Is Buying A Condo A Good Investment Option?

Is Buying A Condo A Good Investment Option?
  • Author: Amanda Arnold
  • Posted On: November 16, 2022
  • Updated On: September 9, 2023

Condos make excellent investments. As they often require less upkeep, they are a fantastic choice for beginning investors who like a hands-off approach. To ensure you buy a condo that has been professionally kept, just as with other real estate investments, ensure you conduct your due research.

For extra money, many people look to investment homes. You can assist pay your mortgage or other obligations by having tenants pay you to rent on the properties you own each month. Condos are more cost-effective than single-family residences and require less direct care from owners.

However, because they naturally give their owners more room and freedom, traditional homes’ values rise more quickly than condos’ do. In either case, you’ll want to determine whether buying a condo is a wise use of your hard-earned money.

Before deciding to purchase one, what precisely do you need to know? To find it out, continue reading;

Is It Worth Investing In Condo?

Of course, yes! You don’t want to purchase a subpar, badly run one. The cheaper condo cost can help you breathe easier if you’ve just been stressed out by house hunting. One of the most expensive investments you could make is still purchasing a condominium.

However, a condo is often thousands of dollars less expensive than a single-family home. Condos are separately owned dwellings that are a part of a large apartment complex. They are sometimes confused with high-rise apartment buildings since they are typically found in high-rise structures, have a plan akin to a hotel, and resemble one.

Condos Benefits

The value of condos typically increases. Providing it doesn’t have wheels or originate from a trailer park applies to any piece of real estate. The value of a single-family home will often increase more quickly than a condo’s, so bear that in mind while deciding between one and a house.

Key Considerations Before Buying Or Renting A Condo

Are You Ready For The Investment?

You’ll be able to imagine possibilities in your head if you ask yourself if you are mentally prepared to invest.

One of the key elements of figuring out your current capacity to initiate action is looking at your financial condition and the aid you have access to.

Are You Ready To Take Care Of Your Property?

Invest in property

Similar to owning your primary property, investing in a condo requires dedication. You must maintain this characteristic. If you plan to rent it out, this implies that you will be giving your tenants access to your home and taking responsibility for any messes or damages that result.

You are accountable for getting things fixed if they break.

Estimate Your Finance

It is crucial to assess your financial condition thoroughly. To invest in this, there is no magic threshold you must reach. Numerous elements will influence it.

You can get a good notion of where you will need to feel comfortable by documenting and outlining the various components. Making money requires money, as usual.

Get Insight Value Of A Condo

You can learn a lot about the condo’s potential for sale by working with a real estate agent. This will give you a good understanding of the property’s current and potential value with some improvements.


Reselling the property is always possible if renting it out does not go as planned. The potential to sell the property for a profit depends on other units in the complex and condo comparable sales. When properties are listed, comps are considered and may affect the listing price.

What Makes A Condo Different From A Single House?

A condo is a unique living apartment within a multi-unit building, which is the main distinction between a condo and a house. On the other hand, houses are often standalone constructions separated from nearby homes by private land.

As well as various shared areas that connect the units and building amenities, condos frequently share walls with their next-door neighbors. Proprietors of condominiums are the legal owners of their units, not the buildings or land on which they are constructed.

Ownership of the home and the land it is constructed on is the norm for traditional homeowners. Though the price gap varies by region, condos are normally less expensive than residences. A condo may offer a more practical route to homeownership in an expensive area.

Does Buying A Condo Better Than Renting A Condo?

You might be considering purchasing a condo for various reasons, and the benefits and drawbacks of doing so will vary.

Increasing Value Of Property Over The Time

If you use a condo as your primary house, buying one can be a terrific investment. You’ll be accumulating equity instead of monthly rent with every mortgage payment. Condos require less upkeep as well.

As a result, they are a fantastic choice for first-time homebuyers. A condo investment has the added benefit of appreciating over time.

Generate Passive Income From An Owned Condo

A condo can be a terrific option if you’re looking to buy a home to use as a rental that will provide passive income. Investing in a condo is an excellent idea because it is simple to manage and offers high returns due to its ease of maintenance and smaller size.

The location, cost, and expected rent are the three most important considerations when purchasing a condo that you intend to rent out. Additionally, you should check to see if the condo’s rules prohibit renting the space.

Use A Condo As A Vacation Spot

A condo’s potential for price appreciation should be considered if you want to use it as a second home or holiday residence. The condo might have much potential to appreciate if it’s for a holiday home in a coastal location, making it a wise investment.

However, renting a condo is better than buying it if you want to use it as your second home.

