How to Choose the Right Boiler Cover?

Boiler Breakdown
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: May 24, 2023
  • Updated On: May 24, 2023

If you happen to be a landlord or a homeowner then a boiler cover is something that you will need for safety reasons. With the likes of a Corgi Homeplan boiler breakdown cover, you will enjoy important benefits. Usually, a boiler cover’s warranty is covered by the company or the insurance but if your boiler cover had some pretty good years and it starts to look weary, its time to get a new one. In this blog, you will find out how to get the right boiler cover and the important benefits of boiler breakdown cover. 

How to Choose the Right Boiler Breakdown Cover? 

When making the selection of boiler covers for your needs, it is imperative to choose the cover that fits you the best. Here are some important tips for choosing the best plan for your boiler and situation.  

Choose the Most Comprehensive Plan 

Because you will be making payments to protect yourself in the event of an emergency, you should consider getting the maximum coverage for your price. Your boiler and central heating are there to offer you the peace of mind that comes with proper coverage. Some providers even offer coverage for the drainage system and pest control in their most comprehensive plans.  

Choose the option with free annual boiler service 

There are providers who will throw in a free annual service in their boiler coverage. This adds a virtually flawless operating system in the deal and should not be underestimated.

This free annual service can only be applied once a year but is well worth the small cost and can also be linked to the regular maintenance of the boiler. There are even those that will include an additional gas appliance checkup in that annual maintenance. This is beneficial because you will not need to pay the cost of other companies to check your appliances.  

Check the Number of Claims and Call-Out Charges  

Don’t expect anything less than unlimited call-outs and claims, this means you will be able to pay the claims without spending too much extra cash. 

Parts and labor 

If the boiler breaks down, there will also be the costs for parts and labor that must be included in the price. If you don’t have coverage for this, these costs will be paid out of pocket.  

Nationwide coverage 

It is always best if the provider provides nationwide coverage, this will allow you to benefit from your boiler cover no matter where you are. Just call for service and a technician will be sent promptly to your location. 

24/7 Service 

You should expect to get service any day any time including in the early morning on New Year’s if so needed. Make sure you have found a provider that offers this full-service plan.   

Alternatives To Boiler Breakdown Cover 

If you are not sure if boiler breakdown coverage is the best thing for your immediate needs, there are alternatives. 

Maintain your boiler regularly — a boiler in good functioning order will be far less likely to break down all of a sudden.  

Replace Your Existing Boiler — if you have had your boiler for some time now and it has begun to give you some trouble, it may be time to swap it out. Getting a new boiler may seem like a costly investment, but it will typically come with a strong warranty and will also contain modern energy-saving features that are especially beneficial.  


Boilers are an especially important appliance used across the world to provide homes with warm water. They can also power the central heating system that will keep the home warm enough for comfort in the dead of winter.

Warm water for cleaning and bathing is an especially pleasant part of our hygienic homes and making sure you have a powerful boiler is important to supporting all of these advantages.  

The boiler has a large responsibility in the house so it is very important to make sure that it is running effectively and efficiently at all times.

This is where a proper boiler cover can ensure you are not left in the cold wondering what to do next. Boiler breakdown can take time and it is important that you and your loved ones are not left in the cold while you are trying to figure out what to do next. Boiler covers work to ensure that your boilers are kept in good working condition at all times.

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