Scaffolding in 2023: What are the challenges?

  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: February 20, 2023
  • Updated On: February 20, 2023

Ever since humankind learned how to build structures, scaffolding has existed in one form or the other. Whether it’s the Pyramid of Giza, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, or Burj Khalifa in Dubai, every structure higher than a single storey requires scaffolding.

Today, things are pretty simple; you can hire a scaffolding specialist for your projects online with a few clicks. But as the construction industry is growing and engineers and architects are pushing the boundaries of man-made structures, some unforeseen challenges are arising.

Here we explore the challenges of scaffolding in 2023 from the perspective of a scaffolding specialist.

Tightening of safety regulations

The safety of scaffolders and scaffold users has always been a challenge. Even when clients look for scaffolding hire in Colchester, they inquire about their safety practices. Safety regulations are constantly tightened to prevent accidents, raising several scaffolding challenges.

Every scaffolding specialist must keep one of the regulations in mind: advanced side protection on the best scaffold. While there are existing safety standards like the English HSE, they could be more business-friendly economically.

Information management at scale

Suppose your home needs renovation, and you hire a builder for scaffolding. For the project, the information about building the scaffold must be shared between labour to ensure that work is carried out safely.

Now if the project is large scale involving hundreds of workers and tonnes of material, a lot of information will need sharing. A challenge for any scaffolding specialist is to make information available as quickly as possible to everyone involved in the project in real time.

Shortage of skilled workers

While the construction industry is booming, the number of skilled labourers is decreasing at a different rate. Increasingly, scaffolders need more personnel to keep up with the orders.

Therefore, like most other industries, one of the biggest challenges for scaffolding in 2023 is the availability of skilled and unskilled workers. A solution is to introduce measures to retain workers while attracting new talent.

Rising raw material prices

The UK’s pandemic and current political situation are resulting in a rise in raw material prices. It has also caused severe turbulence in logistics. Rising costs threaten their sustainability because the scaffolding industry requires steel and aluminium more than any other construction sector.

Also, the problem with logistics is forcing scaffolders to increase the costs of their services. Finding a quality scaffolding hire in Colchester at affordable rates is challenging.

Many contractors are facing this challenge by replacing the purchase of materials with scaffold rentals. Investment in scaffolding material is dropping, which is why scaffolding manufacturers are trying to find alternative materials they can source for a lower price.


The scaffolding industry is facing some unprecedented challenges in 2023. Scaffolders’ survival depends on flexibility in their services and finding ways to lower the cost of operations for sustainable growth.

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Author: Fazal Umer

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