How To Open Attic Door Without String

How To Open Attic Door Without String
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 19, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

The pull-down attic ladder’s cord hangs from our second-story ceiling and is one of many minors, annoying things that worry us about our house. Not only is it inconvenient to have it there constantly, but it also detracts from your home’s aesthetic appeal.

Replace the obtrusive cord with a hook for the most effective hiding position. Making something simple and inexpensive. A nearby little cord holder can be installed as an alternative to prevent the cord’s end from dangling.

The third choice is to think outside the box and find a lovely replacement for the cord. Having the obtrusive cord hanging down will be preferable to any other choice, so choose wisely.

Ways To Replace Attic Door String

Use A Hook Rather Than a Cord

Removing the irritating rope from the pull-down attic stair is the simplest concealment method. The stair must still be able to be pulled down, however. Make sure the stair is down before you take any action. If you don’t, you’ll have to cut the connection and use another method to lower it.


The tools needed for this procedure are simple and inexpensive. All you’ll need is a tool for drilling holes. You ought to take the cord out as your next action. You might need to widen the cord hole to place a hook slightly.

A hook should be inserted into the hole. Ensure the screw holding the hook is long enough to pass through to the other side. The screw shouldn’t be too protruding from the other side. The nut next. Utilize a few washers for greater outcomes.

To install a screw hook or something similar, drill a hole at the end of the rod. This wooden rod is your tool for attaching a hook to a step and pulling the stair down. The rod can be kept nearby but hidden when not in use.

Even a kit for this can be purchased for a few extra dollars. You will also receive nuts, washers, and a rod with an attached hook. About 5 minutes will be required for the entire replacement operation.

Install A String Holder

There is another choice if you don’t feel confident removing the rope and attaching a hook. It will be simpler to use this option the closer the cord is to a wall. To prevent it from dangling in the middle of everything, grab the end of a rope and attach it to a little hook mounted high on a wall next to it.


It will still be apparent, but you may move beneath it without bumping into it. This choice works well where you frequently walk but do not linger. Although not particularly attractive, this solution works.

Even those tiny plastic hooks with adhesives that you can attach to a wall might be used as these hooks, eliminating the need for drilling. If you don’t like using tiny hooks, you may instead mount a small but powerful magnet high on the wall and attach a piece of metal or another magnet to the cord’s end.

Place the cord’s end on a wall magnet to store it while not in use. It will maintain its position. If you have attic stairs and cords that aren’t close to side walls, you can still do this, but you’ll need to install a holder to the ceiling.

The rope will virtually be flush with the ceiling once it is joined, but to reach it, you will need to use some instrument, as the wooden rod indicated earlier.

Painting Attic Door And String Would Be The Best Alternative

Some of you presumably have a lovely attic door level with the ceiling, and the color of your ceiling matches the door’s hue perfectly. Not everyone will be as fortunate. Take into consideration painting your unattractive attic door. Imagination is a good thing.


Consider painting a cloudy sky on it and hanging a bird from the end with a cord. It may be enjoyable. It will be a hit with the kids. It is a workaround for people that don’t mind the hanging cord.

You could want to swap out the tacky rope for a good metal chain to make a statement. Though not particularly attractive, the new attic access serves its purpose. The dowel is hidden in a closet until it is required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to walk around an attic safely?

Using wood to navigate an attic is the safest technique to avoid falling through. Clear the clutter to make a safe path to cross the room if you must walk on it. Never step on a surface and rest all your weight there if you cannot confirm any framing. Watch out for trusses that attach to your roofing system as well.

What are the disadvantages of an attic?

The home’s worth will increase, you’ll have more usable space, and the attic bedroom will be peaceful and full of natural light. Disadvantages include higher prices, difficult temperature management, a smaller available footprint, and a higher risk of damage.

Can you use an attic as a bedroom?

Although unvented attics save a lot of energy, they shouldn’t be used as bedrooms, especially for young children and the elderly, unless they have a quick exit.

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