The Perfect Holiday Home Improvement Guide

The Perfect Holiday Home Improvement Guide
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: November 29, 2023
  • Updated On: November 29, 2023

The holiday season often inspires homeowners to give their living spaces a festive makeover. Home improvement projects, small or extensive, can breathe new life into your home for holiday gatherings and celebrations.

Nonetheless, most homeowners avoid undertaking renovations due to the costs involved. However, the cost of home remodeling varies significantly depending on the project type and scope. For instance, in Arlington Heights, the cost for bathroom remodeling can range from $4,400 to $21,402, illustrating the wide spectrum of investment required for such endeavors. 

Understanding these cost variations is crucial in planning a successful home improvement project that aligns with your financial and aesthetic goals. This guide will provide you with essential tips to ensure your holiday home improvement project is both satisfying and cost-effective.

Hiring the Right Professionals 

Researching Qualified Remodelers

The foundation of a successful home improvement project is finding the right professional for the job. Start by researching qualified remodelers in your area, paying special attention to those with experience in the specific type of remodel you are planning.

Online reviews, customer testimonials, and portfolios of past work can provide valuable insights into the quality and reliability of their services. For instance, when considering bathroom remodeling in Arlington Heights, look for remodelers who are not only experienced but also familiar with local building codes and regulations.

Evaluating Remodelers

Choosing the right bathroom remodeling company in Arlington Heights involves more than comparing costs.

Evaluate their communication style, professionalism, and the quality of materials they use—schedule consultations to discuss your vision and gauge their understanding and enthusiasm for the project. A reputable company will offer valuable suggestions and show a willingness to work within your budget while maintaining high-quality standards.

Understanding Contracts and Services

Before finalizing your choice, thoroughly understand the contract and the services offered. Ensure that all aspects of the project, including timelines, payment schedules, and the scope of work, are clearly outlined in the contract. 

Setting a Realistic Budget

Estimating Costs

Setting a realistic budget is one of the most critical steps in planning your home improvement project. Start by getting a clear idea of the average costs for the remodel you’re considering.

For example, if you’re in Arlington Heights, research the average costs for bathroom remodeling in the area. Gather quotes from several contractors to get a sense of the price range and what you can expect in terms of service and quality.

Allocating Funds for Unexpected Expenses

It’s wise to allocate a portion of your budget for unexpected expenses. Unforeseen issues often arise during remodeling projects, such as structural surprises behind walls or outdated wiring that needs updating. Having a contingency fund, typically 10-20% of your total budget, can provide peace of mind and prevent financial strain.

Cost-saving Tips

To make the most of your budget, consider cost-saving tips like repurposing existing materials or choosing mid-range rather than high-end fixtures and finishes. Be strategic about where to splurge and where to save.

For example, investing in a high-quality faucet can add a touch of luxury to your bathroom without a significant increase in cost. Additionally, some aspects of the project might be suitable for DIY, which can also help reduce expenses.

Thoroughly Planning the Design

Visualizing the End Goal

A clear vision of your desired outcome is essential for a successful remodel. Visualize how you want your space to look and function once the project is complete. Consider aspects like the layout, color scheme, and type of fixtures and finishes.

Create a mood board or use design software to help articulate your ideas more clearly. This step will guide your decisions throughout the remodeling process and help communicate your vision to your contractor.

Seeking Inspiration

Finding inspiration for your project can come from various sources. Browse home improvement magazines, visit showrooms, or explore online platforms like Pinterest. Pay attention to designs that resonate with your style and the functionality you need.

Collect images, samples, and notes that can be shared with your designer or contractor to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Consulting with Design Experts

If you’re unsure about your design choices or want to ensure a professional touch, consider consulting with a design expert. They can help refine your ideas and suggest options that you might not have considered. A designer can also help balance aesthetics with functionality, ensuring that your remodeled space is not only beautiful but also practical for your everyday needs.

Timely Completion of Projects

Setting a Schedule

For any home improvement project, especially during the holiday season, setting a realistic schedule is crucial. Start by discussing the timeline for each phase of the project with your contractor.

Ensure the schedule aligns with your holiday plans, allowing you to enjoy your newly remodeled space when it matters most—factor in buffer time for any unforeseen delays, which are not uncommon in construction projects.

Working with Contractors on Deadlines

Effective communication with your contractor about deadlines is key. Regular check-ins can help keep the project on track. Make sure your contractor understands the importance of completing the project in time for the holidays. Clear communication regarding the project’s progress and any changes in the schedule can help manage expectations and reduce stress.

Dealing with Delays

In the event of delays, having a plan in place can save you from last-minute chaos. It may include having an alternative space ready for holiday festivities if the project area is not ready.

Always keep a positive and flexible attitude, as some delays are beyond your control. Remember, the goal is a successful remodel, not just a speedy one.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Improvements

Choosing Eco-friendly Materials

Incorporating sustainable and eco-friendly materials in your remodeling project is not only good for the environment but also for your health and wallet in the long run.

Explore options like recycled or renewable materials, low-VOC paints, and energy-efficient lighting. These choices can reduce your home’s carbon footprint and may also lead to savings on utility bills.

Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Consider including energy-efficient upgrades in your remodeling plan, and this could mean installing energy-efficient windows, upgrading to a more efficient heating system, or adding insulation to reduce energy loss. Not only do these improvements align with sustainable living, but they also enhance the comfort and value of your home.

Long-term Benefits of Sustainable Choices

Making eco-friendly choices in your home improvement project can offer long-term benefits. These include reduced energy costs, improved indoor air quality, and potentially higher resale value. Sustainable improvements reflect a responsible choice that benefits both the present and future.

Preparing Your Home for Post-Remodeling

Cleaning and Maintenance Post-Remodeling

Once the remodeling work is complete, the next step is to clean and prepare your home for the holiday season. Post-construction cleaning can be extensive, from dusting and vacuuming to cleaning air vents and replacing filters. Consider hiring professional cleaners to thoroughly clean the remodeled space. Also, familiarize yourself with the maintenance requirements of new installations or fixtures to ensure their longevity and performance.

Decorating Your Newly Remodeled Space

Decorating your newly remodeled space can be an exciting way to showcase the changes. Choose decorations that complement the new design and add a festive touch. Whether it’s elegant holiday lights, a beautifully adorned tree, or cozy accents, the right decorations will enhance the remodel and set the mood for your holiday celebrations.

Hosting a Reveal Party

Consider hosting a holiday reveal party to showcase your newly remodeled space. It’s a great way to celebrate the completion of your project with friends and family. A reveal party can also be an opportunity to thank everyone who helped you with the project, from contractors to family members who offered support.


Planning the perfect holiday home improvement project involves careful consideration of various factors. From hiring the right professionals and setting a realistic budget to incorporating sustainable practices and timely completion, each step plays a pivotal role in the success of the project.

By following these guidelines, homeowners can enjoy a stress-free remodeling experience, resulting in a beautifully updated space ready for holiday festivities. Remember, the essence of a successful remodel lies in thoughtful planning and execution, turning your holiday home dreams into reality.

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