How To Remove Vinyl Fence Posts

How To Remove Vinyl Fence Posts
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: March 30, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Vinyl fences are long-lasting and inexpensive but aren’t completely impervious to damage or bad weather. Gaps in the fence and post support may appear due to vinyl’s natural expansion and contraction and the effects of wind and water. The concrete securing has likely cracked or rotted, or the post is damaged or rotted.

Removing your old vinyl fence is one of the most difficult aspects of installing a new vinyl fence. Fence removal is much effort and is considerably more difficult when the fence posts are concrete. However, you can employ a few techniques to remove concrete-set fence posts from the ground.

A Few Considerations Before Removing Or Replacing Vinyl Fence Posts

You might be asking how to make a vinyl fence post out of concrete. For removing old cemented fence posts, fence post diggers and augers are excellent tools. They take much effort to operate and can transport the usual weekend warrior anywhere before digging and removing the hidden concrete.

The good news is that you might not have to do all of this. You can also use a wood or metal insert, a fence post mender, or a fence post spike to reinforce the post. To inspect the inside of the vinyl post, remove the fence post cap first. It could be hollow, or it could have removable supports.

Depending on your local soil and weather conditions, the fence might have been erected without interior post support. Most vinyl fence manufacturers recommend using a wood or metal insert to add rigidity to the hollow post if you’re putting up a new fence. Repairing fence posts may be less difficult than you think.

When Do You Need Wood Inserts For Vinyl Fence?

Wood inserts can provide extra sturdiness to your post and, thus, to your complete fence system if you install a new post.

Putting a wooden post into concrete, on the other hand, can produce problems inside your vinyl post without sufficient drainage. It serves as a sponge, speeding up the decay of the post. To avoid this problem, place compacted stone beneath the post.

If you replace a rotted wood insert in an existing post, hope remains. A fence post mender or a spike can offer new support and stability.

Ways To Remove Vinyl Fence Post

Dig-Out Posts Manually

Digging the earth from around the concrete foundation is the most popular method for removing resistant fence posts. You can accomplish this with just a basic shovel or spade and plenty of patience.

You may do a few things to make this task go more smoothly. Only remove the earth surrounding one face of the fence post while digging out fence posts by hand. You can then tip the post into the hole and lift it out by drilling deeper than the concrete’s base.

Use A Heavy-Duty Jack

Using a jack to pull the post directly out of the ground is a much easier yet more complicated approach for post removal. This method requires purchasing additional tools and materials, but it can save time and make a large task easier.

This method relies on a tall bumper or farm jack with a long lever to offer enough leverage. Avoid using a floor jack because the smaller wheels and flayed base can make lifting a post difficult.

You’ll need to connect the jack to the fence post in a method that permits you to raise it from the ground once you’ve found the perfect one. Operate the jack like lifting a car or other heavy object once properly connected or positioned under the post.

To conclude the task, use the jack to loosen the concrete base of the post enough to pull it out directly or place a pry bar underneath it.

If you’re having difficulties removing the posts, you can soften the ground by soaking it in water for an hour or two before attempting to remove them.

Hire Professionals With Advanced Machinery

The easiest way is to use machinery such as a digger or a loader to pull out stubborn fence posts. This is, however, the most expensive option, and not everyone can afford it. The most significant benefit of using machinery to pull posts is the speed and ease it can be accomplished.

Most posts can be easily lifted out of the ground with a digger, and if any need to be dug out, it saves time and effort. However, renting machinery on your own may be costly, and if you’re not careful, it can leave unattractive tracks in your yard or harm your grass.

Furthermore, it is simply impossible for a digger or loader to access a lot in some circumstances, such as when residences are close together.

Pull the posts gently if you decide to rent your equipment to complete the work. Concrete is extremely strong when compressed but quite delicate when pulled. Using too much power to pull it from the ground could result in cracked or fractured post footings.

These, in turn, will significantly impede the installation of new fence posts.


Most folks have old fence posts and panels that they need to remove before installing a new fence. Of course, if you’re not confident in completing the project and still want to repair the fence, you may always hire an expert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to cut the vinyl fence posts?

To cut the vinyl fence, it would be ideal to use a circular saw equipped with a fine-tooth blade.

How to enhance the look of vinyl fence posts?

Adding custom-made vinyl fence accessories is one of the best methods to enhance your vinyl fence’s aesthetic appeal. Over-the-panel hooks are great for hanging outdoor artwork, gardening tools, or LED lighting. Just ensure you get vinyl-specific hooks and hang things that won’t scratch or damage the fence panels.

What are the drawbacks of vinyl fence posts?

A vinyl fence’s inability to withstand inclement weather is one of its primary drawbacks.
Vinyl fences often develop mildew, unlike wood ones. Expense is another major obstacle to choosing vinyl for a fence.

Is it safe to install vinyl fence posts?

Whether you have young children or pets, vinyl fences are a great and safe fencing option because they do not break or splinter over time as their wood counterpart does.

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