Kitchen Plumbing: 6 Common Problems And Solutions

The plumber repairs a boiler at the kitchen
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: November 8, 2022
  • Updated On: September 28, 2023

Homeowners will agree that one of the most frustrating issues they have to deal with is plumbing problems in the kitchen. The constant dripping of a leaky tap, the weird smells emanating from the drain, and lowered water pressure could be enough to send anyone running for the hills.

It could become incredibly irritating when the homeowner doesn’t have the necessary plumbing tools to attempt a temporary fix. However, some issues are too big to tackle alone, and residents need a professional for assistance.

With that said, here are some of the most common problems homeowners could face with their kitchen plumbing and a few solutions to help save the day:

Leaky Pipe Fittings

Many only realize that they have a plumbing problem when they see water dripping from the cabinet under the sink. This problem may be sometimes caused by leaky pipe fittings. These usually start as a minor problem with a few water droplets accumulating into a puddle in the cupboard, but could quickly escalate to a burst outflow.

As a result, homeowners will have to quickly contact a professional like a Bondi plumber or those around their area that are available for immediate response. If the leak isn’t that big, homeowners can start by tightening the joints or applying a sealant to prevent constant dripping.

Handsome plumber fixing sink pipe

Smiling handsome young plumber in cap lying on floor in kitchen and fixing sink pipe while home owner giving wrench to him

Clogged Sinks

Another of the top issues people will have with their kitchen is a clogged sink. Unfortunately, there are many reasons why a sink would clog up, the biggest one being items that homeowners try to flush down the kitchen sink that they should’ve thrown in the dustbin instead.

Plumbers always recommend removing any leftover food from the plates before washing them. Furthermore, they will advise residents to steer clear of items that don’t belong down the drain, like chemicals that could damage the pipes or rubber seals.

Dripping Kitchen Faucets

A dripping faucet in the kitchen is one of the most annoying things you can hear, especially at night when everything else seems dead quiet. Although some taps may only need tightening around the junctions of the fixture itself, others may need a total replacement of the rubber washers.

It may seem like an easy fix for someone with some DIY knowledge, but plumbing specialists will help at a nominal fee for those who need help. Should the homeowner have access to the internet, they could also search for how-to instructions to help them along.

Lowered Water Pressure

Water pressure issues are sometimes tricky to solve, especially when the homeowner has no idea why the pressure suddenly dropped after being fine. This being the case, homeowners can check the usual culprits like blockages, adjustments of the pressure-reducing valve, or check for leaks elsewhere in the plumbing system.

Luckily, the solution is usually relatively simple and easy to fix at home unless the water pressure in the area is a problem. In this case, homeowners should consider installing a pressure booster if they don’t know how to increase their water pressure.

Not Enough Hot Water

Getting into a hot shower is so enjoyable at the end of a long work day, but so is washing dishes in perfectly hot water in the kitchen sink. Usually, these two go hand in hand, as there may not be enough hot water left after someone uses the shower or vice versa. But with a growing family, this might not be the case.

Under those circumstances, homeowners should consider installing a larger water heater to keep up with the supply and demand of the home. Depending on the house’s size and the water heater the owner decides to install, the cost will vary for purchase and installation. It could thus be best to get a few quotes before deciding on the right one for the house.

Appliance Water Problems

Dishwashers, garbage disposals, fridges, and ice makers are common kitchen appliances that can be connected to a water outlet. Considering that they remain connected to a water line throughout the day, they are prone to have some issues sooner or later, specifically with leakages, clogging, and perishing of their rubber seals.

Other issues could include them becoming noisy or not wanting to drain as they should. As each appliance works differently, the homeowner should troubleshoot the issue by studying their user manuals, or if they can’t pinpoint the problem, contact a plumbing professional who can check the pipes connected to them.

To Conclude

Kitchen plumbing issues could be a headache for homeowners who don’t know how to approach them, but with the assistance of a professional, their troubles could be resolved in no time. Luckily, most of these plumbing problems have a quick solution and shouldn’t take up too much time and effort. If the process seems difficult, a professional plumber can always help.

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