How To Squirrel Proof Your Roof

How To Squirrel Proof Your Roof
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: July 7, 2022
  • Updated On: August 21, 2023

From a distance, squirrels are amusing to observe. However, having them inside your home might not be quiet, especially on the rooftops. They move swiftly and create high-frequency noise to communicate, soon causing the orderly space to become chaotic.

To deter squirrels from jumping to the roof, trim tree branches close to the rooftop to leave a space between them. Predator guards should be used on tree trunks and around electrical poles, and cables and wires should be protected.

Blocking their path is the most efficient way to prevent squirrels from climbing onto your roof. Physical obstacles often prevent squirrels from ever getting close to your roof since even flying squirrels cannot fly.

Watch closely before you begin to learn how these squirrels get onto your roof. You can then select what course of action is most appropriate.

Why Do Squirrels Love To Live On The Roof?

Squirrels enjoy living on roofs because they love to live up from the ground, where they play and enjoy chewing on twigs and tree bark to keep their teeth clean. A safe spot for squirrels to play and avoid dangerous creatures like snakes is provided by rooftops in residential areas, just like trees.

There are many species of squirrel, including chipmunks, flying squirrels, and ground squirrels. The fur color of these squirrels varies, but the fox squirrel and the grey squirrel are the two most common varieties.

Even though they are attractive and furry, squirrels are known to be restless and can gnaw through almost anything, whether edible or not.

Steps To Get Squirrel Proof Your Roof

You must figure out how they are entering your home. Use an ultrasonic outdoor wildlife repellent to keep squirrels out of your yard.

Look From Where Squirrels Are Coming On The Roof

This must be observed above anything else. To figure out how the squirrel is climbing onto your roof, keep an eye out for it for a few days. To complete the task, you can install an exterior security camera since it’s likely that you won’t be keeping an eye on your house’s exterior all day.

You may then recognize the route they have been utilizing as their gateway. Fill the minor holes with wool in the foundation or other cracks in the house. After identifying the location from the camera clips or observing their behavior, you must independently verify the suspected route.

Squirrels typically climb onto your roof using overhanging trees as a ramp. Squirrels are experienced jumpers. But they are unable to jump from a great height.

Cut Excessive Trees Or Branches

Trimming the trees might be all needed to solve your squirrel issues. As you are surely aware, squirrels are skilled jumpers, making long tree limbs and branches their best friends when trying to access a roof.

Since flying squirrels can’t really fly, removing this access point can even halt them. While playing and loitering on your roof, squirrels may eat through to access your attic, where they can establish themselves at home.

Squirrels often build their nests in tree hollows during colder and on tree branches during warmer months.

Don’t Provide Them With Food

All living things like eating. Squirrels adore the aroma and appearance of food. Stop feeding the squirrels if you want to prevent a squirrel infestation near your home because they will eat almost everything.

You can tell them they can rely on you for food by feeding them. Make sure to get rid of all your trash as frequently as possible to prevent becoming their refuge. If you enjoy watching birds, you might put bird feeders about our property to draw in more of them. However, as you do this, you also draw in roving squirrels who enjoy eating seeds.

Install Squirrel Guards

Install a squirrel guard, typically used for poles holding bird feeders, if squirrels are utilizing any of your poles to climb onto your roof. As a result, the squirrels cannot ascend the pole to your roof.

Installing the squirrel guard at a specific height will ensure its effectiveness.

Seal All Entry Points

Squirrels are a knack for becoming friends with people and can enter buildings through cracks and vents to build their nests. No matter how small the room may look, make sure you mesh and seal all entry points to prevent them from making your home their home.

It is the most effective approach to stop them from entering your house to huddle in the warmth.

Install Outdoor Pest Repeller

Using this hands-free technique, you can keep wildlife and animals out of your garden and yard. With motion detection, the outdoor pest repeller scares away animals and wildlife from your yard by activating strobe lights and ultrasonic sound.

There comes a time when you must admit defeat and realize you have put in all your efforts. Calling a pest control company is your only recourse if the measures above fail to eliminate the squirrels in your house.

Bottom Line

Let’s say you are unable to control a squirrel infestation alone. If so, you can get a wildlife expert who handles pest control to assist you in chasing squirrels away or securely removing them from your property.

To prohibit animals from using areas you don’t want them to, you may also create locations that will aid in nesting.

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