Our Team

Comprised of some massively competent and diligent team players, Our employees leave no stone unturned to enrich your online reading experience at constructionhow.com. If you would like to know these individuals a little further, please refer below.

Editorial Director


Inducted in the Construction How team in 2021 as an associate director, Areeba Akbar soon outdid her role and ascended to the position of Editorial director.Although she is post-graduated In Software Engineering, Areeba found her passion in writing, chiefly in the niche of home development. Drawing on her extensive experience in the field and her professional exposure to international publications, she has an unmatched reserve of tips and tricks to offer for landscaping and remodeling. Read more


Editor in Chief

Farhan Khan has been serving as the editor in chief at Construction How since early 2020. He is an avid reader and a Civil Engineer by profession. As a slick team member, Khan has taken the viability of our overall product to new heights. Although as a chief editor his responsibilities are vast and varied, his writing in the department of construction is our most-prized asset. Read More

Mohsin Khan

Senior Editor

Mohsin Khan has been associated with Construction How since 2020 as a senior editor. Having a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design, a Master’s degree in Construction Management and extensive experience in web writing, Khan’s collective expertise is one of a kind for Construction How, an amalgam of which gives birth to some of the most successful articles on this blog. Read More


With more than 8 years of hands-on experience in the construction industry, Fazal Umer is the most seasoned professional in our team, currently positioned as an editor. Umer is a Construction Manager and has been part of Construction How family since August 2020. Having a firm grasp over the intricacies of the industry, he has been delivering content that actually speaks volumes. Read more

Mahtab Idrees

Associate Editor

Mahtab Idrees is an architect and has been serving as an associate editor at Construction How since its inception. Mahtab has been a part of some highly successful building design projects. She has a keen interest in writing too and at Construction How she gets to overlap both ends of her most polished skills, producing reliable and engaging content. Read more


Associate Editor

Inza Naeem joined our team at ConstructionHow as an Associate Editor in December 2022. She is a civil engineer by profession and a passionate content writer. Her domain of expertise entails the construction sector, home improvement and real estate.  Read more



Associate Editor

Samra Shah joined Construction How in 2022 as an Associate Editor. At Construction How, her primary area of expertise is Real Estate. She has had hands-on experience in the industry through their real estate family business. Additionally, Samra has broadened her comprehension and intermediate skills in home improvement and lifestyle and thus satisfactorily addresses topics pertinent to these niches. Read more


Mahwish Habib is a graduate in Graphic Designing and has a master’s degree in Interior Architecture. She has been a part of our team since mid 2021. The topics of her blogposts are as vast as her educational spectrum. Having proven and tested knowledge in arts and design, Mahwish brings value-laden and sleek yet simple solutions to your everyday home improvement and reparation needs. Read more