Decluttering Made Easy: Smart Self Storage Solution for Homeowners

  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: January 10, 2024
  • Updated On: January 10, 2024

With property prices on the rise, many people are downsizing or choosing smaller homes. As a result, homeowners often find themselves grappling with the challenge of clutter. Whether it’s accumulated possessions, seasonal items, or sentimental belongings, the need for storage solutions is ever present. Fortunately, the rise of smart self-storage offers a convenient and practical way for homeowners to declutter their living spaces. Let’s explore the benefits of smart self-storage and provide actionable tips to make decluttering easy! 

Make the most of your living space

Home is where the heart is, but it’s also where all of your belongings are making space a hot commodity. Self storage allows homeowners to reclaim valuable square footage by providing an external space for items that are not used daily. Bulky furniture, rarely used appliances or other odds and ends can be kept in a storage unit giving you more space in your home. 

Seasonal items

Christmas decorations, snow shovels, pool toys – some things are only useful at certain times of the year. Smart self storage is an ideal solution for stowing away things that you won’t need until next season. By seamlessly rotating your belongings in and out of storage, you can ensure that your living spaces are always tailored to the current season. This will allow your living space to remain decluttered and functional for day to day living. 

It’s sentimental

We all have belongings with sentimental value that we may not want to part with but struggle to find space for. Oftentimes we are forced to get rid of these to free up some space. Self storage provides a secure and climate controlled environment for these cherished items, preserving their condition and allowing you to hold onto precious memories without sacrificing the organization of your living space.

Effortless moving

The process of moving house can be a logistical nightmare, but storing belongings elsewhere can help make it less difficult. Instead of rushing through decisions about what to keep, donate, or throw away, you can temporarily store items in a secure location. This allows for a more thoughtful and organized approach to decluttering, reducing stress during the moving process. It is important that you come back to it though!

Self storage is beneficial in many ways and is an easy solution to space or organization issues. Let’s look at some practical tips to help you find the best storage solution for your needs. 

Evaluate your needs

Do a stock take of all of your belongings and identify items that can be stored. Then it is best to categorize them based on frequency of use. This assessment will guide you in selecting the appropriate size for your storage unit and streamline the decluttering process. It will also give you an idea of how best to pack your unit.

Location, Location, Location

When choosing a self-storage facility, prioritize convenience. Look out for nearby storage units to take the hassle out of accessing yours. Opt for a location that is easily accessible from your home or workplace. Proximity ensures that accessing your stored items is a quick and hassle-free process, making it more likely that you’ll maintain an organized and functional storage space.

Size matters

Selecting the right storage unit size is crucial. Choose a unit that accommodates your current needs with a little room for future additions. Many storage facilities offer expert guidance to help you determine the optimal size based on the items you want to store.

Packing supplies

Ensure that your belongings are well protected by investing in high quality packing materials and taking care when you pack your things. Strong boxes, bubble wrap, and good quality tape will ensure that your items remain intact during their time in storage. You’ll also want to make sure your things are properly labeled so that things are easy to find and your unit can remain organized. 


When you organize your unit, put a system in place to make it easy to find things you need later. Group similar items together and create clear pathways for easy access. Shelves and racks can also help maximize vertical space. Keeping an inventory list or using labels ensures that you can quickly locate what you need when the time comes.

Self storage allows homeowners to effectively manage their belongings and create a happy and clean living space. Whether you’re looking to downsize, move, or merely enjoy a more organized home, embracing self storage is a good step towards a clutter free living environment. These practical tips will help you take control of your living space. 

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