Is Bathroom Water Safe To Drink?

Is Bathroom Water Safe To Drink?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: August 16, 2021
  • Updated On: November 21, 2023

Most of us think that bathroom water and water in the other areas of our home are the same. However, there are many controversies over this debate.

No doubt, the water source is the same even in the bathroom, but the plumbing varies. That’s why if you are considering the bathroom water to drink, you should have to know the difference between bathroom water from other areas of your home.

It doesn’t mean that bathroom water is not healthy or safe for human beings. However, the different channelling sources will surely change the type of water. We have researched and compiled a few essential points in this article that will help the readers know more about bathroom water.

Keep in mind, plumbing condition of your bathroom water pipes will have a significant impact on the water quality and also your health.

You need to know the difference between bathroom water and water from other sources in your home. So, you can protect your health.

No doubt, it’s safe to drink water from your bathroom tap if the plumbing quality is higher and has no link with the drainage system. Otherwise, it would be terrible for your health to drink water from the bathroom tap.

If you are thirsty and tempting to drink water from your bathroom tap, read this article before taking a sip. We are here to guide you in our best way! So, let’s take a deep dive into this post for better considerations.

Drinking-Water From Bathroom Tap is Not A Healthy Activity

Well, most of us consider drinking water from the bathroom sink a common practice. But it’s not safe for your health, especially if you are doing it regularly. However, it’s okay to drink water one or two times from your bathroom, but only if the water is pure.

Otherwise, the chances for sickness are higher than you think. The bacteria or other contaminations in the tap water will impact your health negatively. Contaminated water poses significant health risks, as evidenced by cases like the Camp Lejeune water contamination lawsuit.

If you still want to use the bathroom water for drinking, installing the filters and plumbing pipes to minimize the bacteria and contaminations is better. It’s only essential to install these filters if you want to use the bathroom water more often to drink. Otherwise, there is no need to purify the bathroom water.

Why Don’t You Drink Bathroom Tap Water?

Drinking water from your bathroom tap is not an issue if you are doing it rarely. However, it won’t be a safe or healthy practice if you are doing it more often. Several reasons make the bathroom water unhealthy to drink. So, let’s take a look at a few valid reasons:

  • Bathroom water doesn’t treat appropriately like water in the kitchen or other areas.
  • The channelling source of water is different in the bathroom areas.
  • The plumbing pipe’s quality is not good in the bathrooms.
  • Lower pipe quality will lead to more contaminations and bacteria over time in bathroom water.
  • Same drainage and plumbing pipe sources or channels.

So, these are a few reasons to consider if you are thinking about drinking water from your bathroom tap. The water supply is entirely safe and based on higher-quality plumbing pipes in your bathroom; you should still prefer drinking water from your kitchen tap.

Read This Before Drinking Water From Shower

We all love to spend much time under showers, especially in the summer season. But it doesn’t mean that shower water in your bathroom is also safe to drink. No doubt, there is no hassle in drinking water from the shower. But it will indeed affect your health if the showerheads are dirty and full of build-up, including mould and spore.

That’s why it’s always a better and healthy decision to drink water from your kitchen sinks and pipes. If you still want to drink water from your bathroom taps and sinks, install the filtration systems. In this way, you can reduce the severity of contaminations and bacteria.

If you think drinking hot water coming out of your bathroom shower is safe, it’s not true. Even the hot water from the shower is not a healthy option to drink because of the higher activation of mildew and mould in the warm water. Moreover, you need to be more careful while drinking water from a shower with an old plumbing system.

How To Improve The Bathroom Water Quality?

No wonder the water is running in each pipe of your home is not the same, especially in the bathroom. No matter the quality of plumbing pipes and the overall filtration system attached with bathroom pipes, you cannot still consider this water to drink.

However, you can improve the quality of this water for other purposes such as showering and cleaning. Here are a few ways to enhance the bathroom water quality:

  • Clean the water storage tanks once a week or month.
  • Use water softeners to improve the water conditions for showering, especially if you suffer from sink disease or disorder.
  • Improve or repair the lead pipes in your bathroom and showering areas.
  • Clean the showerheads and taps for the build-ups of mould and mildew.
  • Stop the warm water supply in your bathroom when not needed and clean the boiler pipes at the end of each season.

Keep in mind that hot water has severe bacteria and contaminations and bacteria in it, especially if stored in the tank. If you are thirsty and tempting to drink water at midnight, it’s always a better choice to take a few sips of water from the cold tap instead of hot.

Wrap Up

In short, no matter the quality of plumbing pipes and overall watering system in your bathrooms, the bathroom water is still not safe to drink. Not only for human beings, but bathroom water with contaminations can also lead to serious health issues in pets.

No doubt, this water will not kill you. But harm your health and body in different unnoticeable aspects. That’s why it’s always the best option to drink water from the kitchen tap. Drink pure and save yourself from many health problems!

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