Interior House Painting Trends in Parramatta for 2023

Interior House Painting Trends
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 8, 2023
  • Updated On: November 8, 2023

Welcome homeowners! It’s time to look ahead at what will be hot in interior home painting in the Parramatta area for 2023. If you’re thinking of giving your rooms a fresh new look this year, get ready for some exciting and modern paint colors, textures, effects and styles.

As lead painter at Painters Parramatta, I see firsthand the interior design and decorating trends that are gaining popularity in local homes.

We routinely help homeowners repaint and transform their living spaces. Below, I’ll highlight some up-and-coming interior house painting trends you may want to consider when choosing interior paint colors and designs this year.

Natural, Organic Color Palettes

More and more, people are looking to bring calming, rejuvenating ambience into their homes. For 2023, expect to see many neutral, earthy and nature-inspired colors that create a relaxed yet cozy feel. Soft greens, warm taupes, creams, greys and whites are back in style and can make rooms feel welcoming.

Popular color combinations include pairing a very light “greige” (a blend of gray and beige) with a pale olive green for a soothing organic look. Or complementing warmer white and cream walls with touches of grayish blue and pale wood tones. The overall effect is subtler but still interesting.

Textured Accent Walls

Accent walls aren’t going anywhere soon, but the textures are getting more creative! Instead of basic painted feature walls, try:

  • Metallic paints that add a glam, reflective shimmer
  • Custom wallpaper murals for floral, geometric or scenic designs
  • Concrete-look laminate wall boards in gray tones
  • Faux brick or reclaimed wood panels for rustic charm
  • Textured wall stenciling techniques like Venetian plaster or mottled trowel plaster

These textured treatments create depth, visual interest and a feeling of sophistication. They work great as bold focal points balanced with more muted main wall colors.

Creative Painting Techniques

Homeowners are also getting more playful and artistic with DIY and custom paint techniques like:

Faux Finishes

  • Sponge painting or rag rolling for subtle mottled effects
  • Metallic glaze finishes like Venetian plaster
  • “Lime wash” technique to achieve a matte aged plaster look

Color Washing

  • Blending and layering translucent coats of color to produce a variable, shifting effect
  • Often done in light blue, green, pink and yellow tones

Ombre Walls

  • Dark to light color gradients, or vice versa
  • Done with angled paint rollers or airbrushing equipment

Don’t be afraid to add some flair with paint! Consult a pro painter if you need help designing or implementing any specialty technique.


Eco-friendly and natural paints are seeing a surge in popularity as people aim for healthier homes. Options include:

  • Milk paint – Made from milk protein, clay and earth pigments
  • Zero-VOC paints – No volatile organic compounds
  • Plant-based paints – Using ingredients like soy or linseed oil
  • Air-purifying paint – Contains agents that actively breakdown toxic compounds and pollutants

Greener paint choices provide peace of mind while still delivering rich hues and excellent coverage.

Bold Black Accents

For a dose of drama and elegance, consider incorporating jet black tones into your design! Ideas include:

  • Matte black cabinetry or built-ins
  • Black window sashes and door frames as striking outlines
  • Black accent walls or fireplace surrounds
  • Black metal finishes and hardware

Deeper onyx black and jet black shades pair beautifully with light walls, wood tones and metallics for seriously chic contrast.


What are the most popular wall colors right now?

Currently, light and airy neutral shades of white, gray, beige and green are most on-trend. Easy to coordinate neutrals provide a clean backdrop for accent colors and décor.

What kind of paint finish should I choose?

It depends on the room! Flat or matte finishes work for low-traffic areas and hide imperfections. Eggshell is classic and versatile. Satin or semi-gloss are more durable and cleanable choices for kitchens, baths and kids’ spaces.

How can I coordinate interior paint colors?

Start by choosing a main neutral wall color, then add complementary accent walls and trim colors. Echo accent colors through furnishings and decor details.

How do I prep my walls for painting?

Proper prep is crucial for great results! Fill holes, clean, sand glossy surfaces, repair flaws and peel any loose paint. Mask edges and trim and cover floors/furniture from drips and splatters too. Need help getting your home paint-ready? Our team at Painters Parramatta can handle all necessary prep work and painting tasks.

Well those are some of the interior painting trends we expect to see more of in Parramatta homes this year! For a personalized quote on your upcoming paint project, contact our friendly team of expert painters today. We serve all Parramatta suburbs and can’t wait to chat paint with you.

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