Mistakes to Avoid While Changing The Paint Color of Your Home

Mistakes to Avoid While Changing The Paint Color of Your Home
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: March 22, 2023
  • Updated On: March 22, 2023

Coloring your room is tricky yet rewarding. As the room color will stay in place for years, you must choose it wisely. But most of us end up making some of the simplest mistakes. Why not look at the mistakes to avoid while changing the paint color of your home?

First, we always choose the paint color in a rush. You must spend enough time comparing swatch pallets. Moreover, you must consider the ceiling color, which complements the wall color. Finally, avoid going for short-term trendy colors. Instead, go for one which will stay your favorite for a long time.

6 Mistakes to Avoid While Changing The Paint Color of Your Home

These are the rookie mistakes you might get into while changing the paint color of your home. Hence, to avoid these mistakes with a professional team Fagan painting LLC may come handy in such situations. Or looking through these mistakes can help you choose the right color for your home faster than ever. Let’s get right into it.

1. Not Going for Samples

Samples are the most efficient way to examine a specific color tone. Not using the samples is a huge mistake. Hence, you should utilize the samples to choose your preferred colors. You should watch the swatch palette and check how it looks at different times.

Plus, you should point out your favorite colored paint on the wall. Even when comparing different colors, don’t paint them next to one another. Instead, paint two colors side by side for real comparison. SureSwatch can help you better compare multiple paint colors in such cases.

2. Not Thinking About The Ceiling

We often don’t think about the ceiling while choosing the wall color. But it’s a mistake, and we should not get into it. Always try to keep the ceiling in mind. The ceiling color should be complementary to the wall color. Don’t choose any contrasting colors for the ceiling.

Choosing the ceiling color will help you to build a better ambiance in your room. On the other hand, bad ceiling color might spoil your coloring effort. Choosing the right color will give you a more diverse and cozy look than others. This is why you should consider ceiling color as well. Lighter ceiling colors are the most appropriate.

3. Not Taking Enough Time

You should always take enough time before sticking onto a paint color. Most of the time, we rush to make quick decisions on paint. It could be a more effective method as the colors look different depending on the weather. You should take at least a few days to weeks to check out the colors.

Make sure you choose the color which looks great all the time. The color should not get a dull hue in cloudy weather. Making these secure will provide you with great interior space.

4. Adding More Colors In A Room

We often try to make our room look as colorful as possible. But you should always stick to one or two colors for a room. Plus, most of us tend to go for brighter colors. Hence, it might look good initially but could be overwhelming for our eyes in the long run.

Moreover, don’t experiment with room color with multiple paints. Instead, you could decorate your room interior to add more color. Even if you want to have colorful furniture, it should complement the wall color as well. It would make sure your room has proper balance in look.

5. Not Securing The Paint Can

While changing the paint color, we often open our paint can. It’s not a safe thing to do, as paint can contain different sorts of chemicals. Plus, you need to keep the paint far away from children and pets in your house. Hence, when painting, be prepared, or you could hire a qualified painting contractor.

You might pull out the paint can if left open during the painting process. This is why you must watch out for your paint can and place it in a safe spot. Most of all, place it anywhere but on the top of your wardrobe to avoid spilling paint all over.

6. Don’t Go For New Trends

No matter how crazy the new color gets into the trend of interior design, avoid it at all costs. The wall color of your room should be one which makes you relaxed. Don’t hop into trendy colors which might not feel good for a long time.

As a painting, a wall is a time-consuming and costly task, always choosing the colors for the long term. Make sure you are comfortable with the wall color and it’s noted for years to come. Instead, you could experiment with trendy furniture to make your room interior a bit trendy.


These are the mistakes to avoid while changing the paint color of your home. Don’t fall into these traps at any cost. Make sure you paint the room with the color you like the most. It should be calming to the eye and looks modern at the same time.

Hence, take proper time before deciding upon a specific color. In case you are not sure which one is best, have a chat with your designer friend. Or you might contact a professional interior designer.


How To Fix Painting Mistakes On Walls?

First, you need to sand the area with a painting mistake. Afterward, clean the area with a brush. Then prime the following area and repaint it with proper paint in the right process.

Can You Paint At Night Interiors?

No, you should never paint at night. In fact, avoid painting even under lower light conditions. Instead, start the painting process during the day with brighter lights. The painting area should be filled with bright lighting as it helps you avoid painting mistakes.

What To Do When A Painter Uses Wrong Paint?

When the painter has used the wrong paint, you only have to repaint it. Might be a costly step but you must do it right away. There’s no other option to go for. This is why you must choose the perfect painter or do it by yourself.

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