Is It A Good Option To Buy A Condo As A Rental Property?

Research before investing in a condo or any other property to create and retain wealth. So that investing doesn’t prevent you from achieving your other financial objectives, the early financial milestones position you for success.

Purchasing a condo to utilize as a rental property wouldn’t be wise if you haven’t paid for your own home entirely in cash. Being burdened with a second mortgage is not worth it. You are prepared to purchase a condo as soon as that is resolved.

Rental Property

It makes sense to invest in local real estate when you’re initially starting. This will make it simpler for you to monitor it as you get expertise managing a rental property.

Selling A Condo Is Harder Than Selling A Home Or An Apartment

It may be challenging to distinguish your condo from your neighbors if they’re also seeking to sell their condo due to similarities between the units. Search for a condo with a desirable location within the complex to increase the likelihood that it will sell.

Generally speaking, the easier it will be to sell your unit, the more bedrooms it has. In addition to monthly mortgage payments, condos also have association fees. Consider the payments as membership dues as you belong to a community as a condo owner.

A homeowner association may charge fees from single-family house owners to cover the costs of shared amenities and services. Condo costs, however, are usually more expensive than standard HOA dues.

Single-family house owners typically take home maintenance independently, reducing the need for an HOA.

Benefits Of Investing In A Condo

  • Condos Require Less Maintenance

First-time homebuyers may be surprised by the effort and money needed to maintain a home. Because you are accountable for greater space, utility costs are higher in a single-family house than in a condo.

Like with apartments, tenants of condos contract out the extensive maintenance, while there is a cost involved; you won’t be required to shovel the driveway or pick up after a storm’s fallen branches.

Find out which costs are your responsibility by determining who is responsible for small repairs in your condo unit.

  • Condos Are Affordable

In general, buying a condo is less expensive than buying a house. Condominiums rarely or never receive maintenance. You can expect to have no grass or yard maintenance. It’s a fantastic benefit to be minimal maintenance.

Due to this, condos have drawn the attention of numerous investors. Condos cost less, and their homeowners’ insurance premiums are likewise lower. Owners of condominiums should only be covered for the interior of their residences by insurance.

  • High Amenities Mean More Charges

Unlike condos, homes lack various amenities, including security and swimming pools. There are frequent gyms and lots of communal places. Many investors think they can get away with asking for a higher rent because condos often have central locations in areas with higher population densities.


Being centrally positioned appeals to many renters because of how convenient it is. Many different types of condominiums are available, unlike what some may think, making them more appealing to tenants and buyers because there are so many options available.

Why Does Buying A Condo Not A Good Option?

  • High Association Fees

A condo may occasionally have a monthly charge that is subject to increase at any time. Remember that some of the features offered by condos need an association fee. To prevent frequent increases in common fees, you’ll want to ensure the condo complex or building has strong financial standing.

  • Strict Rental Rules And Regulations

If you’re used to investing in houses, you should be aware that condominiums frequently have rules and rental policies that you’ll need to follow. You should pay close attention to any guidelines governing rentals that might affect your ability to find tenants for your investment property.

  • Difficult To Sell A Condo

The market for buying and renting condos is relatively small. The ideal purchaser for a condo is somebody who is actively searching for one. Obtaining financing for condos can occasionally be a little more challenging.

Is Buying A Condo Near A Vacation Spot A Good Option?

If you purchase a condo close to a lake, beach, or popular tourist destination, you will always have a large pool of potential tenants. However, since you won’t have a single occupant living there but a rotating cast of renters, you’ll probably need to hire a management firm to take care of maintenance and office work.

The benefit is that you may charge more per guest than a condo with a single tenant would cost per month. You are also welcome to use the room whenever you choose. Although most condos increase in value over time, this sometimes happens at different rates than homes.

Condominiums are more common in metropolitan areas since they are less space-consuming than regular homes. Aside from being fashionable, urban life is frequently very useful as well. A convenient condo is simpler to locate than a home if you prefer a short commute to work or want to live affordably close to metropolitan hotspots.


Whether investing in condominiums will be worthwhile is not something that can be answered with a simple yes or no. Going all-in is worth considering if you decide that the acquisition and investment have real value.

It may be the best choice you’ve ever made for an investment to purchase a condo. There are several factors to consider whether you’re purchasing a condo for yourself or as a rental property.

With the aid of a real estate agent, lighten some of that burden. Realtors can assist you in locating the best ones in your area. Due to their small size, lower cost, and simpler maintenance, condos offer excellent investments.

If you’re starting with investment properties, purchasing a condo is the best option.

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