Problems with your LPG Refill delivery in Lockdown

Problems with your LPG Refill delivery in Lockdown

The COVID-19 pandemic has not spared a single business in the world. It has stopped all business activities across the world. Cooking gas delivery businesses have also faced the hit of the coronavirus pandemic.

Moreover, the demand for cooking gas delivery has hiked during the lockdown as people are unable to step out of their homes. So they are unable to buy gas cylinders by themselves. This has created the issues of oversupply and mismanagement for the cooking gas delivery businesses.

In this blog, we will look at the crucial issues faced by cooking gas delivery businesses in detail. Also, we will discuss with you how Gasswift’s cooking delivery solution can help you to keep your business going.

Which are the critical issues for getting cooking gas during the lockdown?

The cooking gas delivery markets are also experiencing the issues of oversupply and a big slash in the prices due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This has made the gas delivery markets volatile. Due to this volatility, several critical issues have created for the gas delivery businesses that are as follows:

1.   Panic Buying

During the lockdown, people are unable to go out of their homes. So they have started purchasing cylinders after the announcement of lockdown. Due to this, cooking gas cylinders went out of stock. Thus, people were suffering from a shortage of cooking gas.

2.   Lack of empty cylinders

Due to panic buying, no extra empty cylinders were remaining with the cooking gas delivery operators. Consumers who booked LPG cylinders in a panic fearing the stocks will get finished due to the lockdown are unable to take the delivery of booked cylinders as they do not have empty cylinders.

Problems with your LPG Refill delivery in Lockdown

3.   Social distancing

In the times of COVID-19, governments across the world have imposed lockdowns in their countries to save the citizens from the pandemic. Due to social distancing norms, people are unable to go out of their homes to purchase daily necessities. Also, they are unable to contact the gas delivery company to refill their gas cylinders.

4.   Limited offering

Traditional LPG businesses can deliver gas cylinders only. Due to this, they miss the chance to grow profits as they cannot operate in another niche. Furthermore, all the production units get closed down during the times of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, you may have to close down the business due to the unavailability of stock.

How Gasswift’s advanced cooking gas delivery solution can help you?

COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed everything. If you are still doing your business in the same old way then it is time to change. For this, you need to switch to Gasswift’s on-demand cooking gas delivery software that can skyrocket your profits. Gasswift’s on-demand cooking gas delivery app assists you to capture the demand based on the smart algorithm created by the expert developers and the planning of the solution in real-time.

Here are some more benefits that Gasswift’s on-demand cooking gas delivery solution can provide you:

1.   Constant supply of cooking gas

In the case of traditional LPG delivery, the gas cylinders get delivered within a week or it may extend up to 15 days too. But with Gasswift’s on-demand cooking gas delivery solution, you can make doorstep delivery of cylinders within 24-48 hours.

Moreover, you will get a consistent supply of gas as you are getting the delivery in a minimal time. Also, you do not get short of gas as you can order enough supply beforehand.

2.   Tracks your delivery in real-time

Real-time tracking is an important feature of a cooking gas delivery solution. This feature enables the admin to track the live status of the gas delivery such as ongoing, pending, completed, canceled, etc. Also, the admin can track the live location of the driver from here. Moreover, the admin can know the estimated time for delivery by using this feature.

3.   Integration of contactless payments

Payment integration is a crucial thing that you should consider while developing an on-demand cooking gas delivery system. You should provide a safe and secure payment gateway to the customers so that they can’t be a victim of some financial fraud.

So for better payment security, you can think of integrating contactless payment methods such as credit card, debit card, or mobile wallet into your on-demand cooking gas delivery solution.

Moreover, these contactless payment methods allow you to avoid touch while accepting payments from customers.

4.   Allow you to offer accessories

When you deliver cooking gas traditionally, then you can only just get limited to the cylinder delivery. However, if you use Gasswift’s advanced on-demand delivery solution for cooking gas delivery, you can also offer accessories to the customer. These accessories can consist of a cylinder pipe, cylinder stand, and gas nob.

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