Outdoor beautifying tips: 15 quick tips to improve your deck for a beautiful, long-lasting finish

Outdoor beautifying tips

If you are looking to improve your decking area and enhance its appearance, then look no further! We have compiled 15 ways you can do so, with options to suit all different types of homeowners, whether you are a family on a budget looking to bring back life to your existing decking or a couple who want to upgrade their decking for parties and gatherings. Here are our quick tips on improving your decking area:


An easy way to improve your decking is by simply adding lighting to the decking to add functionality and aesthetic value. Lighting ensures you can use your decking day or night and creates a serene atmosphere perfect for relaxation in your garden space.

Add a pergola

Many customers add a pergola for shade and cover in their outdoor areas. Not only will this help your decking to look more beautiful, but it will make it last longer, as it will protect your decking from the sun’s UV rays, which reduces fading and, therefore, will retain the aesthetic of your decking boards for longer.

Add furniture

Simply adding furniture to your decking can help to create a fresh, new space to enjoy. If you want to update your decking, you can either buy new furniture to complement the space or can upholster old furniture to save money. Ensure when adding any furniture to your composite decking, you use rubber feet on any furniture legs to protect the decking surface from any damage.

Thorough clean

Sometimes all that is needed to improve your decking and ensure a long-lasting finish is a deep clean to rejuvenate the boards. Dirt and debris can build up over time on your decking, which ultimately alters not only the appearance of your decking but also its structural integrity.

Cleaning composite usually only requires warm, soapy water and a soft bristle brush. Be sure to brush in the direction of the grain of the board to reduce the chance of altering the board’s appearance.

Stain your decking

Although not recommended by most composite suppliers, some customers choose to stain their composite decking to increase its lifespan and even restore its colour and appearance. It is important to note that when doing so, you must check to see if this will void your warranty.

There are many stains available on the market. Therefore, you will have to ensure the one you are using is compatible with composite. We strongly recommend testing any stain on a small, inconspicuous area or a sample to avoid causing damage to the entirety of your decking.

Hot tub

A perfect way to improve your decking area is by adding a hot tub to your space, which can be utilised all year round with friends and family. Composite decking is perfect for a hot tub, as it is more resistant to moisture than other materials such as wood, meaning it won’t warp or rot when exposed to water.

Additionally, as composite is durable, it can withstand more weight than wooden decking. It is important to ensure your composite is capped to get the most resistance against moisture and, therefore, a longer lifespan from the area.

Fire pit

Additionally, a popular way customers improve their decking is by adding the feature of a firepit. A firepit is perfect for creating a space you can entertain in and enjoy with family and friends. There are many fire pits available on the market which can specifically suit your decking areas, such as fire pits in tables or free-standing bowls, or even chimneys.


Another option when aiming to improve your decking is by adding balustrades. Usually, customers add balustrades for safety on raised decking.

However, balustrades not only provide practicality but can be a beautiful addition to any decking. Whether you are choosing to separate areas of your decking or just create a more finished appearance, you can choose from various materials of balustrade such as glass or composite.


Adding planters with flowers or vegetables is a grey way to increase the aesthetic value of your decking. With beautiful flowers, you can naturally add colour to the area and help your decking to blend with the surrounding environment.

You can even use composite planters to ensure a longer lifespan or just use traditional timber or even flower pots. This is a simple way to enhance your space and give it a more homely and comfortable feel.

Bird Box

Planting more flowers isn’t the only way to bring life back to your garden or decking area. Adding a bird box will not only add aesthetic value but also entice wildlife to visit your area and can create a more serene space. If you are a DIYer, you can create a bird box from leftover composite decking, which reduces waste, is better for the environment and gets the most out of your money.

Add steps

One way to improve your decking is to add steps to provide functionality and improve the aesthetic. Stairs come in many various options, which can be chosen to best suit the surrounding area. Some stair options include L-shaped, spiral and bifurcated.

Steps can be added to give dimension to the decking and even be built into the earth, creating a flush walkway providing a modern appearance.

Multi Level decking

A great way to add dimension to your decking and give the illusion of a larger decking is creating depth through multi level decking. This can be achieved in various designs, and we recommend researching the options available when considering multi level decking in your garden.

Add a seating area

Making a specific area, such as a sofa area for entertainment, can easily enhance your decking and give a more modern appearance to the area.

You can choose a sofa that complements any existing furniture you may have in your garden or opt for new colour schemes to alter the feel of the space. This will also ensure you are more likely to utilise the decking more frequently if you have a designated area to relax with family and friends.

Replace boards

As composite is usually fitted with a hidden fastening system rather than screwing the boards down for ease of installation, you could simply replace your existing boards with new ones. Not only can you do this to replace any damaged boards but to change colours, creating contrasting patterns throughout the decking.

Add trims

You can choose to add trims to your decking to provide a more finished look and cover the edges of your decking boards. No matter the pattern you have chosen to lay your decking boards, you can choose a trim that is of contrasting colours to alter the aesthetic of the decking.

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