Stunning Advancements in Backyard Spas and Water Installations

Backyard Spas
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 24, 2023
  • Updated On: November 24, 2023

When it comes to modern outdoor living, backyard spas are an excellent choice. And when you consider the many benefits they offer, it’s easy to see why:

  • Relieves stress
  • Relaxes the body and mind
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Adds aesthetic beauty to your home
  • Have therapeutic properties

With all these benefits, you’d think that owning a personal spa is a luxury only reserved for the rich and wealthy. Thanks to modern technology, owning a luxurious backyard spa is easier—and more environmentally friendly than ever. 

Tech advancements have made it possible for anyone to own a personal spa and even monitor and control the tub remotely. We’ll explore these stunning innovations and share design ideas for your modern backyard spa. 

The Latest Tech Trends in Outdoor Spa Design

Technology has revolutionized virtually every industry, and its impact on outdoor pools and spas is nothing short of remarkable. Here are the newest tech innovations in outdoor spas.

1. Smart Hot Tub

Modern tubs come with various innovative features that create a luxurious spa experience. From LED illumination and hydrotherapy jets to luxurious seats and ergonomic designs, you’ll experience the true healing power of hot tub hydrotherapy.

Modern hot tubs also feature the Jacuzzi SmartTub System that takes your spa experience to a new level. With the SmartTub system, you can use your smartphone to adjust essential settings, such as temperature and energy efficiency, and save big on your electric bills.

2. Smart Lighting

Smart lighting gives your outdoor spa a cool vibe and vibrant look expected of a modern outdoor living space. Thanks to cutting-edge technological advancements, you can customize the LED lights in your spa to match your home décor or your desired outdoor color schemes. And with the help of a smartphone, you can manage your spa’s lighting from anywhere.

3. Smart Ceiling Fan

Wi-Fi-enabled smart ceiling fans are wonderful cooling mechanisms to add to a hot tub or backyard spa. These fans help keep your face cool, even if your body is soaking in 100-105°F water. Controlled via smartphone, these gadgets also help keep mosquitoes and bugs at bay.

4. Spa Auto Cleaning Tech

You’ve probably seen those robotic vacuums that travel through a room and keep the floors pristine. Well, there are similar tools for your backyard spa. Robotic pressure spa cleaners can help keep your backyard spa clean and improve your pool’s filtration system.

Design Tips for Your Modern Backyard Spa

Without further ado, here’s what you can add to make your spa look modern.

1. Lots of Greenery

The ultimate backyard oasis isn’t complete without an abundance of nature. Don’t know what plants to include or how to do it? A landscaper can help. These professionals design, create, and maintain outdoor spaces and can give your backyard a new, fresh look.

Part of their job description includes site analysis and design.

Based on the site analysis, they’ll design a plan that includes the layout of your spa, including the placement of plants and water features. Next, they use a landscaping design contract template to create a landscaping contract that includes all the services that will be done.

The landscaper will add waterfalls, a flower garden, a wooden hot tub surround, and other elements to make your backyard look beautiful and inviting.

2. A Stylish Lounge Area

With more and more people spending the better part of their day at home, having a complete outdoor living space is crucial. Along with a smart hot tub installation, having a stylish lounge area and patio seating will give your backyard the contemporary look you desire.

3. Stone or Wooden Surround

Spice up the look of your spa with a stone or wooden surround around your backyard hot tub. For added style and safety, add LED lighting to stairs, edges, and corners.

Wrapping Up

All these tech advancements and developments in outdoor spas are making it easier and more convenient to own a personal spa. Technology has also made incorporating color and décor into an outdoor spa possible, so your spa flows harmoniously with whatever style and design you’ve established.

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