Increase Your Home’s Value with a Bathroom Remodel in Seattle WA

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  • Posted On: January 28, 2024
  • Updated On: January 28, 2024

How does bathroom remodeling increase the worth of your home? Well, remodeling or upgrading a bathroom is a fun time for your family however, it also enhances the beauty and value of your home. Make your bathroom a place you’ll feel proud to show to your guests. Surely, you’ll be shocked by seeing how a remodeled bathroom can evaluate your life with many benefits. 

While renovating your bathroom, you must consider many things for an excellent result. Here in this article, we’ll discuss the best bathroom remodel in Seattle WA, its benefits, and how it increases the value of your home. Moreover, which type of material you should select to remodel your bathroom, and budget for remodeling?

Bathroom remodel in Seattle WA with Bezrucuk

Are you looking for a bathroom remodel in Seattle WA then Bezrucuk, a general contractor in Seattle WA can do the best bathroom remodeling. Since 2014, Bezrucuk has been providing the best services for stunning bathrooms. They provide flawless management including initial design, securing permits, handling logistics, and actual construction. In Seattle WA, Bezrucuk delivers top-quality meticulous attention and craftsmanship.

They promise to elevate your bathroom into a haven of luxury by transforming them into chic, modern spaces. Their team transforms your dated bathroom into a modern one by elegant tubs, contemporary vanities, graceful showers, and mosaic tiles. 

Bathroom remodel services by Bezrucuk

At Bezrucuk, we recognise that bathroom remodeling is a multifaceted project that necessitates the expertise of qualified professionals. As a result, our team of skilled remodelers, architects, and designers is dedicated to delivering exceptional results on every job. Furthermore, we distinguish ourselves in Seattle WA by providing extensive updates and explanations at each stage of the remodeling, as well as outstanding customer service. 

In partnership with Seattle residents, Bezrucuk partners prioritized their bathroom aspirations. Furthermore, we believe in customizing renovations to improve your daily life, whether that means expanding the space or adding amenities such as heated flooring or premium showers. Ultimately, we want to transform your bathroom into a personalized area that is both functional and private. 

Plus, Bezrucuk offers the following service benefits:

Increase the home value with bathroom remodel in Seattle WA 

Deciding to redesign your bathroom is a big step. To prevent repeating processes in the future, it is critical to get it correctly the first time. As a result, choosing Bezrucuk ensures that your bathroom makeover will be of the highest quality. Our experience offers both immediate comfort and long-lasting value.

Homeowners in Seattle, WA who choose Bezrucuk for bathroom remodeling generally notice a considerable boost in the value of their house, with up to 80% of the renovation costs reflected in the home’s valuation.

Construction excellence

The construction phase of your Seattle WA bathroom begins under Bezrucuk’s watchful eye. Our process includes demolition, flooring, plumbing, electrical work, and finishing touches. Each stage is overseen by a dedicated project manager who is available at all times for any inquiries. We are committed to your complete happiness and strive to exceed your expectations while designing your dream bathroom.

Effectual procurement

Navigating the complications of a remodeling project is our specialty. Bezrucuk’s seasoned personnel handle everything, from acquiring licenses to selecting and ordering products. 

Our thorough approach ensures that your project runs well, is within budget, and meets deadlines. Our top priority is to provide a hassle-free experience while ensuring that every aspect fits with your vision.

Excellent designing

Bezrucuk’s in-house interior designers in Seattle, WA is dedicated to making your bathroom remodeling ideas a reality. We provide innovative, practical designs with experienced coaching at every stage. 

Our staff excels at creating inspiring concepts, detailed sketches, and realistic 3D renders that are suited to your exact requirements. This offers a seamless balance of function and style in your bathroom’s new look.

Best bathroom remodeling ideas & materials

Nevertheless, there are many options to remodel your bathroom. Some of them are mentioned here for your ease. With the help of these bathroom materials, you can elevate your bathroom luxurious.

Consider Functional needs

When remodeling a bathroom, always look for basic needs like space, light, ventilation, and water pressure. Further, consider the material that provides ease and durability. Generally, for traffic bathrooms, ceramic tiles are food to use. Other factors that you should consider are the placement of outlets, mirror position, and size, good vanities, and other fixtures of the bathroom.

Renovate the existing bathroom

Are you ready to redesign your complete bathroom? Old fixtures, worn tile, and inefficient layouts will be a thing of the past. Updating your bathroom can include converting a ¾ bath into a walk-in shower, installing a standalone tub, enhancing natural light, or replacing old fixtures with new ones. 

Change the bathroom into a bigger one 

You can make your bathroom bigger and primarily have more storage. If you want to expand your bathroom, typically looking for a bathroom remodel contractor. Bathroom extensions might leverage space from surrounding rooms or create more space with a dormer addition. Add functionality and flair to your bathroom with a careful redesign.

Add a walk-in shower

Do not use the bathtub. More and more homes are choosing huge walk-in showers instead. Everything boils down to personal preference. Walk-in showers are more attractive and easier to use than standard shower/tub combinations. 

Add a soaking tub

Nothing shouts luxury like a huge soaking tub so you can remodel your bathroom by adding a soaking tub. By having a soaking in your bathroom surely you can enjoy the ritual of taking a hot bath with your favorite glass of wine and a nice book.

Add heated bathroom floors

You must adore heated flooring in your bathrooms. Predominantly, they work by transporting heat through the floors via electrical cables or hot water pipes. Tile floors in a bathroom are ideal for radiant heat because they hold the heat even when the system is switched off. Normally, adding a heated floor in a small bathroom will cost approx. $1,500.

Replace cabinets

Typically replace the cabinets or countertops of the bathroom by remodeling them. It makes more sense to personalize the look with cabinetry and a custom-designed countertop. There are numerous possibilities based on your storage requirements and the size of your bathroom.

Custom bathroom tiles

Tile is undoubtedly the most straightforward way to make a statement in a bathroom. There are an infinite number of color sizes, forms, and pattern combinations for floor and wall tiles. 

Change the paint

Remodel your bathroom with the paints that usually complement your home. Try a soft white or grey color if you like neutral colors. Besides, paint your bathrooms with trendy paints of your preference.

Upgrade bathroom fixtures

Plumbing fixtures are an exciting opportunity to personalize a bathroom in unexpected ways. From opulent rain shower heads to stylish matte black faucets, there are several simple ways to make a space feel distinct and special. 


Consequently, you can increase the value of your home by remodeling the bathroom. Nonetheless, Bezrucuk provides the best services of bathroom remodel in Seattle WA. Their qualified team promises great management, design, and construction excellence. On the other hand, while renovating the bathroom, you must consider the functional needs. Simply, you can remodel your bathroom by adding soaking tubs, a walk-in shower, mosaic tiles, and paint, and adding aesthetic fixtures.

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