How To Remove Stuck Bathroom Sink Drain

How To Remove Stuck Bathroom Sink Drain

It is fairly usual for the bathroom sink to become clogged. Most homeowners have dealt with this issue at some point in their lives. A blocked bathroom sink can cause various issues, so it should be addressed right away.

The sink drain basket is attached to the flange. To prevent leaks between the sink and the flange, use a plumber’s putty when installing the sink basket. The putty under the flange will harden over time, making it harder to remove. A jammed flange may or may not be stuck. People often overlook the retaining nut under the sink.

It will take some effort to break the putty seal on a stuck bathroom flange. To remove a stuck bathroom sink or drain flange, you’ll need to follow specific methods and use the appropriate tools. Pull the sink drain flange with pliers or a drain key after removing the drain cover.

What Are The Reasons Behind Stuck Sink Drain Flange?

For various reasons, the drain flange in the sink may become stuck. The most typical problem is corrosion around the drain. Because when you use the bathroom sink regularly, the drain begins to oxidize, as most metals do.

As a result, the drain flange may become stuck as the distance between the connections narrows. It’s not always about the lock nut. You may discover that the sink drain lock nut is jammed and that you cannot remove the flange.

Whatever the problem is, you must remove the flange in any case. You won’t be able to clean or fix the drain in the bathroom sink without it.

Required Tools And Materials

  • Channel Lock Pliers
  • Penetrating Oil
  • Utility Knife
  • Putty knife
  • Remove Securing Nuts:

Check under the sink to see if the retaining nut on the sink drain basket is removed. With a pair of channel lock pliers, remove the fastening nut from the sink drain basket. You’ll need to secure the sink basket if the sink drains and spins while removing the nut.

The first step is to remove the stopper from the sink drain. It is simple to remove with your hands. It’s as simple as pulling it, turning it left or right, and then pilling it out.

Steps To Remove Stuck Sink Drain Flange

Remove Stuck Sink Drain Flange Firstly

If you’re looking for instructions on removing a bathroom sink drain flange, you’ve come to the correct place! They may become stuck for a variety of reasons. Fortunately, if you know the steps or technique, you can remove the bathroom sink drain flange.

You can save money on plumbing services by doing everything yourself. We can show you how to remove a bathroom sink drain flange without expert help. We’ve covered everything you need to know in this article below.

Run The Water To Drain Out Everything From The Sink

Prepare to remove the sink drain in this phase. Turn on the water and clean everything under the sink. Put a bucket under the sink to catch any leaks from the drain pipe. In the sink drain basket, have a friend grasp the handles of a set of pliers.

While removing the holding nut will keep the sink drain basket steady. If necessary, spray some penetrating oil on the threads, and let it sit for an hour. Return an hour later to remove the nut from the sink drain basket.

Use A Plier To Remove Stuck Flange

Disconnect the drain’s P-trap and tailpiece. Remove the parts using a wrench. The sink drain flange must be unscrewed next. Remove the flange’s tailpiece and set it aside. The sink flange can now be taken out. If it becomes trapped, pliers can be used to remove it. But don’t overdo it.

Place a small board against the drain basket at the bottom of the sink. Just enough to break the seal of the plumber’s putty, tap the board with a hammer.

Use A Towel To Clean Under-Flange Area

Using a towel, wipe the area beneath the flange. All you have to do is wipe it clean. Use silicon to install a new flange. Add a tiny silicon layer on the new flange’s corners and press it down the drain.

While you tap on the wood, have your buddy slide a putty knife between the flange and the sink. Allow your assistant to work the putty knife around the sink flange until it separates from the sink. Check for any leaks by turning on the water supply.

You should be able to remove the bathroom sink drain flange without the assistance of a professional now that you know-how. Make sure you carefully follow each step.

Final Thoughts

You won’t need a plumber to remove a bathroom sink drain flange if you follow the steps correctly. You learned how to remove the bathroom sink drain flange in this article. When you try to accomplish things on your own, this should come in handy.

You can make repairs to stop the leaks by removing a drain flange. To avoid further damage, we recommend seeking the assistance of a professional plumber for more complicated difficulties. Even though the task is simple, you should still use safety equipment. These items will give you additional security.

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