Security Best Practices for Large Scale Construction Projects

Security Best Practices for Large Scale Construction Projects
  • Author: Mohsin Khan
  • Posted On: August 23, 2022
  • Updated On: July 10, 2023

When involved in a large scale project, it is vital that security measures are in place for everyone involved and that all facilities are secured. When it comes to construction projects, this is even more of a prevalent issue, as supplies and materials are required to be left unattended for periods of time.

While this may sound worrying, there are valuable ways in which you can prevent major security risks. In this article, we will detail those practices while providing you with all the necessary information you need to know when conducting a large scale construction project.

The best types of security

The best types of security you can use range from cloud-based security and physical measures that can be enhanced by using cyber providers. You could easily use all of these practices to produce a fully secure work environment, but choosing a couple that fits in with your work model will also work. Below we will cover these options;

Integrate cloud-based video and access control systems

There is no disputing that access control systems are a fundamental part of any security system, but integrating these measures with cloud-based video footage will reinforce the security that is already in place.

In addition, you can use this integrated system to verify identities that are requesting on-site entry, which will, in turn, prevent vandalism and theft.

Cloud-based video security is easily controllable and accessible for security or property managers, allowing oversight on who requests on-site entry. This data will be available to view in real-time and will be automatically backed up should it be necessary to review any activity.

Mobile phone-oriented security management

Leading on from the last point on cloud-based security being accessible, this also means that security managers will be able to use their mobile devices to pursue security activities. Mobile-oriented security is the future of security systems due to the real-time updates that are triggered through the cloud-based system.

From here, security managers can deny or grant access and assess footage if a problem seems to be arising. If an emergency occurs, the cloud-based security will have triggers in place that will notify those with cloud access.

Automated video analytics

To add another depth to video security, finding a feature such as AI enabled analytics is advisable. AI can help recognize identities and make data automation more efficient, gathering real-time results.

When AI has recognized the identity in question, the business can act upon this and grant or deny access to certain rooms or buildings. The main benefit of AI is that it delivers the ability to detect and predict anomalies in data more accurately than with standard video surveillance practices.

Restricting access to high-risk areas

When working on a large-scale construction project, it is guaranteed that some parts of the site will hold more classified information than others. In this case, further security measures should be put in place to prevent unauthorized access to these areas.

Using a door access control system that utilizes technology such as RFID door locks is a suitable method for restricting access. RFID systems work by entrants having credentials, such as a fob, to gain access to the restricted zone.

To make this an even quicker process, RFID door lock access systems can even come with a mobile app that will allow the door reader to recognize your employees’ devices, whether in their hands or their pocket. Talk about efficiency!

However, one thing you should take into account when using many RFID systems in one place is that there could be some signal confusion, or users could trigger doors by walking past them.

To eliminate these risks, it is best to ensure that all RFID systems are a sufficient distance apart from each other and to let your team know not to walk close to doors if they aren’t entering them to guarantee fewer safety breaches.

Other ways that you can improve security measures on large construction projects

  • Ensure all areas of the construction site are well lit, so cameras and on-site staff can visibly see if any suspicious activity is occurring.
  • Integrate biometrics within your access control systems to guarantee that only authorized individuals are able to gain entry to the premises.
  • Ensure all doorways/entry points are secured with high grade locking systems that cannot be tampered with.
  • Make sure to keep a log of all entrants, whether this is done through physical or digital measures, and optimize and automate processes where possible to reduce human error. Facility management or maintenance software allows facilities managers to optimize the value of buildings and assets through automating equipment work orders and service requests and extending equipment health. Utilizing innovative software will also help streamline workflows and improve project management by connecting property maintenance teams, vendors, security teams and managers on a single platform, plus increase budget visibility and reduce risk.


To summarize, using any of these security practices will enhance the safety of any large construction project, which will, in turn, reduce losses and liabilities.

As this article is tailored toward large projects, practices such as door lock access will likely have to be used multiple times in different areas to prevent unauthorized individuals from making their way on site.

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