How To Remove Chain Link Fence

A chain-link fence provides protection and demarcates property lines, but it does not provide privacy or visual beauty to a garden or yard. Before erecting a privacy hedge or wood slat fence, remove the existing fence, posts, and chain-link gate. The following instructions will show you how to remove a chain-link fence safely and effectively.

Whether you’re replacing an old fence or upgrading to a new one, dismantling a chain link fence is a reasonably straightforward operation if you follow the appropriate steps. However, the task can be time-consuming, so get some assistance with the removal to make the job go more smoothly. So that old chain link fence may finally go the way of the dodo. The easy part is removing the chain link itself. Fence post removal necessitates extra effort and a truck or specialized equipment. If your fence is still in good shape, you may try offering free fencing material to anyone willing to take it down.

Determine The Condition Of Fence:

Examine the whole length of the fence, including the chain link fence posts, gate, rails, tension bars, and braces. Advertise about it if the fence is in good condition. In your ad, specify the length and height. Prepare to demolish the fence if it is in such bad shape that it cannot be reused.

Before we get started on the removal process, it’s worth noting that you might be able to find someone to do it for free! Granted, your fence must be in good working order, but it is unquestionably a more convenient method of fence removal!

Cut The Wire Loops:

The chain link should be secured to the top of the fence rail with several small wire loops known as fence ties. Remove the clips that hold the chain link fence to the vertical posts along the length of the fence, and then start removing the clips that attach the chain link fence to the vertical posts. Detach each of the links from the post as you work your way along the fence’s length. Simply let the chain-link fall to the ground.

This step will almost certainly necessitate the use of a bolt cutter with a sharp blade. Allow the chain-link grid to fall to the ground, then remove the chain-link fence gate from the grid separately. For now, keep the fence gate in your yard.

Roll Up The Link Grids:

Roll the chain-link grid into a neat cylinder starting at the last fence post and walking back to the first fence post. If the fence is longer than usual, use wire cutters to cut the chain link grid into an average fifty-foot bundle for more accessible transport.

After removing the chain link from the fence, it’s just a matter of rolling it up. It’ll be easier to roll it up if you lay it out flat in the yard. Also, if the chain-link grid is long, it’s best to split it up into smaller portions and roll each one separately. Starting at one end, roll the link grid into a tight cylinder, fastening it together with a wire or rope.

Remove The Fence Post From Holes:

The most challenging aspect of a chain-link fence to dismantle is the posts, especially if they are concrete-anchored. To make digging easier, wet the ground with water and dig around the posts to see if any concrete is embedding the post into the ground.

Because most fences are built on a concrete foundation, you’ll need to dig around it to loosen the post and make it easier to remove. After digging up around the concrete base, trying to push and tugging the post typically works. To loosen the concrete bases, soak the dirt surrounding each fence post hole with water. Loosen only a couple of at a time.

Use A Truck For Tugging Out The Chain Link Fence Posts:

If the posts are short and slender, dig into the earth with a pointed spade to remove the concrete base, then lift the posts out with your shovelhead supported against the hole wall. Get a friend with a vehicle to assist you to link chains to the fence posts and pull them from the soggy ground if the posts are thick and over four feet tall. Renting a post puller from a heavy equipment supplier is another option.

These sturdy metal pivot and pull devices make it simple to remove posts without risking damage. Attach the chain pull accessory to the post, connect the chain to the post puller, and firmly press down on the straight angled lever. The post will emerge from the ground in a straight line.

Get Rid Of Concrete Base:

After removing the fence post, dispose of the concrete before discarding the metal. Break up the outer edge of the concrete base with a tiny electric jackhammer rented from an equipment rental business. Once the fractures have reached the fence post base, remove the concrete directly surrounding the fence post using a hammer and chisel. A giant sledgehammer can also be used to break up the concrete. It is suggested that you wear a complete protection kit and steel-toed boots before disposing of the concrete.

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