Interior Design Of A Home With Antique Collection

A beautiful interior of a room decorated with rare and expensive decoration pieces, perfect furniture, and many more
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: October 28, 2022
  • Updated On: July 11, 2023

The home is the optimal place to reflect personality and character. It is often said that houses tell so much about their inhabitants, which is why interior design is important for any residential space. Not only does it give off a certain image, but it also affects the lives of those in it.

Vintage items are one of the most effective ways to incorporate charm and character into a home. Additionally, they can even hold sentimental value that homeowners cherish dearly. However, it does not mean that simply displaying an antique or two will make a house look amazing. Instead, interior design principles and theories can help residents create a more cohesive space with their beloved classic pieces.

Stay True To The Time

Most antiques reflect the time they were in. If you have a whole collection and want it to blend well with your interior, consider shaping the interior design around that specific period.

For example, if your collection consists of items reflective of the 50s, then being consistent with that period will make designing around it easier. However, if you have several pieces from different eras, categorize them accordingly and keep them in defined, separate places. Maintaining a uniform look for each age will make a better statement and ease your interior design process.

Period Accent Pieces

Antique collections look fantastic on their own. However, there are ways for collectors to make them a better fit for their homes. Adding accent pieces instead of altering the arrangement is one method that helps incorporate vintage elements into a space. Do remember that placement is also vital if you are going to add similar decor.

Another neat thing about adding period accent pieces is that aside from accentuating your collection, they can also add to it. So, take note of this when purchasing new decor and furniture.

Impeccable Lighting

Make your collection look like the highlight of the house with incredible lighting. It might sound intimidating and expensive, but it takes little to emphasize your antiques properly. First, invest in fixtures and make sure they are positioned in ways where the light would hit your vintage items best.

It is also ideal if you can find similar installations reflective of the eras of your antiques. Consider the placement, intensity, and even the colors of the light for optimal results. Dim lighting around your pieces will also be great for adding emphasis.

Interior Design Courses

As an avid collector, you must already have substantial knowledge about your antiques. However, it may only sometimes translate into your design skills. For example, you can be an expert on your beloved figurines but need help with how to place them within your home. This is where an interior design course will come in handy.

Whether online or in traditional schools, interior design courses are always a worthy pursuit. You will be equipped with practical and profitable knowledge and will gain lifelong expertise and competency in that field. From there, you have the freedom to design your home and antiques excellently or even consider it a profession.

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