How To Hang A Window Box Without Drilling

How To Hang A Window Box Without Drilling
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 29, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The most popular technique of fastening window boxes to the side of a house uses screws, but if your siding is vinyl, go for vinyl siding hooks rather than drilling. You’re ready to hang your planter when you slide the hooks into the siding’s seam.

How are window boxes installed on vinyl siding? That is an excellent topic to ask because you don’t want to damage the exterior of your home, whether it is an apartment or a residential area. The installation of window boxes, however, frequently involves drilling into the house’s studs.

This is not an option if your home is rented, especially if your vinyl siding is readily damaged and difficult to repair. Finding a device that suits you best requires some research.

Ways To Hang A Window Box Without Drilling

Use Vinyl Siding Hangers

Vinyl Siding Hangers

Vinyl siding hangers are great for attaching flower boxes without damaging the siding. The siding’s strength is supported by tucking the hangers into the siding seams. Each hanger can hold up an average window or flower box, and if you want to grow an entire garden, you may purchase multiple hangers to support more planters.

Although no-drill window boxes are inexpensive and simple to install, they could not as strong and may be smaller than other window flower boxes.

Although the hangers give the planters the extra support they require, you should still double-check the weight limitations and how much your plants will weigh once they grow up completely.

Use No-Drill Window Boxes

The no-drill window box is one of the newest innovations to impact the gardening industry. This is the quickest and least expensive way to get the window boxes you desire without disturbing your landlord, and they are accessible on Etsy.

No Drill Window Boxes
Consumers believe they are inexpensive, simple to install, and have great looks. These boxes’ maximum weight is a problem. These boxes have a three-liter maximum load capacity because they are less securely fastened than other choices.
So even though they are smaller than a traditional window box, they still have the advantage of providing you with a cute mini garden without drilling.

Use Balcony Flower Boxes As Alternatives

Let’s say you don’t feel brave enough to utilize vinyl siding hangers or a no-drill window box to support your box.
Because of this, balcony gardens continue to be one of the most well-liked ways to garden while residing in a high-rise flat.

Balcony flower boxes

It is feasible to utilize balcony flower boxes as an alternative to the rails, ledges, and fences on balconies because many include holes or slats. Screws or long hanging hooks made for wire rails or thinner walls can be used to secure these.

Try using mini planters as a middle ground between balcony gardens and hanging flower baskets. They are simple to make and can be hung from balcony shelving.

Steps To Install Vinyl Siding Hangers

Install D-Rings

Using the included screws or bolts, attach two D-rings to the back of the planter at regular intervals. Using existing pilot holes to secure the screws or bolts, you can avoid drilling holes in the planter.

D Rings

To enable hanging the planter on hooks, these D-rings modify the planter. On the back of the window planter box, there may already be hooks for hanging things or tiny gaps that accommodate little hooks.

Measure The Distance To Place Vinyl Siding Hooks

Measure The Distance To Place Vinyl Siding Hooks

You can determine how far apart the vinyl siding hooks should be by measuring the distance between each D-ring or slot on the planter. Each vinyl siding hanger’s little hook end should be pushed up between two panels of siding spaced at this distance apart. You can separate the two panels with your hand to make space for the hangers.

Lock The Hooks On The Siding Panels

Hooks On The Siding Panels

When you hear a tiny click that means the hook is secured, pull the hangers slightly downward as you pull them toward you. Make a small movement like this to ensure that the hook’s end grabs the vinyl siding panel.

Without the need for this step, some hooks may lock into position by themselves. Pull on the hooks as if you were lifting a planter to ensure the hooks are securely fastened.

Release The Hangers

The D-rings should cover the huge hook. To make sure a good grasp, slowly release the hanger. Check the alignment of the hook with the planter and slip each hook through the slots if the planter has them.

hanging basket planter's hook

Put a hanging basket planter’s hook or loop end over the hook in the vinyl siding. Unlike window box plants, hanging basket planters need one vinyl siding hook.

Use Box Window Brackets For Old Homes

Even if you have brick siding, don’t lose heart. Measure the window’s center with a tape measure, label it, and then measure down to the sill.

Mark two mounting holes after aligning them with the center of the planter box. Make holes in the brick using a hammer drill. Make sure the holes are big enough to fit the plastic wall anchors you will install.

Box Window Brackets

Plastic wall anchors should be tapped into both holes using a hammer. After that, use a lag screw to secure the mounting brackets for the planter to the masonry. Use a box-end wrench to tighten this. The window box must be clipped into mounting brackets to complete the installation.

Install Window Boxes On The Railing

Install Mounting Brackets

Apply mounting brackets to the back of the planter using the included hardware. These brackets should suit your deck or porch railing. According to the planter box size, mounting brackets for planter boxes are typically required.

Push the bolt through the holes after aligning the holes in the bracket and planter, then use a wrench to tighten the nut covering the bolt.

Fit The Hooks With A Screwdriver

Depending on the situation, change the mounting brackets’ width to correspond to the rail’s width. Slide the bracket into the proper position by loosening the bolt at the top, locking the position with a tightening of the bolt.

Place them over the rail to guarantee that the mounting bracket hooks don’t slip off the deck rail, and slowly release the planter. While some brackets include an extra bend on the end of the hooks to fit under the lip of the rail, others only have hooks that fit over the rail and are secured in place by the planter’s weight.

Is It Feasible To Hang Window Boxes For Flowers?

Even though window boxes are considered a sophisticated way to exhibit flowers, some homes cannot accommodate hanging window baskets. This is especially true when working with glass-based residences or homes with unusual siding arrangements.
For this reason, if you wish to maximize your available space, you might need a backup strategy. Other options for setting up your gardening space include creating a hydroponic urban garden and engaging in indoor gardening.
Don’t focus too much on the absence of window boxes, then.

Bottom Line

In the shape of a box affixed to or sitting just below the marble window sills, window boxes are a sort of flower container for live flowers or plants. Herbs and other edible plants can also be grown there. Ensure your window boxes are always fastened to prevent them from slipping off after installation.

Your windowsills can be extended, and the containers can be kept safe with the help of metal brackets affixed to the wall. Another option is to anchor the window box with eyelets screwed onto either side wall.

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