How To Repair A Leaking Asbestos Roof?

How To Repair A Leaking Asbestos Roof?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 23, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

Repairing your asbestos roof yourself will save you time and money. You can fix your leaks yourself, whether you have a little asbestos garage or a large commercial asbestos roof with asbestos repair kits.

The process of repairing a leaky asbestos roof has never been easier. Here are some simple tips from dublin roofers on how to replace corroded bolts and washers, safely seal asbestos sheets, and repair leaky roof leaks.

Use High-Quality Coatings

In a simple two-step process, coatings give a permanent and extremely effective waterproofing solution. A Primer is used to encapsulate and bind all loose asbestos fibers and lichen. After that, a paint topcoat provides long-term protection and a waterproof, UV, and dirt-resistant roof that will last for many years.

When used together, the two components encase asbestos fibers and limit the danger of being released, which is reassuring for anyone who spends time beneath the roof.

Add A Metal Roof On An Old Roof

When sealants or localized repairs for asbestos cement roof damage aren’t an option, consider over-cladding, which involves placing a new roof on top of the old one. This is the next best procedure after coating for restoring asbestos roofs. In most cases, you’ll have to adhere to current building codes and add insulation to save money on heating.

Seal The Cracks

Asbestos sheets will disintegrate over time, which can result in leaks and water damage. This may result in cracks. Nobody wants to see their home and belongings ruined every time it rains. Many sealants aren’t long-lasting enough for long-term repairs, especially when the building is subjected to regular temperature variations.

As a result, many building owners end up back on the roof after repairs. You get a leak-proof patch that will halt the leak and protect your roof from the worst of the rain.

Replace The Old sheet

Traditionally, the old sheet can be removed and replaced with a fresh one. You can also utilize externally applied glass-reinforced plastic. This sheet provides a guaranteed replacement that will not deteriorate for up to fifty years. It’s also entirely waterproof, so there’s no need to treat it regularly.

Glass reinforced sheet is available in various colors, and because it is cold applied, it eliminates the health and safety issues associated with heat treatment.

Use Crack-Repairing Tape

Crack repair tape is a quick technique to stop leaks in asbestos cement roofing where cracks are visible, but not all tapes are the same. Although it may be tempting to use everyday materials, many are bitumen-based, which means they are susceptible to UV light and fracture readily in the cold.

Crack repairing tape is a low-cost but most effective and simple option, making it the first on your list and a must-have for any asbestos crack repair. With a simple-to-use repair kit, you’ll have everything you need to seal that crack.

Choose Roof Hole Repair Kit In An Emergency

You need a quick-acting product in an emergency. Again, several well-known products that promise to operate in water and cold should be approached with caution. To some extent, they do, but when your building’s integrity and weatherproofing are on the line, you need a more long-term answer.

For sure, we all don’t prefer to repair an already repaired roof. That’s why it’s better to consider the roof hole repair kit, especially in an emergency. Ideally, this kit involves all the essential tools you will surely need to fix your asbestos roof. Moreover, you can also follow the guidelines and instructions provided in the manual to use this kit efficiently.

Replace The Washers And Bolts

Bolt holes in your asbestos roof will ultimately expand, and UV exposure will corrode the washer, rendering it useless. Replace the washer and bolt, or seal the area with a flexible tape or coating.

The flexibility of crack repair tape is useful when replacing the washer and bolt isn’t a possibility due to poor roof access. To seal the bolt hole, you could use an emergency repair coating.

Leaks are prevented by completely sealing the bolt head, and your building is again protected from water damage. This is faster and less expensive than asbestos roof removal, and you still have the assurance of a watertight roof.

Unlike bitumen or acrylic-based solutions, the durable butyl rubber offers the resilience and flexibility needed for successful waterproofing. Get your kit today and protect your asbestos roof from the elements.

Clean And Clear The Skylights

Roof lights will gradually crack, leak and darken, allowing less natural light to enter. It’s feasible to repair with tape, but it’s not ideal and will further restrict light. Working on roof lights is dangerous, especially if they’re in asbestos roofs, thus replacing them is advised.

Another option is to clean and clear the skylights. This will significantly improve the lighting and is significantly less expensive than installing new skylights. It’s also less disruptive to your business and eliminates the need for roof repairs.

Final Verdict

The bolt Repair Kit is the solution if your asbestos roof bolts or fasteners are leaking. It includes a putty-like butyl tape to mold around the fasteners and ensures no gaps, as well as an extremely strong reinforced liquid rubber top finish to keep everything waterproof and protected.

The Repair from the inside Kit is the solution if you can’t go on the roof. It’s not a long-term fix, and professionals can’t guarantee it, but it’s something homeowners have asked for, and it should give you some time until you can get a thorough repair done. However, it’s always better to hire professionals as soon as possible to fix the asbestos roof.

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