Rack Repair Safety Tips for Warehouse Storage

Rack Repair Safety Tips for Warehouse Storage
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: July 18, 2021
  • Updated On: July 4, 2023

There are fewer than 30 warehouse fatalities in the U.S. per year. It’s not surprising given the various hazards in this setting.

However, most of these are preventable when observing proper warehouse safety tips. Many managers downplay the need for immediate action to hazards. It’s often due to various reasons, like meeting urgent goals, avoiding more expenses, and preventing operational disruptions.

It results in worker injuries and even fatalities. At best, it leads to higher costs due to damaged products and rack deterioration.

To prevent these, look into rack repair as soon as possible. Read on for some tips on rack repair safety.

Explore Rack Repair Solutions

The easiest option is to get a rack repair kit and replace the damaged part(s) with it. You can finish the job in less than a day, minimizing the disruption to your business operations.

Alternatively, you can hire a company to customize the repairs. It’s the better option when kits can’t repair the damage to your racks.

When shopping for kits, consider the difference between upright and slanted repair kits. The former has straight legs while the latter has legs slanting inwards. It gives more room for your forklifts to navigate, minimizing future damages.

Hire an Inspector

Rack Repair Safety Tips for Warehouse Storage

Some companies offer customized kits tailored to the specific measurements of your racks, their capacity, and color. They’ll send a specialist to inspect your site to get these details.

Whatever the case, hiring an inspector to assess the damage is a good decision. It helps you find out the best repair option for you.

Get a Professional Installer

You also need certified experts to install the kit for you. They’ll have to lift the rack, cut away the damaged portions, and install the new parts. All these steps require professional knowledge to do them the right way.

Remember, you want the job to finish the soonest possible time most cheaply. You can only achieve this through professionals. Even if they cost more at the start, they can ensure you won’t spend more on the same problem in the future.

Protect Your New Racks

Ensure you minimize the frequency of repairs in the future by observing warehouse safety tips. First, make sure to anchor your racks to the floor for stability. Even if an accidental bump occurs, it prevents collapse and failure.

Use rack safety accessories since you can’t ignore human error even from the most seasoned forklift operator. A single forklift accident can cause the whole warehouse to collapse. Protect your racks against accidents through guardrails, rack guards, column protectors, and more.

Create a safer environment and train your employees. Discuss warehouse safety topics to ensure they’re mindful of their usage of the racks.

Get the Best Rack Repair Option for You

Many services offer rack repair on-site, meaning you won’t have to worry about logistics and downtime. In some cases, you don’t even have to unload the rack.

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