How To Level A Hot Tub On A Concrete Slab

How To Level A Hot Tub On A Concrete Slab
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: October 4, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

A hot tub can be leveled on an uneven concrete slab with simple shims if the slope is less than one inch. More complex techniques like specially made wood, sand, gravel, or even a fresh concrete pad may be needed to level steeper slopes. Because many customers prefer it, concrete is the most popular surface for installing hot tubs.

However, you may still run into pitch and uneven surface issues even if you place a concrete slab under your hot tub. If you place a concrete slab under the hot tub and run into a slope problem, you can quickly solve the problem. Put the plastic shims under the sloppy area if it is one inch or smaller. The market has the shims easily accessible.

However, always adhere to the manufacturer’s guidelines and install the shims when the hot tub is empty. Shims won’t be the best solution for you to level the hot tub if the uneven area is more significant than one or two inches.

Tools Needed For Leveling A Hot Tub On Uneven Concrete Slab

On an uneven concrete slab, you will require:

  • Portland cement
  • Hammer
  • Self-leveling concrete
  • Concrete grinder

Use Polyurethane Foam To Level A Hot Tub On Uneven Concrete

Polyurethane foam injections are far less expensive than removing concrete slabs or replacing the driveway. In addition, other than a leveled-out and rebuilt driveway, there is little evidence of the work that was done.

Through microscopic holes bored onto the slab’s surface, polyurethane foam is injected into the slab, expanding and filling the void. The material is designed to stick to and cling to the current soil to stop future soil movement or erosion.

Because of its strength and flexibility, gravel makes a second excellent sub-base material for a concrete slab. Prepare the soil before laying gravel because pouring concrete directly onto concrete is not advised. Any form of gravel can be utilized as a sub-base as long as it is clean and has a constant size and shape.

Removing the concrete driveway to resolve a problem determined by jacking up the soil would be necessary. This procedure is known as slab jacking. It’s not necessary to invest much time or remove the surface slabs of the driveway to reinforce it.

Self-Leveling Concrete For Uneven Concrete Slab

Pouring self-leveling toppings or overlays over substantial parts that you didn’t think were recoverable may save you time and money. Without a doubt, it’s quicker and easier than pouring brand-new concrete. For maximum results, utilize the spa or hot tub leveler or relocate the hot tub to a fresh, well-balanced concrete slab.

Plan of Action Before Leveling A Hot Tub

You must develop a strategy before carrying out any activity. Before beginning to work on the issue, thoroughly evaluate it. Identify the concrete’s condition. You need to take into account the project’s budget and schedule.

It would be best to determine the concrete level you’ll need for the project. It is possible for cement to self-level, but it is a challenging process. If you don’t take the time to measure and plan ahead of time, it’s simple to ruin an entire project.

First, clear the room of all the tools, possessions, and furniture. Clear the area to ensure that the floor is clutter-free. The concrete should next be scrubbed with a particular cleaner.

Easy Steps To Level A Hot Tub On Concrete Slab

  • Firstly, apply the cleaner and scrub the concrete with a soft-bristled brush. Using this product makes it possible to eliminate any extra oil and dirt.
  • While some cleaners work faster than others, some cleaners work more slowly.
  • Pay careful attention to the box label’s instructions. You’ll need to watch out later to avoid skipping this step.
  • The surface must be clean for the bonding agent to stick.
  • Use a metal scraper if the cleaner can’t get all the dirt off. Start gently and slowly washing any leftover linoleum or tile. Next, sweep it up and dispose of it.
  • It’s time for the final step, which is to vacuum the entire area. You ought to do it in case you neglected to sweep something.
  • Start grinding from the front and back after that. After that, sand the surface again to make it smooth. Grout the area until it is level with the rest of the floor. When you have completed sanding and smoothing, vacuum up any leftover dust.
  • You can apply the bonding agent in small amounts to the concrete when you’re finished. The basement floor should have a layer of bonding glue applied using a nap roller.
  • Wait until the glue on the reverse of self-stick paper notes is no longer wet but still sticky before continuing.
  • A new, level floor is created by sealing the existing concrete floor with the self-leveling material.

Safety Considerations For Levelling The Concrete Slab

  • Pay careful attention to the box label’s instructions.
  • The surface must be clean for the bonding agent to stick.
  • Always wear protective gear.
  • Gloves, eyes, and hand protection are a necessity.
  • The mark you wish to make should be up against the flat surface of the constructed disc.
  • Make sure to dilute the bonding agent before applying it to the surface that needs to be bonded. To dilute in water, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions.


Simple shims can level a hot tub on an uneven concrete slab if the slope is less than an inch. Leveling may require specially constructed wood, sand, or gravel pads, new concrete pads, or even new pads for steeper slopes.

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