The Red Flags That Tell When You Need to Replace Your Old Kitchen Units With New Ones

replace your old kitchen units
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: June 22, 2023
  • Updated On: October 31, 2023

Kitchen cabinets top the list of the most integral features in this room, both from an aesthetic and functional point of view.

Besides being the components that shape the kitchen’s layout and establish how other elements will be arranged around them, they’re also the pieces of furniture suffering the most wear and tear in your home.

Because they’re exposed to different damaging factors, like heat, steam, water, and condensation, they’re also more prone to deteriorating and decaying than other pieces of furniture that are better preserved.

Replacing kitchen units when they show excessive wear, appear swollen, or could complement the layout better is any homeowner’s dream. However, achieving it may come with a hefty price tag and several days spent on kitchen installation, meaning that more factors should be weighed before determining that it’s time to get rid of the existing cabinetry. 

When is it high time you invested in a new set of units? Obviously, there is no clear-cut answer to this question. There are only some crucial signs, among which some may be overlooked, that tell you that your kitchen could invest in new cabinets in the cooking room.

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It may decrease your home’s selling price

There comes a point in many homeowners’ lives when the inevitable thought of increasing the selling price of their homes pops into their minds.

Regardless of whether you’re preparing to put it on the market for rental or to leave it to your children, several modifications can benefit you in the long term if you increase its selling price.

In light of this, investing in new cabinetry is the best you can do to get the top value when the selling time comes because the cooking space is among the places that draw the most attention from potential home buyers. Consequently, kitchen cabinetry in lousy condition can scare visitors away or harm the negotiation process

Kitchens selling the best these days are low-maintenance and functional, making it easy to conduct everyday tasks and reducing the burden of taking care of the space.

Additionally, they look modern and elegant, blending style with simplicity to complement the owner’s sense of style and the kitchen’s design. Kitchen design trends constantly change with the ever-developing customer demands and preferences.

Still, the most sought-after features just enumerated remain on top of their lists, meaning that your home’s price may benefit from a well-thought investment in new cabinetry if the other signs tell so. Suppose you want to tick low-maintenance, style, and functionality off the list.

In that case, you can count on a new set of shaker kitchen units to add value and beauty to an outdated kitchen, whether you want a complete overhaul or just changing these pieces of furniture.

Some of the most common triggers that make homeowners invest in new kitchen cabinetry are selling it for a higher price and having a strong position in negotiating when they’re putting it on the market. 

The model is outdated 

Indeed, some traditional kitchen units secure a beautiful appearance long after being installed, staying in trend for years down the road. These take cues from those before them, represented by quality materials and sturdy assembling.

On the other hand, other models can go outmoded in the blink of an eye, as different designs outplay them in terms of functionality, style, and customer preference.

For instance, there was a time when retro cabinetry was all the rage. However, shaker design is stealing the spotlight today and is expected to remain in style for years to come, given its versatility and sleek look.

This calls for sound reasoning before purchasing a set of kitchen units that are hyped up at the respective moment but doesn’t guarantee it will continue to be stylish a decade from now. 

Kitchen units present excessive wear

Even the most insignificant mishaps can wear down your kitchen’s cabinetry when regular usage adds to the equation. Regardless of how high quality the purchase is, kitchen units eventually decay when they’re subjected to a lot of wear and tear.

In this regard, changing the whole cabinetry is a great solution. However, you may modify the cabinetry’s doors if your budget doesn’t cover similar expenditures. 

You can push on the sides of the kitchen unit walls to determine whether the units can be fixed or thrown out. If they appear soft, it may be a sign that repair isn’t the solution, as you can’t install new hinges or re-drill new holes if the cabinet carcases are falling apart. 

Also, hiding structural flaws or significant damage isn’t the most achievable endeavour. Installing new countertops or cabinet doors may be difficult as the framework may lack the strength to support them. You are eventually left with two options: waste effort and time on failing repairs or get new kitchen cabinetry.

Their performance is poor 

Do you ever find yourself fuming as you can’t reach the back of your cabinets due to their poor construction? Or do you have drawers and doors that slam against each other when used? For instance, a door may collide with another or open unproperly when used without crashing with appliances or other doors.

Probably one of the most frustrating and nerve-wracking aspects of a kitchen is the poor functioning of the kitchen doors you use regularly. Needless to say, replacing the doors may not be sufficient in this situation. To fix the issue entirely, you may still need to find the time and disposition to engage in a complete kitchen cabinetry overhaul. 

Changing the kitchen cabinetry can prove very rewarding in the short- and long-term, giving a new face to your kitchen that may boost your house’s selling price, as well as your mood when entering the room.

Mould, water damage and unpleasant smells are the most common factors behind homeowners’ decision to sell their homes, which shouldn’t pass under the radar for you either, so make sure you’re weighing the decision thoroughly.

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Author: Fazal Umer

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