The Perks of Using a Portable Fence on a Construction Site

Use of a Portable Fence on a Construction Site
  • Author: Fazal Umer
  • Posted On: September 13, 2021
  • Updated On: July 5, 2023

Which profession comes to your mind when you think about dangerous career paths? Many people would answer as construction workers as they wear PPE and are prone to accidents. The construction industry is a hazardous sector, but its contribution to the nation’s economy is enormous.

Construction workers have to abide by rules and take preventive measures to keep themselves and others safe. Still, many accidents occur, and sometimes they may lead to death. Many governments have made it compulsory for workers to wear Personal Protective Equipment and apply preventive measures.

Upon negligence, construction workers have to pay fines. One of the many safety protocols requires that construction sites put a fence around to separate the area and keep workers safe from interruptions, inconveniences, and trespassers.

Some construction projects are long-term, and they make the mistake of installing a permanent fence but find it difficult to remove it once the project is over. Construction workers can put up temporary fences instead. As the name implies, they are easy to move, configure, transport, and remove.

Aside from construction sites, people often use these fences for areas that they want to separate from other regions temporarily. Irrespective of their use, portable fences are beneficial as they help organize and keep animals and other people from wandering around.

The following are some of the perks of using a portable fence on a construction site:

1) Easy to Assemble

Several construction workers think against using a portable fence. They believe these fences come with multiple parts and require a lot of time to assemble.

They also question their sturdiness as construction sites demand strong site fencing to withstand harsh weather conditions and rough handling. Additionally, portable fences are easy to assemble and are user-friendly.

Construction workers can quickly put the fence up and go about their work. Once their project is over, they can remove the fence and take it to another location. Moreover, construction workers can change the location of fences on one station and put them on another side if the need arises.

2) Security

Construction sites are valuable places containing special equipment and tools. These sites are attractions for thieves and drug addicts. They can steal raw materials, such as bags of sands, brick, tools, or some piece of construction equipment and sell them to get money.

Construction sites often do not have safe places to store material as they are completely open and are accessible to anyone. Usually, when workers come in the mornings, they find stuff stolen. Portable fences segregate the area and provide constructions stations security.

Putting up fences gives construction workers peace of mind that their material is safe. Taking the equipment away from sites every day is impossible, which is why workers leave their valuable equipment on site.

With portable fences all around, they know their tools and equipment are secure.

3) Versatile

The fundamental purpose of a fence is to separate the area and provide security. Portable fences come in different styles, and construction workers can choose according to their needs. The sturdiness makes them an ideal choice for workers to use in severe weather conditions.

Many construction projects are set up in remote locations, far away from the city, where workers must transport all the equipment they need. Portable fences are easy to transport and flexible to store.

People can use the same fences for unplanned events or some emergencies. The key is to invest time in research and find a reputable rental company for a portable fence.

4) Reasonable

 Use of a Portable Fence on a Construction Site

Compared to portable fences, permanent fences are costly. Since construction workers use them for single projects, they can be heavy on project managers’ pockets, but portable fences are readily available for rent.

Even if people choose to purchase a proper set of fences, workers can use it multiple times due to its versatility and user-friendliness. Temporary fences offer the same functionality as permanent fences but add in a factor of flexibility.

Nonetheless, construction project managers must consider the different aspects of the project before opting for a fence.

5) Safe from Vandalism

Construction workers work very hard to construct a building. Nothing hurts them more than witnessing their hard work crumbling down or being destroyed by the hands of some people with ill intentions. What’s more, construction stations have equipment worth millions of dollars.

Moreover, protestors find these sites ideal for vandalism and enter them with tools to destroy the property. Portable fences may be easily removable, but they can protect the sites from damage and keep the property safe.

Construction workers must install tall fences enough to stop trespassers and keep unwanted people away from the construction site.

6) Crowd Control

Construction work is fascinating. People like watching vast pieces of equipment leveling the ground, lifting burdens, and workers are wearing harnesses working on unbelievable heights. They spend hours watching them work.

Portable fences keep people away and make the site a restricted area. It helps workers make it a no-go zone. In contrast, portable fences can make the site easily accessible for workers with colossal equipment and construction tools.

Portable fences help in controlling the crowd and keep the onlookers on the other side of the site.

7) Avoid Court Cases

Construction project managers must ensure the safety of construction workers and other people who may be present on sites for any reason. Construction sites are dangerous places, and a crowd of unnecessary people can put their safety at risk.

Suppose people get injured due to a mishap on a construction site; in that case, they can file a personal injury case against the construction company. The company may have to pay them a considerable amount as compensation. Portable fences minimize the chance of accidents occurrences.


Construction workers work with heavy and complicated pieces of equipment. Sometimes they carry loads to unbelievable heights and put themselves in danger. Taking care of safety measures and wearing PPE help them keep safe and avoid accidents.

Construction sites fascinate many onlookers, and often, people like seeing heavy machinery at work. A fence separates the area and keeps the material and professional equipment secure.

Instead of installing a permanent fence, portable fences are convenient as they are easily removable, cost-effective, and portable.

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