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  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: January 11, 2023
  • Updated On: January 11, 2023

Keeping a pool design from scratch that looks modern and stylish takes a lot of work. If you need help knowing what can click, you can check Heintz Pool & Spa. In this article will help you think of a new style for your backyard pools that will be in trend.

Dream Destination

You can make your backyard a lush five-star resort, a stylish summer retreat, or a tropical oasis.

You can look online or on sites like Instagram or Pinterest to find the perfect dream destination. It’s important to consider colors, landscaping, glass, stone, tile, and other building materials.

Amazing Water Features

Add life by creating movement in your pool to avoid a flat design. Make a statement by choosing pool water features producing small waterfalls or fountains surrounded by:

  • Natural stone and plants (Traditional Holistic Style)
  • Bowls and Vases (Traditional Holistic Style)
  • Metal-looking pieces (Ar. Luis Barragan Inspired Pools)
  • Glass and Crystals (Contemporary Style)

Unconventional Colors

Pools that are black, white, gray, or blue are considered elegant and classic. You may stick with it because it works with everything.

But did you know that pool floors can have a unique look? A new way to show off pools is with bright or deep colors like red, orange, purple, and pink. One example is a private pool in Catalonia by Architect Ricardo Bofill.

A modern stained concrete pool deck is a natural finish to change up your backyard, along with pool paints and tiles. You can seal it and give it different textures to protect it from water and make it last longer. Check it out in

Mesmerizing Pool Lighting

LEDs are used more often now because they use less power, are brighter, and have a more comprehensive range of colors. Even if a blue or white painted or tiled pool is all you have, you can still add a pop of color using lights like neon pink, blue, and purple.

With underwater pool lights, you can make it look like a starry night. But underwater pool lights aren’t the only way. You can also put lights around the pool, such as in the following places:

  • Deck or patio
  • Patio covers, pool houses, Umbrellas
  • Sculptures, fountains, and other points of interest
  • Trees, shrubs, and plants, and downlight it to light up a larger area.

Round Pool And Curvy Shapes

Curves and roundness are often seen as signs of sophistication and sexiness. It is a bold and blending architectural statement because it fits in with nature but can still stand out. Not only does it look nice, but round pools give you more swimming space for less money.

Swim Jets

You don’t need a big yard to enjoy swimming pool lapses. Trends mean that everything is evolving, so there will be something for every budget and every backyard.

Even if you need more space for full-sized lanes, swim jets will make it easy for you to swim laps. So, you can stay home to work out.

If you don’t want to swim laps, don’t worry about it. You can turn the jets off and use your pool for fun instead of exercise.

Automatic Pool Cover

You must invest in an automated pool-covering system if you have enough funds. An automatic pool cover is a bang for a buck because it can reduce the chemicals you need to use, stop water from evaporating, and save money on heating costs.

It has high-grade aluminum and stainless steel, modern electronics, high-torque motors, and other high-quality, long-lasting materials and components. Also, they look very en vogue!

Throw A Trendy Pool Party

Pools are one of the main highlights of the outdoors of your home. If you still need help deciding which style to use, try mixing and matching classics with modern elements. Stay in style so your pool and backyard can look like a million bucks when you invite people over.

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