How To Light A Fire Pit

How To Light A Fire Pit
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 24, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Nothing would be a better option in the winter season than sitting outdoor in your backyard with your friends or family around a fire pit. For sure, it’s an ideal way to spend the cold evening with more love, fun and many memories. If you also want to sit around the burning fire and enjoy, you need to know about lighting the fire pit.

No doubt, you have to be more careful and active when lighting or burning fuel of any kind in the fire pit. Don’t worry; it’s not too difficult to learn about burning or lighting the fire pit with the correct method. So, you don’t need to rely on anyone else to light the fire pit. You can do it yourself efficiently and effortlessly after reading this post.

Well, there are several productive and safest ways to light the fire pit. However, the lighting method also depends on the type of fuel. Ideally, the methods mentioned below will help light up the fire pit, no matter the type of fuel.

Before considering a location for the fire pit, even outdoor, try to choose a wide and ventilated area. So, overheating will not cause any damage or location. Even if you have a fire pit in your backyard, you still must check for the fire safety code. The reason is that all the areas are not suitable for fire burning.

It’s time to get rid of lighters! So, let’s start discussing each fire pit lighting method in detail.

Follow The Best Safety Practices

Safety is the main priority and consideration even before thinking about adding a new fire pit to your backyard. That’s why you have to follow the different practices for property and your safety.

In this way, you don’t need to worry about irreversible and massive damages. For this, try to light the fire on the smooth surface. So, the fire cannot spread from any side.

If you have trees or plants in your backyard, try to install the fire pit away from them. Otherwise, overheating will damage the branches. Keep in mind to cover the sides of the fire pit appropriately if you want to light the fire on an airy evening.

Most people, especially kids, use propellants to save themselves from insects. If these chemicals have high containment, they may catch fire and burn your skin.

Gather Tinder And Starter

Once you have considered all the safety parameters, it’s time to light the fire in the firepit. For this, you will indeed have to collect the fuelling supplies. There are several types of fuels. But you have to choose one according to the specifications of your firepit. For sure, you can use the matches and lighters to light the fire but not for a long time.

That’s why you need to collect the right fuel for the firepit accordingly. Tinder is one of the most common types of fuel that people use to burn fire. It consists of dried grass, leaves, branches, and scrap papers. Ideally, these materials are non-toxic. So, you can use them to burn the fire environment-friendly.

Moreover, you can also consider kindling to burn the fire in the fire pits. Kindling is dried branches and more than enough to get fire for a long-time.

Consequently, firewood is the best option to light the fire in the firepits. No doubt, you always need them, even in the small amount, to light the fire more efficiently and effortlessly. However, you can increase or decrease the amount of firewood according to your needs and supply.

Place The Firewood Or Tinder Appropriately

Most people don’t consider the position of the firewood and place them in the firepits randomly. But it’s not the right way. You have to put the tinder in a directed direction according to the type and specifications of your fire pit—the main reason for considering the direction or placement of firewood in the airflow.

Unfortunately, you cannot light the fire properly in case of higher airflow.

There are different stacking terminologies, including kindling stack, multi-layer stack, and log stack. Now, it’s up to you to choose the stack that suits your needs. Moreover, you have to place a large wood or log stack inside the fire pit to burn the light for a long-time.

However, it’s possible only if the airflow is according to the suitable direction of the wood logs.

You can also increase the kindling and tinder if your fire pit doesn’t have enough space for the logs. In case of less wood supply, you can also go for the Kerosene for the quick lighting in the fire pit.

You Are All Set To Light The Fire!

It’s a final step; you are all set to process or light the fire in the fire pit. You have stacked the firewood or kindling that is ready to burn. It would help if you used a lighter or match to light the fire in the fire pit.

If the firewood stack is vast, it may take time to catch fire from the lighter. For this, it’s also better to add the tinder in a large amount. Enjoy sitting around the fire pit and having warm or cosy vibes on chilling winter nights!

Put Out The Fire Once You Have Done

In case of any emergency, you need to know how to put out the fire instantly. Moreover, it’s also essential to fire for different safety considerations once you enjoy your gathering. If there is no wind and weather issue, you can let the fire die down on its own. You can also use a fire extinguisher if you want to put out the fire quickly.

Final Verdict

Indeed, the fire pits are the best addition to your backyard or home garden for quick décor. But you also have to learn about lighting the fire in these super stylish fire pits. Hopefully, you would love reading the discussed methods and firing the light in a way that suits your needs. See! It’s easier than you think.

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