How To Move A Dining Room Table

How To Move A Dining Room Table
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: May 30, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It’s certain that you’ll have to relocate your dining room table at some point. Moving a dining room table is challenging because of its dimensions. Knowing how to safely move your dining room table helps reduce the risk of damage. A good dining room table is one of the most important pieces of furniture in a house.

Therefore, you’ll undoubtedly bring yours with you. Moving a dining room table, on the other hand, is a difficult task. Huge dining tables are not only heavy and unwieldy but also easily damaged. You must offer your prized possession the finest possible protection to ensure that it arrives at your new home undamaged and intact.

If you also want to move a dining table yourself, continue reading this post for best consideration;

Steps To Move A Dining Room Table

In some households, the dining room table is reserved for special occasions, and in others, it is a prized heirloom that has been passed down through the centuries.

This is why it’s critical to know how to move a dining room table and chairs carefully to avoid causing damage and requiring costly repairs.

Clean The Table Firstly

It’s good to clean your table before transporting it to a new home or placing it in storage. Wipe down a wooden table with a damp towel from top to bottom, then let it dry. After that, buff all polished wooden areas to a shine with furniture polish. This also serves as a protective barrier for the timber.

Use a clean damp cloth to clean the glass tabletop. Let it dry, then polish it with a glass polish and paper towels or newspaper paper to remove stains and shine.

Create A Pictured Document Of Your Table Before Disassembling

Before the relocation, take many shots of your table from various angles to document the right assembling position of the furniture. The images will assist you in rebuilding your table following the relocation and act as proof if you need to claim your movers.

It will be much easier to pack and carry your dining table if it is disassembled, limiting the chance of property and dining table damages. As a result, dismantling the table before packing it for relocation is recommended.

Remove Table Legs

While the table can be transported with the legs attached, it will be much lighter and easier to move if they are removed. If the table legs are not removed, there is a greater likelihood that they will be dinged during the relocation.

Spread a thick blanket on the floor and place the table on top of it to protect it while the legs are being removed. Remove any screws or bolts holding the legs together using a screwdriver and place them in a plastic bag.

Tape it under the table to keep the plastic bag safe during the move. Remove the glue seal with a putty knife if the legs are glued to the table. Wrap the legs in bubble wrap or thought blankets if you can’t remove them. Using packaging tape, secure the coverings to the table legs.

Use Carboard To Wrap Edges

To protect the table corners from being dinged during the transport, wrap cardboard around them. To keep the extension secure throughout the move, tape the underside of the table where it was removed together.

Use A Cover To Protect Table

Overlap the moving blankets by at least one foot on the tabletop. To hold the blankets in place, wrap packing tape around the tabletop. You can tape the blankets to the underside of the table if they don’t wrap around the furniture.

However, avoid applying tape directly to the table’s surface since the adhesive may leave a sticky residue or damage the table’s fine wood finish. To avoid the blankets from falling off the table, wrap them with packing tape or plastic wrap.

Add another layer of cushioning between the wall and the tabletop and secure the glass piece with ropes for more protection. The glass top should be sandwiched between two mattresses if at all possible.


It’s critical to take additional care when relocating a dining room table and chairs to ensure that your family stays in good shape and may enjoy them for years to come.

When transferring the pieces to their appointed area after unloading the furniture at your new home, use extreme caution and take all required precautions to avoid damaging your dining room set and your new home.

Then you can have a celebratory dinner at your dining room table to commemorate your successful relocation.

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