How to Provide Backup Power Without Gas?

Backup Power Without Gas
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  • Posted On: April 29, 2022
  • Updated On: July 8, 2023

Getting a continuous power supply will not always be possible, especially when you stay on a trip. As a result, once the power cut happens, our daily activities can’t occur in regular ways. In such situations, a generator could be one of the best emergency power supply systems.

But sometimes, arranging gas for a generator will be challenging, especially when there is a heavy storm outside. Fortunately, technology brings the solution by inventing outstanding power supplies such as gasless generators and solar energy.

These power sources don’t require any gas as well as don’t produce any harmful gas that can affect the environment and your breathing. A gasless generator or solar power source can be a reliable power source to provide backup power in your house or other places. To get more information about these power sources, read the entire context.

How to Provide Backup Power Without Gas?

Workers Are Checking And Providing Backup Power Without Gas

Power outages are very irritating to deal with as regular activities of our life deeply rely on electricity. Although several alternative power sources can be used during a blackout, having a source that doesn’t require gas will be very helpful. Here we will talk about this type of two emergency power source where you will not deal with gas.

Solar Energy Power Source

Solar power is mainly connected with solar and battery storage. It is known as one of the most efficient power sources in the latest technology. Most solar power options are used in modern homes and businesses. Typically, batteries in a solar system get power when the sun rays fall on a solar panel.

This way, the battery stores the energy that can be used for future use like electric utilities, other appliances, and so on. One downside of this power source is that the solar system produces lower power output during the partly cloudy and overcast atmosphere.

Gasless Generator

Compared to gas or fuel generators, gasless generators are quite different because they don’t require any gas to refuel. These generators don’t generate any dangerous gas that impacts the environment. So, having the best gasless generators will be a safe and reliable emergency power source.

Gasless generators are typically powered by lithium or lead-acid batteries. For that, they don’t make any kind of noise which will be a big comfort to the ears. You can charge gasless generators in different ways like using solar power, wall-mounted sockets, and so on.

As a result, these generators can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. The only downside of these generators is that they cannot produce power like fuel or gas generators. But you can use a gasless generator to provide backup maximum for your electric utilities.

Why Should You Use a Gasless Generator To Provide Backup Power?

You Use a Gasless Generator To Provide Backup Power

You will get several advantages by using a gasless generator. Some significant benefits of using these generators are pointed out below.

  • Gasless generators don’t require any fuel or gas and thus generate no emissions. So, no harmful emissions like carbon monoxide will be produced by this generator, making the environment and air quality better.
  • Like gas generators, gasless generators don’t produce fumes. So you can use these generators inside your house.
  • These generators are easy to charge; they just need to be plugged into a wall outlet. It is also possible to charge the generator connecting to a car or solar panel.
  • Compared to a fuel or gas-powered generator, a gasless generator doesn’t produce noise, which will be a relief for your ear.
  • A gasless generator is a greener and eco-friendly appliance, as it uses renewable energy sources to produce power.
  • The ports in a gasless generator can charge different types of devices, even at the same time, such as smartphones, laptops, and other electronic devices.
  • Gasless generators are lighter than regular fuel generators as they use lithium or lead-acid batteries. For that, you can easily carry this generator when you’re going on a trip or camping.

Features Of Gasless Generators To Consider

Investing in a gasless generator is a wise decision if you’re looking for a reliable emergency power source. That’s why to meet your required preference, choosing the right generator should be your prime concern. For your convenience below, we’ve included some key factors to consider before purchasing a gasless generator.


Having enough power from a generator to run your appliances should be your primary consideration. In that case, you will need to calculate how much energy in watts your appliances need to run. Then, you should choose a generator based on your figured-out wattage.

Duration of Use

You will need to choose a high-powered gasless generator if you want prolonged use and to power different devices. At the same time, you have to consider the time of day or location for charging your generator. If you have insufficient sunlight to charge a generator, you need to choose one with shorter charging times.

Weight and Size

Portable generators usually weigh around 4 pounds to 17 pounds or maybe larger. For hikers, choosing a lightweight generator will be the best choice as these are comfortable to carry everywhere. You will also find some gasless generators that can easily be placed in a car.

Additionally, check whether your chosen generator is equipped with moveable wheels to make it more portable to carry.

Durability and Strength

No one may want to buy a generator frequently because purchasing a new generator is time-consuming and a waste of money. So, you should choose a more durable generator suitable for outdoor uses. Although gasless generators are not 100% water-resistant, you have to find one that is durable enough to work even in harsh weather conditions.

Available Ports

The more ports a generator has, the more gadgets it can charge. Most gasless generators have one AC outlet connected to a regular household outlet. You will find some generators offer two AC outlets with several USB ports. With these USB ports, you can charge different smartphones and laptops at a time.

How Does A Gasless Generator Work?

A Gasless Generator Working machine is very Powerful according to work requirement

A gasless generator doesn’t produce electrical energy by converting mechanical energy. Instead of using gas, diesel, or propane, gasless generators use electricity from the grid or the sun. A rechargeable battery in a gasless generator stores the power for further use.

Apart from the solar panel, this rechargeable battery can be charged through a vehicle or a standard 230v outlet. Most gasless generators use lithium-ion batteries with power-generating cells. Lithium ions pass from positive to negative electrodes when the battery charges.

This produces energy that can be used to provide power. When batteries lose power, the lithium ions return to the positive electrode.

What Is The Battery Life Cycle Of A Gasless Generator?

The life cycle is the amount of time a battery keeps its rated capacity. An entire cycle is equivalent to 100% full power to 0%. Typically, the life cycle of a battery depends on the battery type. A lithium-ion battery has 500-800 lifecycles, while a lead-acid battery offers 200-300 lifecycles.

Although you can use a battery when it comes to the end of the life cycle, the total capacity will drop. For that, the lifespan of the battery will shorten. For example, the recharge capacity of a generator may drop to 80% after 500 cycles and 60% after 1,000 cycles.


Dealing with a gas-powered generator is very irritating, especially when refueling. The annoying sound and harmful gas produced by this generator make the worst impact on you. To get rid of such things, a gasless generator can be a reliable power source with refueling ease.

These generators generate zero fumes which are helpful for both the environment and yourself. However, we have provided enough information about gasless generators in this context. If you think that a gasless generator can be a part of your daily life, providing backup power, purchase one following the factors discussed in the above section.

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