Places to pay your attention to as a real estate investor: Turkey

Places to pay your attention to as a real estate investor
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: May 8, 2023
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

Every business ride on the power of information. If you do not stay informed, you may as well stay out of business. The same applies to real estate. If you are familiar with the trend, you will notice that areas which are hotcakes three–five years ago have now become crowded and less desirable, and the places that used to bear profit are beginning to dwindle in earnings.

According to, correct information can help you make seasoned investment decisions and drive profits over a specific period.

What are the hottest locations for investment in Turkey for 2023


The top on this list is Alanya, home to Cleopatra beach, the Dim Cave, the famous Alanya Shipyard, and a host of many other historical places. There are so many superb locations in Alanya that it is difficult to pinpoint which of the areas attracts the highest number of tourists. In all, it is noteworthy that Alanya is one of the best locations for real estate investment in Turkey due to the high level of entrants and investments developing in the area.

Tourists are attracted to the location due to its historical relevance and the various lovely places for relaxation and hangouts. Alanya gives a great feel of authentic Turkish origin; the ottoman era, the era of the Sultans, and many thousands of years before.

Migrants also find Alanya a lovely location due to the reasonability and affordability of life there. Furthermore, there are many jobs and improved investments in the city. Popular employers in Alanya include Toroslar construction, AEC Limited, the Elite group, etc.

Hottest new units to invest in Alanya city 

A new developer in Alanya, Turkey, provides property units of various kinds in the Yekta home complexes. There are offerings in four significant skyscrapers developments taking place within the city. These include the

  • The Yekta Trade centre, which is one of the largest in the city, although now primarily sold out.
  • The Yekta Sungate residence with quite several apartments open for sale in the tower
  • The pinnacle Yekta Kingdom Premium with about seven hundred and twenty units and is one of the highest/ tallest structures in the area.
  • The Yekta Blue residences IV and V.

This blog post would be incomplete without discussing other hot areas for investment in Turkey – Part of which is Istanbul.

Investing in Istanbul

An investment in Istanbul is one of the surest ways to place your money in the property market in Turkey. As Turkey’s commercial hub/ capital, there is a constant increase in demand for properties. Istanbul likewise has some of the most modern units. The only challenge about life in Istanbul that people often complain about is how crowded it is as people flock in and out of the city. You will agree that in itself is good news for property investors.

Here are some reasons that count

  • Istanbul has many Turkey heritage sites and tourist attraction centres. This means there will be constant movement in and out of the city. The famous Hagia Sophia and the Blue Mosque attract thousands of visitors annually. Let alone other sites, such as the Galata Tower, the Miniaturk, the Bosphorus bridge, etc., cause city traffic. These historic hotspots guarantee that properties purchased in the area will have constant visitors.
  • Istanbul is likewise the ex-pat centre in Turkey. It is the most populous of Turkey’s cities with the highest expatriate population, with about one and a half million ex-pats settling in the town alone. The thing about ex-pats and luxury apartments is that they patronise this category of properties a lot, so turnover is inevitable.
  • Lastly, real estate in Istanbul is always accentuating; being the capital hub, many businesses, expatriates and economic activities continue to take place daily, and that causes an improvement in the creation of wealth, many of which will be invested in a shelter.

Investing in Istanbul is an old trend that will always continue because the city is a honey spot with many attractions, job opportunities, a fair and decent life at a reasonable cost and quite open to all walks of people (Although Muslims are the majority). 

Investor tips for the two cities mentioned

A piece of expert advice for you as an intending investor is to preview the reputation of your investor before you place money into any project, be it a complete, partial, or developing project. A good name is an assurance of quality and durability, a crucial factor in real estate.

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