensuring that your items remain undamaged.

Take measurements of all of your belongings, as well as your RV door, and conduct some research to ensure that you are aware of your possibilities. It’ll be a piece of cake after that.

Buy The Furniture After Determining The RV Door Specifications

If you haven’t yet purchased the furniture, it’s a good idea to start thinking about how it will fit through the door. You may be able to choose furniture that fits through the door simpler this way. Begin by measuring the size of your RV door.

Get accurate dimensions using a tape measure to know how much area you have to work with. To ensure that you don’t forget the dimensions, we recommend writing them down.

You may start shopping for furniture that fits through your RV door once you know how big or small it is. Many new RV furniture sets will be packaged in smaller packages, making them easier to get through the RV door. You can contact the manufacturer if you have any questions about how the furniture will be delivered.

They’ll probably be delighted to inform you how you’ll obtain the furniture, which will make it easier to plan how to get it into the RV.

How To Move Already Built Furniture From RV Door?

Moving pre-built furniture through RV doorways is the most difficult scenario you may face. If you’re replacing an old sofa or the furniture was purchased used or delivered fully assembled, you may need to transfer pre-built furniture. Pre-built furniture, in any case, can be the most difficult to get through the door.

1) Measure The Door Size

If you haven’t previously done so, the first step is to measure the door frame. This will tell you how much space the door frame has, allowing you to estimate how much effort will take to move the pre-built furniture into or out of the RV.

2) Determine The Furniture Weight

When moving pre-assembled furniture, dimensions aren’t the only factor to consider. It would help if you also considered the furniture’s weight and other characteristics.

These variables will indicate whether you require additional tools or more hands to assist you in moving the objects. To lift and transport heavy things like sofas, you’ll probably need an extra pair of hands.

On the other hand, tables may be light, but their inconvenient size may necessitate the use of additional hands.

3) Measure The Furniture

Measure the pre-built furniture’s dimensions. The length, height, and width are the most obvious examples. In this phase, you’ll figure out how big or tiny the furniture is about the RV door. Use a tape measure or another flexible measuring equipment in both of these situations.

4) Start Moving The Furniture

It’s time to start moving the furniture through the RV entrance once you’ve confirmed that it will fit through the doorway and have gathered all of your assistants or supplies. This is the most obvious next step, and it will also be the most challenging.

Begin by placing one of the furniture’s ends on the floor. This is the point at which you should most naturally pass through the door. It is advised, but not required, to have a helper when working with pre-built pieces.

5) Bring The Furniture Inside In Pieces

Following all of these processes, you may discover that the furniture is simply too large and bulky to fit through the RV door. If this is the case, you may need to dismantle the furniture and reassemble it piece by piece. You might be having trouble with the table.

You could simply get all of the pieces inside by disconnecting the table legs from the surface. Reassemble the tabletop with all of the components inside the RV to create a functional tabletop. The problem with dismantling furniture is that not all pieces are easy to dismantle.

6) Don’t Enter The Furniture Through RV Door Forcefully

If getting the furniture through the RV door is proving difficult, don’t force it. This can harm the furniture and the RV door, resulting in costly repairs.

Accept that the furniture won’t fit and don’t get worked up over it. Once you’ve reached this point, it could be a good idea to get a refund on the furniture or sell it somewhere and replace it with a smaller piece.


It is feasible to fit furniture through an RV door, even though it is difficult. It will be easier to get it through the door if you consider the size of the RV door before purchasing the items. You’ll most likely be able to fit them in much more easily this way.

Whatever you do, take it slowly and patiently. It’s preferable to spend a little more time and effort guiding the furniture through the doorway rather than just shoving it through.

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