How To Make A Lawn Mower Faster?

Do you want to learn more ways to make your lawn mower faster? If yes, you are at the right place. Well, there are several solutions to make the mower faster than you think for better grass cutting and balancing the lawn. Ideally, you don’t need to buy a new machine all time when the old mower speed has slowed down. No wonder it’s a daunting task to get rid of all the weeds from your backyard, especially without a suitable cutting machine.

Luckily! You can make this task effortless and more efficient with the help of the right lawnmower. Have you ever thought about improving the speed of this machine yourself? If not, you can surely do it most effectively after reading this article.

If you have not cut the backyard’s grass yourself with a mower, it might require more time and effort to carry on with the mower. For sure, we hate spending too much time and effort cutting the grass. So, reduce this period by improving the speed of the lawnmower.

If you want to improve the lawnmower’s speed, you must consider the mentioned points and guidelines. For sure, these methods will help improve the mower’s speed by focusing on this tool’s different parts and aspects. So, let’s start with us!

Adjust The Size Of the Pulley:

Well, we all are familiar with belt-driven lawnmowers. If you also have one for the grass cutting in your backyard, make it more efficient and speedier by adjusting the size of the engine pulley. Keep in mind; you have to modify this size according to grass-cutting needs in your home garden. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable, especially if you don’t have a belt-driven mower.

Moreover, you can also get help from the gardener or a professional grass cutter to know about the exact location of the pulley in the mower. Ideally, you can increase the size of both pulleys if you want to increase the mower speed more significantly and efficiently.

Reinforce The Overall Mower Frame:

If the mower speed doesn’t increase even after increasing the size of pulleys, you have to focus on the overall frame of this grass-cutting machine. A minor alteration in the general structure of this tool will make the overall component more efficient. Keep in mind; reinforcement is essential to save the mower from frame flex and crack. It’s all happening because of poor suspension.

Before considering the reinforcement of the frame, specify the size of the wheels. So, you can meet the framing requirements accordingly. Ideally, you can utilize the angle gearbox for these adjustments and alterations. The changing gears and diamond plate will strip out quickly if you don’t provide the grease to these parts on time. Moreover, you can also add the clutch springs for the adjustable engagement of springs.

Reduce The Spring Length Attached With Engine:

If you know about the essential parts of the mowers, you will surely know about the governor. This part helps to control the fuel flow in the engine. You have to set the speed limit to ensure that the mower doesn’t go over speed. Remember, the governor doesn’t control or improve the speed of the engine. However, the spring attached with the governor helps to maintain the engine speed.

If you want to improve or increase the mower’s speed with better fuel flow, reduce the length of the spring attached to the engine. Moreover, you can also eradicate the spring if the mower still not works perfectly even after reducing the size. However, you have to handle the intense speed of the mower once the spring is eradicated.

Clean The Air Filter:

The mower’s speed may slow down because of debris, dirt and grass in the air filters. So, if you are facing speed problems in your grass-cutting machine, check the air filters firstly. Even if there is no grass in the air filters, the unnoticeable debris may also slow down the mower over time.

Moreover, if you don’t treat the air filter for a long time, the fuel supply to an engine will also cut off. It doesn’t mean that your mower is out of order. But it required appropriate cleaning, including an air filter.

Moreover, you can also change the air filter to set your mower at a higher speed and performance. However, it’s okay if you only want to clean the filter without installing the new one. Ideally, you can quickly locate the air filter because it is on the left side of the mower’s engine.

Regular Maintenance:

No matter what’s the type and condition of the mower, this machine always requires timely maintenance. You can surely improve the mower’s speed with convenient cleaning or care because it has many tiny and large moving components.

Excitingly! you can also reduce the downtime of the mower with the regular maintenance of this machine. Enjoy cutting the grass effortlessly and without mid-stopping!

Check For The Right Type Of Fuel:

The speed of the mower also depends on the type of fuel you use to operate it. Undoubtedly, Gasoline is the perfect and most efficient fuel to improve the speed of the grass-cutting machines. So, the correct type of fuel is essential for the whole working of this machine.

Are you looking for the most affordable option to improve the mower speed and operate it? You can also use the car fuel for this tool as the most affordable and economical option. However, substandard oils may also damage your machinery. So, use them at your own risk.


Above all, the speeds of all types of lawnmowers are different from one another. That’s why you have to follow the mentioned above points after considering your machine’s right type and specifications. Otherwise, it might be a wastage of time and effort to track the guidelines sightlessly. Enjoy racing and speeding your lawnmowers yourself with the help of this post. Thanks For Reading!

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