How to Hang Curtains Over Blinds

Curtains Over Blinds
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: July 15, 2023
  • Updated On: July 15, 2023

Are you sick of choosing between blinds and draperies for your windows? Not only does it provide additional privacy and light control, but it also adds a fashionable accent to any room. However, installing drapes over shutters can be challenging. Therefore, Design Furniture compiled this guide with simple instructions on how to do it yourself. With simple tools and perseverance, you’ll have gorgeous layered window coverings in no time!

Tired of Your Antiquated Window Covering?

Want to add personality and flair to your home decor without spending a fortune? Hanging drapes over shutters is a simple and effective method for transforming any space. However, it can be challenging if you do not know where to start. 

What Do You Need to Hang the Curtains?

  1. Gather all necessary instruments and materials before beginning. 
  2. A measuring tape will be required to determine the extent of your windows and draperies. 
  3. Remember to determine the height you want your curtains to dangle!
  4. Next, carefully select window treatment fabrics. 
  5. Choose a dense material, such as velvet or thick cotton, if you prefer blackout draperies for privacy or slumber purposes.
  6. Additionally, you will need curtain rods that extend past both sides of the window frame. 
  7. Make sure they’re strong enough to hold up both curtains.
  8. Then, gather some hooks or rings, depending on the fishing equipment you’ve acquired. 
  9. If it is a standard rod with finials, rings are required.
  10. Bring out your trusted drill and fasteners because you will need them to hang everything.

Precautions to Ensure Safety

Before fixing drapes over shutters, it is essential to take safety precautions. 

  1. Ensure you have a sturdy and reliable ladder or step stool to support your weight before you begin. 
  2. Attempting to reach lofty areas with a chair or other unstable furniture is dangerous.
  3. In addition, when ascending a ladder or step stool, it is essential to wear appropriate apparel and footwear. 
  4. Avoid loose apparel that could become entangled, such as jewelry that dangles or long shawls. 
  5. Use footwear with non slip treads to improve your stability.
  6. Another safety tip is using the appropriate instruments for the task. 
  7. Before beginning the endeavor, ensure you have the necessary hardware, such as fasteners, brackets, hangers, and curtain rods. 
  8. Verify that everything is undamaged and in excellent condition.
  9. Always double-check your work after completing each process step to guarantee that everything is secure and safe before proceeding to the next phase. 

By taking these basic safety precautions, you can create a stunning new appearance for your windows while minimizing risks!

How to Choose Curtain Contrast With the Theme?

Before choosing the curtain contrast, it is crucial to comprehend the room’s theme. For instance, choose a neutral hue with a subtle pattern if the motif is minimalist or contemporary.

Determine the Color Scheme

Consider the existing colors in the room and select a curtain color that complements the palette. If the walls are white or light in color, you could experiment with draperies of a bolder hue.

If You Have Patterned Furniture or Linens

In such cases, always choose solid-colored draperies, or vice versa. Selecting the same pattern for a room’s elements can take time and effort.


if you wanna make things more dramatic, go for drapes in a color that’s totally different from your walls. Ensure that it complements the room’s overall theme and does not conflict.


Ensure that the curtain contrast contributes to the room’s overall cohesion. Consider the curtain’s material, texture, and overall design to ensure it complements the room’s motif.

Installing Curtains

Now that you’ve measured your window and acquired the necessary supplies, you can begin draping your curtains over your shutters. Follow these straightforward instructions for a successful installation.

  1. Ensure that they are level and firmly secured in position. 
  2. If using an adjustable tension rod, you can omit this step.
  3. Next, evenly space the draperies by sliding them onto the tension rod. 
  4. Adjust them to extend slightly longer than the window frame to prevent openings at either end.
  5. Hold the curtain rod with attached draperies against the bracket and ensure everything is level before securing it by tightening the screws on each bracket or adjusting the tension to ensure a perfect fit.
  6. Test your new arrangement by repeatedly opening and closing both window treatments. Take pleasure in your layered displays!

What Things to See Before Buying Curtains?

Remember to choose curtain rods that complement your interior design style and to use durable components. You can arrange draperies over blinds Dubai like a pro if you remember these guidelines!

  1. Consider the room classification when selecting window treatments. For example, weighty draperies work well in the living room or bedroom, whereas lightweight fabrics may be more practical in the kitchen or bathroom.
  2. Determine the type of draperies you intend to purchase. You have numerous options, including panel, blackout, and translucent curtains.
  3. Make sure to measure the space where you’re hanging the drapes to make sure they fit just right.
  4.  Too short, too-narrow, or too long curtains can appear uncomfortable and unattractive.
  5. Consider the curtain’s fabric, as it impacts its durability and aesthetic appeal. Linen, Cotton, silk, and other are among the most well-liked options.
  6. Determine which curtain style will complement the room’s décor the best. You may want draperies that complement the room’s theme or color scheme.
  7. Consider the functionality of the draperies, such as whether they will be used to obstruct sunlight, insulate against chilly weather, or provide privacy. Select the curtains that best meet your requirements.
  8. Certain drapes are simpler to clean than others. Before making a final decision, consider the maintenance needs of the drapes. You do not want draperies that require frequent laundering or dry cleaning.


This guide will help you start confidently, whether planning a DIY endeavor or searching for new methods to update your home’s décor. Enjoy creating a fashionable and comfortable living space by installing stunning draperies over your shutters!

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