How to Properly Use Industrial Machinery

A Guide to Properly Use Industrial Machinery
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: August 19, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

Construction work is one of the most dangerous occupations; most accidents occur while working on construction sites and while operating industrial machinery.

Accidents that involve heavy industrial machinery often lead to extensive material damage to both the machinery and the surroundings, but most of all it poses a serious threat to everyone’s safety working on the site.

Employers need to reduce the safety risks for workers, but the workers themselves must also take many precautions when working in such hazardous conditions. For this reason below we share our best tips for properly using industrial machinery.

Staying Vigilant

Before a worker, regardless of their role or level of experience, is allowed to enter a construction site and operate industrial machinery, they must be fully aware of the potential hazards. Ignorant workers are perhaps the greatest danger in any industry, as their mistakes put everyone else at risk as well.

Everyone should be aware of the risks associated with handling such machinery and how they can be prevented with the help of construction safety knowledge. Managers must ensure that all workers are aware of the most common risks and they have a responsibility to protect workers against these hazards.

Inspecting Your Machines

Each machine has a myriad of moving parts and all of them must be in top condition before they can do their job. For this reason, you must closely inspect your machine to properly use them and ensure safety. When you regularly inspect your machines, you will be able to avoid unfortunate accidents and serious injuries.

Another important tip is to always keep the right tools when a small issue with the machines suddenly happens at a construction site. For instance, a lock washer is something every worker needs to have in their toolbox.

A lock washer is a metallic fastener made of stainless steel but can also come in materials such as aluminum, bronze, or phosphor bronze. It will keep nuts and bolts in place and prevent them from slipping, turning, or getting loose when there is high vibration or torque.

Consider Training

One of the best ways to increase safety and ensure that the industrial machinery is properly used and operated is by investing in training for your staff. Industrial machinery can be highly technical and each of them has its quirks and attributes.

Your workers must gain a proper understanding of the machinery before they put their hands on the controls, otherwise serious accidents might happen.

Using Proper Equipment

Workers who have inappropriate equipment are at risk of making dangerous mistakes when operating industrial machinery. All equipment used on the job site must be fully suitable for the job at hand and organizations must also ensure that all machinery and materials are properly maintained.

Avoiding Blind Spots

Heavy Machinery At construction site Heavy machine operations must know that there is no one and nothing behind them before backing up in a certain area. Sometimes, operators must even hop off of their machines and go to the back to check that the field is clear and avoid blind spots since mirrors don’t always give a 360-degree breadth of vision.

Maintaining Effective Communication

Constant communication is key when your goal is to drive results and meet deadlines. When it comes to working with industrial machinery, communication between the ground crew and their supervisors is crucial when looking to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

The safety policies and procedures for your machines must be constantly communicated as they can save lives and money in the long run.

Watch closely over workers who’re not working with the needed safety procedures and make sure they’re well informed about all of your policies.

Knowing and Obeying Load Limits

You must always be informed about the load limits for the size and weight of the equipment set up. Using the correct attachment you must ensure that the load is secured. Keep in mind to regularly do a visual check of rigging to look for fraying or breakage. Before moving a load, you must also make sure that all workers are safely out of the way.

Slowing Down

Even though there may be certain deadlines that should be met, moving too quickly and rushing on the job can lead to severe accidents. For this reason, you must ensure that everyone is safe and smart about the machines they’re using at all times as the best way to avoid injuries or accidents.

Final Thoughts

Staying knowledgeable and safe with industrial machinery is a surefire way to protect everyone on a construction site. These tips will ensure that everyone stays safe throughout the course of any project.

By staying safe, paying attention and understanding the industrial machinery, your job will remain hazard-free and rewarding.

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