How To Seal A Metal Roof?

How To Seal A Metal Roof?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 31, 2021
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

It sounds great when the rain falls on the tin or metal roof, but this water may damage unsealed flooring over time. It would be much easier to save the metal roof for a long time with an appropriate sealant, even in a rainy area. Ideally, you can also save replacement and maintenance costs with a properly sealed metal roof.

However, it’s a better option to think about sealing the roof in a dry or Fall season. The reason is that you have to put more than one coat of sealant on each metal sheet. Therefore, more time will require to dry all sheets completely.

No doubt, metal roofs are super affordable and excellent roofing options. Excitingly! This material also requires minimum maintenance as compared to other roofing options. It would be more beneficial to install the metal roof if you have a solar panel or power system.

However, metal roofs also need protection against weather conditions, especially rain. If the sheets are not sealed, the rainwater may stop on them and lead to rust. However, you also need to seal the metal roof to prevent leakage and moisture penetration.

If you don’t know how to seal the metal roof, you will do it yourself after reading this post. So, let’s start discussing the sealing method with few other considerations for the long life of the metal roofs.

Seal The Leaking Metal Roof

Undoubtedly, metal roofs are durable and long-lasting only if you have installed them correctly. Excitingly! You don’t need to maintain this material regularly because of its incredible infrastructure and properties. For sure, you can give your home a stylish and magical appearance with a metal roof.

The best thing is that you can choose this roofing material in any shape, size and texture of your choice.

Even if this material is highly durable, it will damage over time without a proper sealant. The main reason behind the damages for this type of roofing is environmental changes. Metal sheets will contract in the winter season and expand in the summer.

This contraction or expansion may create cracks in the sheets. For this, you have to fix the cracks immediately with the help of an appropriate sealant. You can seal the leaking roof yourself or also with the help of professionals.

It all depends on the leakage condition and also your budget. In this way, you can save the metal roof from vulnerable damages in the future.

Let’s begin fixing the leakage or rusting issues with proper sealing of metal roofs:

Inspect The Roof

We all know that navigating the main issue is the primary consideration even before sealing the metal roof. Sometimes, you don’t need to seal the complete roof from scratch. Therefore, it’s better to cover only the affected areas more carefully.

If you are going to seal the roof yourself, identify the main problem areas and panels. Ideally, it would be easy for all to save the metal panels from bending damages by installing the underlying wooden battens or decking boards.

Check For Gaps And Loose Screws

Before sealing the metal roof, inspect all the panels carefully to find out the gaps. Moreover, inspection will also help determine the loose screws that are the leading cause of leakage and moisture penetration. Moreover, check out for any missing metal parts because of a crack in the roofing.

Otherwise, applying the sealant on the loose screwed panels with gaps is useless and a waste of money.

Add New Screws

You don’t need to remove or move out all the screws for fixing and sealing the metal roof. It’s more than enough to remove the loose screws only and replace them with new ones. Make sure to use the aluminum screw nails.

Excitingly! You don’t need to screw the new nails with a drill. You can use a hammer simply to screw the nails. Moreover, you also have to remove the rusty nails if possible.

However, it’s better not to move out the rusty nails if it’s not possible. Otherwise, the forceful removal of rusty nails may lead to severe leakage and damages. Therefore, it’s better to protect that area by drilling a hole and screwing the galvanized steel screw.

Apply Metal Roofing Base Coat

Even a minor gap is more than enough to damage the metal roof. Therefore, you need to deal with the gaps immediately to fix and seal the roof appropriately. For this, you have to clean the roof from any debris, dust and rustic material.

Once you have cleaned the roof thoroughly, it’s time to apply a metal base coat on each metal panel. It will help to prevent the penetration of water from the gaps efficiently. Make sure to cover the gaps with the glass fabric after applying the first coat of sealant.

Later, you are all set to apply the urethane cement on the glass fabric-covered panels.

Use Urethane Cement For Sealing

After preparing and clearing the metal roof, you are all set to apply the urethane cement for quick fixtures against the leakage. Luckily! Urethane cement is a great and the most effective option to seal the gaps with more durability on the metal sheets.

Make sure to cover all the damaged areas with the glass membrane. Keep in mind to use the sealing cement according to the type of metal sheets.

If you cannot apply the cement correctly, it’s better to do it with the help of professionals. They will help to perform this step most efficiently and evenly to cover all the gaps and leaks. However, you can also do it yourself by starting in the right direction.

Final Verdict

In short, metal roof sealing or fixing is an effortless task if you do it rightly. For the appropriate sealing process, you can surely get many guidelines and instructions from the mentioned above points. Now, you decide to treat the leaking metal roof yourself or with the help of experts.

However, it would be beneficial to ask a professional for assistance, even to seal the metal roof yourself.

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