The Importance of Noise Control in the Workplace

The Importance of Noise Control in the Workplace
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: July 18, 2021
  • Updated On: July 4, 2023

Title – The Importance of Noise Control in the Workplace

SEO Title – The Importance of Noise Control in the Workplace

SEO Description – It is incredibly important to protect yourself and your employees in the workplace. Here is a guide to the importance of noise control in certain work settings.

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In America, one in eight people have some form of hearing loss, and 2 percent of people have hearing loss they would consider disabling. Our ears are uniquely delicate in that often times we damage them without even realizing it. Some people live in a world so noisy, that they don’t even realize when dangerous decibel levels have been released.

On certain job sites — especially those in an industrial workplace and the construction industry — noise control is extremely important. It could mean the difference between healthy, happy workers, and workers who have to take time off due to serious physical damage.

If you have concerns about noise control in the workplace, this article will give you a brief guide.

What is Noise Control?

Noise control in the workplace refers to a series of practices you can set up to reduce the risk of hearing loss among your employees. Noise can’t be limited completely, so you can call it “volume control” if that’s more convenient to you, or even “hearing loss prevention”.

A Matter of Education

In the world of noise control, knowledge is power. The first step to preventing hearing damage is to let your employees know the risk they are at. Loud noises of 70 decibels and above can cause hearing damage over a long period of time, although the threshold for pain is much higher.

Get out a decibel reader and show your employees just how loud various aspects of their workplace can get. This will teach them to recognize when dangerous levels are being reached. They’ll learn when they need to get away from something loud.

Distribute hearing protection such as hearing protection, and earplugs. Your employees may choose to get custom earplugs made. However, it should be noted that store-bought disposable earplugs are extremely effective; if used properly, they mold to the shape of the ear.

Taking Action

If you can, try to reduce your decibel rating by using low noise tools. Limit the noise that your employees are exposed to; perhaps you can only keep one employee close to loud noise for a certain amount of hours per day before swapping them out.

If you can, set up a sound-proof breakroom for lunch hour. A great way to do this is by investing in sound-proof fiberglass panels and ceiling baffles. has several great options for noise reduction; your employees will thank you in the future when their ears are still intact.

Take Control of Your Employees Safety

Noise control is extremely important in creating a safe and happy workplace. Your employees might think they can stand long amounts of time because the noise doesn’t hurt them; they might not realize they can do damage to themselves either way.

Focus on educating yourself and your employees on hearing loss, and take action to create a quiet workplace.

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