How To Remove Landscape Rock

How To Remove Landscape Rock
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: June 13, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

You don’t have to be concerned if you’re wondering how to remove pebbles from your yard because it’s usually a straightforward process. It could appear to be a difficult and stressful endeavor. Although rock landscaping is a lovely method to add interest to your garden or yard, there are times when you need to switch things up.

Moving a bunch of boulders about is quite simple if you take the proper approach and have the appropriate vision. It would help to remove the rocks in your yard and possibly replace them with mulch. Rocks, however, cannot be thrown away like trash.

Do you also want to get rid of landscape rocks? If yes, continue reading to know the answer.

Things To Consider For Safe Removal Of Rocks From Yard

Depending on the size of the rocks, you’ll utilize different tools and methods to remove them from your yard. The ideal approach to removing pebbles from your yard should always put the least stress on your body and pose the least danger of damage.

If you have a big yard or garden, Jones advises working in smaller portions at once and rewarding yourself with a break in between. Commit to keeping collecting rocks in the yard until you are finished. Use the proper safety gear for your task, and make sure you are appropriately attired.

Long trousers and work gloves are ideal for any rock removal work. Use eye and ear protection if you’re working with power tools. While carrying boulders or digging, durable steel-toe work boots offer excellent foot protection.s

There’s No Need To Trash Out All Rocks

Asking your neighbors whether they need any additional rock is the simplest solution. You may even volunteer to wheelbarrow the rock to their house for them. Alternatively, you could pile the rock in the driveway and let them do it themselves.

Perhaps the fact that the rock is so filthy is why you dislike it. A quick rock wash may suffice. Get a huge metal dirt sifter for this procedure. Then scoop the rocks into the sifter and water them down to remove as much dirt as possible.

You won’t have to use a brush to scour each rock individually. Reinstall the rocks once they’re clean. If you choose this strategy, the grass will become dusty and muddy. As a result, I don’t think the first option is a good one.

Steps To Remove Landscape Rocks

Choose Necessary Equipment To Remove Rocks

The removal of landscape rocks will necessitate the use of some essential tools. It would help if you first gathered them before beginning the procedure.

Remove Rocks With Hands

If you can remove rocks with your two hands, it will be the simplest and most practical method. Some medium and small stones from your garden and backyard pathway can be moved in this method. Even though it is a time-taking process, you can complete it fun-lovingly with the help of a friend.

Remember not to move heavy or large rocks with your hands to save yourself from injuries. You can use tools for large rocks rather than removing stones with your hands.

Contact To Trash Remove Or Disposal Company

Hiring a trash removal or disposal company would be the best decision, especially for large rocks. You can also hire a company to remove small rocks from your yard if you don’t want to do it yourself. Moreover, you can also give these rocks to a construction agency for free or according to their policies.

Use A Roll Off Dumpster

One of the most convenient ways to dispose of huge amounts of gravel and rock is to rent a roll-off dumpster. Most of the time, you’ll be able to load one of these containers yourself, making it possible to dispose of large rocks more efficiently than carrying them and dumping them at the appropriate location.

Choose Removal Process According To The Condition Of Rocks

Before removing landscape rocks, examine your yard and rock condition, particularly the varying rock sizes. Various rocks will necessitate different methods of removal. There’s a good chance that your former landscaping rock admirer used landscape fabric or a geotextile cloth to keep weeds at bay beneath the rocks.

Scoop the rocks and gravel using your shovel or wheelbarrow, then place them in the wheelbarrow. In addition, after removing rocks, elevate the landscape fabric.

Use A Wheelbarrow For Medium-Sized Rocks

The wheelbarrow ensures the safety of your garden and yard by carrying a heavy weight around it. To load your huge and heavy rocks, use a wheelbarrow; due to the weight of the rocks, this operation may require assistance.

Push and lift the wheelbarrow around the yard after gathering all the stones. Ensure that the wheelbarrow tire is fully inflated; you can also try taking the balance of the wheelbarrow around the yard for a time.

Use A Pry Bar For Large Rocks

Like a fulcrum, position a flat stone or another durable object near the boulder, practically touching it. Put the end of a long pry bar between the fulcrum and the boulder. Press down on the bar’s top end to move the boulder forward.

Rep this procedure till the boulder has arrived at its final destination. Place the rock on a wooden board. As you roll the board over the rods, move the back rod to the front. Dig around the boulder with a shovel until it is completely revealed if it is partially buried. Please place it in a wheelbarrow or on a rolling board to transport.

Use Landscape Rocks For Décor Rather Than Trashing Off

Landscape rocks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are used for a variety of purposes. Rather than having these rocks carted to the nearest landfill once your newest gardening job is finished, you can fill vessels or decorate a pavement with river rocks or pebbles.

Beach cobbles are available in various colors, making them suitable for various interior styles. You may also make an attractive rock waterfall out of your landscaping rocks.

Call A Professional

You can always hire a landscaping business if the rocks are too big for you to handle if you cannot pick up rocks in your yard, or if you don’t want to. Costs differ based on the equipment they employ. Some experts may charge $60 to $250 per cubic yard to remove a sizable boulder from the earth.


To remove rocks from your landscape, you’ll need skills, tools, and, most crucially, imagination. Another common and simple option to dispose of landscaping pebbles is to donate them to a building or landscaping store or to give them away to friends or family who might be interested.

Donating pebbles to a building or landscaping store, or giving them away to friends or relatives who might be interested, is another common and simple way to dispose of them. You may always hire a professional landscape business to cart away the rock if you have the extra cash and don’t have enough power to shovel the rocks.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the basic ways of removing rocks from the yard?

There are three primary methods for removing rocks: by hand, using a tiller, rake, and wheelbarrow, or for bigger areas, with more powerful machines. Although it requires more time and effort than other ways, manually removing rocks is far more effective than those methods.

Can you dissolve landscape rocks?

Yes! For instance, a process known as carbonation occasionally occurs when water and carbon dioxide from the air or soil combine. This generates carbonic acid, a weak acid that can dissolve rock. Limestone is particularly susceptible to being dissolved by carbonic acid.

How to clean large landscape rocks?

Rocks can be cleaned with a sprayer hose. Water should be added to the rock jars. After using the sprayer to rinse the rocks, if the stains remain, you can add 1 part household bleach to 2 parts water to cover the rocks before washing. Please avoid spraying bleach on plants when using it in water.

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