Mortise lock cylinder: Enhancing security and style

Mortise lock cylinder
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: August 26, 2023
  • Updated On: August 26, 2023

In an effort to enhance home security, people are usually left with two choices – cylindrical and mortise locks. The comparison between the two is as fascinating as it could be. Mortise locks are known for their robust design, durability and strength. These locks are also known engine locks or motorlås. They make an excellent choice for exterior doors and houses in high-traffic areas. 

Cylindrical locks are easy to install and pocket-friendly as well. They are most suitable for interior doors. Cylindrical locks are preferred due to accessibility, convenience and low cost whereas mortise locks provide much better protection. 

The ultimate choice is a subject to individual needs and preferences. In this blog, our discussion will be limited to only mortise locks. 

Important Considerations When Buying Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are crucial for your home’s security, especially for the entrance door because it is the first line of defence. A good mortise lock must have two important qualities – convenience of use and durability. When choosing one particular lock, always consider essential qualities such as, strength, ease of installation, handle design and style etc. 

Strength is most important when buying a mortise lock. These locks are available in a range of metals. There is also a plastic variant. Metal locks are stronger and more durable whereas plastic variants are lightweight. Security is paramount importance and you should choose a lock accordingly. If your house is in a crime-prone area, invest in an extra secure lock to have peace of mind. 

Another significant aspect is installation process. DIY enthusiasts may not like to call in a professional but you need expertise and specific tools to do the work. For a secure installation, a professional’s intervention is necessary. 

Motorlås are stylish. They can complement the aesthetics of your living space. There are plenty of designs and you may get spoilt for a choice. There are traditional latch types, lever handles and modern styles. A visually interesting look that seamlessly blends with your interior gives a magical makeover of your home’s appeal. 

Handle design has nothing to do with security, at least directly. However, it has an impact on a lock’s daily utility. Choose a handle that is easy to use and feels comfortable. A frustration-free experience with a lock handle is important, especially if you have elderly people and/or children in your family. 

Assessing the right balance between ease of use, strength, handle design, durability and style is most important. Prioritize security but also embrace elegance and convenience. You can  turn your home into a fortress with top-notch mortise locks. With thorough search and research, you can get the perfect mortise locks that will ensure both safety and beauty for your lovely nest. 

Final Words

Mortise locks are also called exterior door locks because they are mostly used on main entrance doors. They are integral to every household, safeguarding you and your family as well as your cherished belongings. With great aesthetics, they can elevate the character and charm of your interior in a no-fuss way. Be wise when buying a mortise lock that looks great and also makes your house impregnable for intruders.  

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Author: Fazal Umer

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