How To Get Shed In Backyard With Fence

How To Get Shed In Backyard With Fence
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 18, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

There are important things to think about when building a wooden shed. One of the most crucial factors is if you intend to construct it near a fence. In your backyard, building a new shed can be fun.

However, you must first study and confirm that you are familiar with the positioning laws. To prevent fines on boundary disputes, you must adhere to various planning requirements when building your shed.

So, in this article, we’ll discuss building planning regulations and the required distance between a shed and a fence.

Why Do You Need To Build A Shed With Fence?

First, let’s talk about why you would want to think about acquiring a shed. Your house is cluttered, but you haven’t yet let go of everything. You require more storage space but don’t want to rent a storage facility or fill up your attic or basement with more junk.

Garden sheds are a terrific method to hide unsightly tools, an extension of the previous argument. Bicycles may be a nuisance to stores and are one of the most frequently stolen items. A lockable garden shed is an excellent solution for storing pricey tools and bicycles.

A workspace is required. It can be more pleasant to occasionally utilize a shed as a workspace than a homeroom or the garage. Finally, you can’t go wrong with a shed if you need a place for your family to engage in hobbies and keep projects.

Things To Consider Before Building A Shed With Fence

You should know a few constraints while constructing or installing a new outdoor structure in your yard. Your local government frequently imposes these restrictions. Additionally, the location of your building can be installed based on the development regulations in the area where you live.

Leave Some Space Around Your Shed

Giving your shed some room around it is always a good idea. For starters, keeping it off potentially damp-collecting surfaces can assist preserve the structure during its lifespan. Additionally, if you don’t have a location to work in, it can be not easy to perform any repairs that may be necessary nearby.

The final benefit is that by completing this, you’ll be ready for anything you have planned for it in the future. Put yourself in the position of needing to repair your shed but not having enough room. There may not be enough space to maneuver around the shed because it is too close to the fence.

Install Fence Along With Your Shed

It can be tempting to violate the rules for how to design your shed in certain circumstances. For starters, if your neighbor currently approves of your shed being built along the property line or boundary wall.

Once more, it won’t be in your best interest to ignore these planning development rights. A court order to remove the shed from its site is typically part of the fine. Trying to get away with putting your shed up against the fence could cause problems with your neighbors.

Your outer structure might go beyond the limits of your dwelling. Or your potential neighbor might object to the shed being there. Therefore, it’s advisable to put your shed where it belongs and adhere to your local building codes.

This will help you save time and money in the long run and maintain excellent connections with your neighbors.

What Would Be The Distance Between A Shed And Fence?

You should consider the shed’s distance from the fence line if you’re considering purchasing one. A fence line might not seem important, but this could cause issues later if ignored. It is crucial to take planning and building consent carefully because of this.

Your neighbors and the safety of your shed are also included in this. As previously said, the distance and border fence will depend on the region in which you reside. You may be able to construct up to four feet from your property boundary in some regions.

However, in general, you must have a minimum of 5 feet between the fence and the other border of your shed.

Can You Upgrade Or Increase Your Shed Size Over The Time?

There are no limitations on how high your building must be off the ground, unlike the required space between your shed and fence. As a result, you do have some personal preference freedom when choosing a shed basis.

Many professionals advise homeowners to consider how high off the ground they want their sheds to be. For starters, raised sheds typically offer significantly greater air circulation than sheds that rest on the ground.

Additionally, this can shield the building from adverse weather conditions like torrential downpours that leave it moist and allow water to pool. Raising your shed will also prevent water damage from causing your foundation to deteriorate over time.


Getting planning permission is an excellent way to prevent the latter scenario from happening when constructing a shed with a fence. You must do this if you want to build a bigger shed than what is permitted development-approved.

At this time, it would be best if you kept open lines of communication with your neighbors. Ultimately, they can end up inconvenienced by your plans and concepts. Accidents can happen anytime and frequently without warning; nobody can predict what will occur.

So, how close to the fence can you build your shed? We advise contacting your Local Planning Authority to learn more about your measurement and council needs. You can check this article to determine whether planning approval is required for your location and whether your construction is an authorized development.

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