How To Mount Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling?

How To Mount Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: January 10, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It might be tough and time-consuming if you don’t know where to put a light bar on your roof without drilling. This blog post will teach you to put a light bar on the roof without drilling. If you’re a car aficionado, you’ll want to learn how to install a light bar on a roof without drilling. The roof lights must be installed to give the house a fresh look.

The light bars are an important element of night-time driving equipment that improves visibility. A light bar attached to the roof, especially on off-road vehicles and trucks, ensures greater road illumination.

Light Bar: An Overview

Light Bar.

The most popular modification in the car business is lightbars. In the automotive business, this is a common occurrence. It illuminates the trails that aid off-roading at night. However, the tendency has extended to the point that different light bars may be found on trucks, cars and other vehicles.

As a lighting technology, light bars have become increasingly popular. These are little encased bulbs in a metal casing that serves as supplemental light sources for various applications.

Boats, autos, specialty vehicles, and off-road trucks all have these light strips installed for greater road illumination. Installing a light bar without drilling can also be useful for lighting your garden or yard.

Steps To Install The Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling

Any manual roof antenna can be fitted with a light roof bar without drilling a hole. The concept is simple: route the wires, gut the manual antenna roof and replace it with a stylish replacement.

Finally, use a new shark antenna to route the light bar on the ceiling. Following the installation directions for the roof light bar to fit the LED, you may learn how to put a light bar on the roof without drilling.

Use Roof-Mounted Racks

 Use Roof-Mounted Racks.

Roof racks are standard on most vehicles; however, you may need to remove your light bar first. Replace the light bar and secure it on top of the rack once it is in place and you are satisfied with the rack location.

Drilling holes in your roof isn’t always viable, particularly on newer models when the roof is built of a specific material that can break and come apart. You can clip it to a hook or clamping point affixed to your vehicle’s bodywork to prevent roof drilling.

Determine The Mounting Location

 Determine The Mounting Location

A light bar can be mounted in various locations, but the easiest is generally on top of your spare tire carrier. To make everything fit together correctly, you may need to move the tail lights or license plate and use alternative mounting hardware.

The issue with this placement is that there isn’t many areas for other accessories. Mounting the light bar on your roof as a rack or load-assist bar is preferable.

Mark The Desired Mounting Points

Make a mark on the wall

Make a mark on the wall where you want the light bar to go. If your car has removable roof racks, you may need to remove them and attach the rack before permanently putting your light bars.

If your vehicle has a fixed roof rack or load-assist bars that aren’t removable, it’s advisable to remove them temporarily so you may mount the light bar in a location that won’t interfere with its operation.

Determine The Vehicle’s Height

To choose a light bar tall enough for your purposes, you’ll need to know the height of your roof rack. You can mount extra light bars on the same roof rack to extend your lighting capacity. A regular vehicle’s width is usually 2 feet greater than its length. Therefore, you can put two light bars on a roof rack if you have the height.

Install The Mounting Brackets

Install The Mounting Brackets

Mounting brackets are specifically engineered to attach firmly to your vehicle’s roof rack without causing harm. Ensure that the mounting brackets you purchase are built exclusively for this purpose. You risk damaging your roof rack if you don’t take precautions.

If the light bar’s mounting brackets are removable, check to be sure they’ll fit on your vehicle’s roof rack after you’ve removed or modified it. If you’re mounting more than one light bar to a single roof rack, measure and mark each so that they’re evenly spaced and don’t interfere with each other when in use.

Mount The Lights

Mount The Lights

Install your light bars permanently on your vehicle’s roof rack or load-assist bars once you know how high to attach them. Follow all the installation instructions for your specific light bar model. Attach your mounting brackets to the roof rack or load-assist bars on your car.

You may need extra bolts of various lengths to make it all work. There will be cables attached to each light bar you purchase.

Secure The Wiring

Secure The Wiring.

The wiring normally consists of a long length with pre-installed mounting brackets and a separate small cable that easily connects your automobile battery or electrical system. Test your light bars before getting caught in the dark while driving.

Ensure they turn on and off as expected and are properly positioned to avoid blocking your windows or mirrors.

Alternative Ways To Mount Light Bar On Roof Without Drilling

Use Magnets For Mounting Lights


Another way to place a light bar without drilling is to utilize magnetic roof mounts, which employ tiny magnets. So, you secure these tiny magnets on top of the vehicle rather than drilling holes in it. The only thing left to do is hang your light bar from them.

Use Rear View Mirror

 Use Rear View Mirror.

Some light bars have brackets that you can use to secure them to the rear-view mirror, so they don’t obstruct your vision. You can use the mirror’s upper mounting points, a bracket attached to it separately, or even the side mounting points on the mirror frame.

Use Upper Seat Rails

You can also utilize a seat rail if your car has one because it’s part of the upper frame. Compared to cars, trucks have thicker upper seat rails that extend straight down the length of the vehicle. These are, therefore, excellent places to put a light bar without having to drill.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to drill holes to mount lights?

Use hanging Christmas light clips as an alternative. It’s a good idea to have a backup plan if something goes wrong, but it’s not necessary. These fasteners often cost a few dollars each at your neighborhood hardware shop.

How to decorate a metal roof by mounting light bars?

When all you need to hang your lights are a few magnets attached to your roof, decorating is simple. You have two options for hanging lights from your metal roof: hooks or individual clips that attach to the rear of each light.


It’s not always as straightforward as it appears to mount lights without drilling. It’s easier not to drill a hole in your car’s frame, which would deteriorate and finally collapse—considering the light bar shape, length, beam angle, and brightness, considering the LED type, temperature, and mounting location.

Lightbar shopping is achievable depending on your products based on their durability and guaranteed efficiency. It’s a good idea to consider the producers’ dependability and reputation.

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