Should You Buy or Build a House?

When asked what they wish to achieve in life; more than 90% of people respond with “I want to have my own home” This is an indication enough how owning a house is a lifelong dream for so many of us. The emotional security, tax benefits, privacy, solid investment and most importantly, control or independence that your own house offers is unmatched!


There are several factors that need to be taken into consideration when you finally have the means to have your own house. Location, price, market trends, property taxes, opportunities, features and relevance with your needs are just to name a few. The most important thing to decide when it comes to owning a house is whether you should buy one or build it!

This is a dilemma that most people run through and we would say there is no one answer. The choice is completely subjective. Then how do you determine which one you should go for if none is better than the other? You get acquainted with the pros and cons! This will help you identify what suits your requirements the best and help you decide whether You Buy or Build a House.

So; without further delay; let’s dive into the world of owning a house – Buying v/s Building

Let’s begin with the most commonly preferred option-Buying a house.

Buying a house

Buying a house is something that is done by the majority of people. The major reason for this being the convenience and costs. There are several advantages that come with buying a house and of course, these are supplemented by the disadvantages. So, let’s look at some pros and cons.


1] Move-in-condition

If you are having time constraints, then buying a house is what you must go for. You might have a job transfer or the school of your child might be commencing which puts you on a tight schedule. At such times, you can’t keep waiting till your house gets built from scratch. This is where buying a house is the most feasible option.

2] Costs and budgets

Even though superficially; ready to buy house prices might sound more expensive than land prices; remember building a house is not solely buying the land. There are many more additional costs that will be incurred when you build your own house, which makes buying a house cheaper. Additionally, loans for buying a home are less risky and require a lower down payment, making it overall an affordable option. A realtor can help you find a house that suits your budget so you don’t have to face financial strain. Their accurate home value estimator will help you plan your budget accordingly.

3] Closer to urban locations

Most houses are made in the heart of the city, which makes access to locations of interest very convenient. Finding barren land to build a house in such locations can be tricky, choosing a built house can let you get a home at your desired location.


1] Stress of buying a house

Buying a house is not as easy as it used to be in the olden times. Finding the right house in today’s immensely competitive market, planning a visit, negotiating and all processes of getting a house are very complicated.

2] Compromise on home style

No matter how hard you try; despite the wide availability, you cannot really find a home that perfectly reflects your taste. You will have to compromise on the style of the house while sometimes having to struggle with maintenance issues.

However, these drawbacks of buying a house can be dealt with by hiring an experienced realty service that knows the ins and outs of the process. Since they will be updated with the recent listings and know your needs, they can find you a house that greatly matches your requirements.

Building a house


1] Complete customization

Building your own house gives you complete control. You can lay out the entire foundation and work on its design from scratch; thereby getting complete customization. If you are very particular and adamant about your choices, you must build your own home.

2] Less competition

Unlike ready-houses; lands face lower competition since they are away from the prime areas. Additionally, maintenance costs are low and you get a healthier home.


1] More expensive

Land loans can be difficult to avail and building a house from scratch will require extensive funds. You also need to be prepared for unexpected costs to crop up and delays with the project.

2] More time and effort

Building a home is much more complex than simply buying a house and moving in. You will have to be voluntarily involved in the process, give your time and put in the effort. You’ll have to make decisions, connect with people from time to time, and will spend quite a while building the house of your dreams.

Now that we have covered the most prominent pros and cons of both the alternatives- Buying and Building a house; we hope you have a clearer idea about what suits your needs. In the end, the decision will boil down to your own unique preferences. So, think well and choose!

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